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2007-08-27 Interface solutions suit vibration applications
Samtec's new One Piece Interfaces are well suited for high shock/vibration applications due to their robust design with threaded inserts to mount the connectors to the boards.
2007-06-19 Interconnects handle 3A at 80C
Samtec has expanded its new high power-to-board interconnect system on 6.35mm pitch (PES/PET Series) with signal pins on 2.54mm pitch (PESC/PETC Series).
2010-07-15 High-speed edge card socket handles two PCB cards
From Samtec comes a high-speed, rugged edge card socket that accepts two 1.6mm-thick PCB cards.
2008-04-10 High-retention USB interfaces tout minimum withdrawal
Samtec has introduced high-retention Type A and Type B USB interfaces that comply with the Class 1, DIV II minimum withdrawal requirement of 15N.
2007-04-30 High-density interconnects support 92 signal pairs
Samtec's new HD Mezz elevated, high-density interconnects provide a solid grid of contacts on 1.2-by-2mm pitch with up to 299 signals/grounds or 92 signal pairs.
2008-07-01 Flex data links suit mid-speed apps
Samtec has released two new flex circuit data links in 1.27- and 2mm pitches of single-ended or differential pair signal routing with a variety of end assembly options.
2008-06-26 Edge Rate ERM8/ERF8 Series 10mm stack height Final Inch designs in PCI Express applications Generation 25.0Gbps
This paper describes a measurement method applied to demonstrate the feasibility of using Samtec Edge Rate ERM8/ERF8 Series connectors with standard FR4 epoxy PCBs.
2010-04-28 Coax cable assembly offers up to 240 contacts
Samtec's SEARAY coax cable assembly (SEAC) series offers 180 or 240 contacts (six or eight rows, 30 positions per row) on .050-inch (1.27mm) pitch.
2007-04-13 Cable assembly suits edge card interfaces
Samtec's EEDP Series High Data Rate Cable assembly provides a flexible high speed cable system for edge card interfaces with a choice of mounting and rugged latching options.
2008-07-24 Beefed up interface line carries rugged, power, I/O interconnects
Samtec has released new rugged interface products, including PowerStrip/55 high power interconnects, AccliMate and LifeJack I/O interfaces and Tiger Eye micro rugged discrete wire system.
2008-10-15 The PC/104 evolution: PCIe in the mix
The PC/104 bus is an ISA-compatible, 3.550-inch x 3.775-inch, stackable board-level architecture that evolved from the MiniModule mezzanine bus fielded by Ampro Computer in 1987 and was standardized under the auspices of the PC/104 Consortium in 1992.
2012-11-21 Samsung to debut ARM-based SoC at ISSCC
Several major new microprocessors will be showcased at next year's International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Samsung's SoC using ARM A15 and A7 cores and Renesas' 28nm integrated handset SoC are some of the expected unveilings.
2015-10-22 Ramping up the bandwidth
We are currently at a crossroads. There may not be an exact concurrence as to where we as a hardware industry stand relative to high-speed data transfer rates, but there are some givens.
2013-01-30 Oscilloscope supports 20Gsps in 8-channel config
The Agilent Infiniium 90000 X-Series MSOs, which range from 70MHz to 33GHz of analogue bandwidth, boast up to 400 million points of data capture behind each digital channel.
2015-01-19 Enhanced SMT pad design for signal transmission
In this article, we present an analysis that proves that insertion of a cut-out on the reference plane underneath the SMT pads reduces the impedance mismatch and increases the bandwidth of the transmission line.
2008-08-11 Bluetooth kit makes embedded design simple
ZBA Inc. has introduced the BT44-DEV-KIT Bluetooth evaluation kit, which includes Bluetooth dongle access to the company's BT44 evaluation board.
2010-06-14 ADIS16130 quick start guide and bias optimization tips
The ADIS16130 comes in a plastic housing that provides four mounting holes accommodating either M2 or 2-56 machine screws.
2007-04-16 Q Strip QTE/QSE series 16mm stack height Final Inch designs in XAUI applications
To ensure interoperability between XAUI transmitter and receiver devices, this application note will stress a typical interconnect design by stimulating SPICE model components and devices with stressed data patterns. The paper will cover techniques to stress the system with reduced driver amplitude as well as jitter injection.
2007-04-02 PCIE series Final Inch designs in PCI Express applications Generation 2-5Gbps
To ensure interoperability between PCI Express transmitter and receiver devices, we will stress a typical interconnect design by stimulating their SPICE model components and devices with stressed data patterns. This paper will cover techniques to stress the system with reduced driver amplitude as well as jitter and noise injection.
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