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2010-02-15 POL regulator handles radiation-intensive set-ups
Intersil Corp. has launched a reliable, efficient, single-chip POL regulator designed for use in systems that required POL power in extreme temperature and radiation-intensive environments.
2004-03-15 Philips tuner chips simplify circuit board design
Royal Philips Electronics has unveiled two silicon tuner chips that promise to simplify the entire circuit board design.
2005-08-12 PC-TV tuner market to post $3.7B hike in 2009
In 2009, the worldwide retail value of the PC-TV tuner market is expected to reach $3.7 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 42.6 percent, reports In-Stat.
2002-10-03 PC software AlmanacUploader for SMIQ with option SMIQB51 (digital standard GPS)
This application note describes how the AlmanacUploader converts GPS data from GPS satellite, and transfers it to the SMIQ signal generator to generate GPS signals.
2009-03-27 Payload test offers standard, customizable programs
Aeroflex has released its Synthetic Multifunction Adaptable Reconfigurable Test Environment (SMART^E) 5200 series, a synthetic satellite payload test environment that includes hardware, software, test practices and support required by customers for a complete test solution.
2014-11-26 NTU-made satellites fly into space in 2015
NTU is building two new satellitesa climate satellite and an experimental communication satellitethat the University plans to send into space in the last quarter of 2015.
2007-10-16 MPEG-4 AVC encoder cuts cost of HD broadcast
Fujitsu has introduced IP-9500 MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder designed for broadcasting companies that desire to transmit remote HD content through existing satellite configurations, while minimizing costs.
2005-04-19 Motorola, Modulus Video to offer HD,SD MPEG-4 encoding solutions
Motorola and Modulus Video Inc. will work together to provide high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) MPEG-4 advanced video codec (AVC) encoder and decoder products to cable, satellite, and telecom providers globally.
2011-01-31 MOST150 enhances infotainment features
Learn how Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) technology comes close to meeting the needs of driver assistance systems.
2011-01-31 Module supports antenna- baseband separation
Designed for the CV-MCU2+ platform, the satellite fiber link module set is an alternative to coaxial cable for transmitting L-band signals between a satellite terminal and antenna.
2002-02-12 Mitsubishi altitude control system packs single sensor
The Advanced Star Sensor System altitude control system incorporates a single sensor that determines a satellite's exact altitude from the images of bright-fixed stars with a magnitude of up to 5.
2007-06-13 Ministers mum on source of extra Galileo funding
European transport ministers have sanctioned additional public finance to ensure the launch of Galileo, but put off tackling the question of where exactly the extra taxpayer money will come from.
2007-06-18 MEMS device ups motion, navigation control
ADI's ADIS16355 inertial measurement unit allows industrial designers for the first time to equip their systems with sophisticated motion analysis and navigational dead reckoning functions.
2012-05-16 Measure high-power signals with network analyzer
Here's a review of the measurement fundamentals of characterizing devices with high-power signals.
2002-09-13 Magis video chipset obtains Japan's TELEC approval
Magis Networks Inc. has announced that its Air5-based wireless video chipset has successfully completed certification testing at Japan's Telecom Engineering Center.
2002-09-18 Macrovision expands video security in Broadcom STBs
Macrovision Corp. and Broadcom Corp. have partnered to enable Macrovision's MacroSafe digital copy protection and secure media management technology through Broadcom's Digital Rights Management (DRM) Tool Kit.
2010-02-10 LNB controllers eliminate false switching
Diodes' new LNB controllers offer more accurate and flexible control and internal filtering that completely eliminate false switching and support a wider range of STB designs and specifications.
2003-02-20 LG STB to adopt Conexant solution
LG Electronics Inc. has selected Conexant Systems Inc.'s digital satellite STB semiconductor solution for its interactive STBs that will be deployed in Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting's SkyLife satellite television network.
2015-10-29 Keysight unveils 50GHz PXIe vector signal analyser
The M9393A supports Ka-band frequencies and beyond, and delivers mm-wave technology for manufacturing and design validation of modems, military satellite communications, etc.
2007-02-19 Japanese org targets DTV transition
A new organization in Japan hopes to achieve the goal of selling 30 million DTVs in the country by March 2008, or about 63 percent of its 48 million households.
2005-06-16 International accord on UWB is crucial
Ultrawideband will never become a substantial technology unless it is adopted globally.
2004-06-28 India gets U.S. nod to work with Boeing on comms satellites
The U.S. government has cleared the way for Boeing Satellite Systems to open talks with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to jointly build and market communications satellites.
2004-02-16 Imagine Tech becomes part of Ingenient division
Ingenient Technologies Inc. has acquired Imagine Technology LLC, a provider of optimized audio codecs, echo cancellation and integrated TI DSP solutions, framework, and hardware design options.
2002-08-15 IIC-China moves to Guangzhou, Chengdu for Fall show
International IC-China expands its reach to Guangzhou and Chengdu with IIC-China Fall 2002.
2007-01-03 IF switch integrates gain, control functions
Zetex Semiconductors has launched a 4:2 IF switch said to be the first to feature integrated gain and control functions.
2010-08-13 Hybrid Web-to-TV STB market to hit $1.3 B
The hybrid Web-to-TV set top box (STB) market worldwide will reach US$ 1.3 Billion by 2014, predicts In-Stat. Current data, on the other hand, is available from IMS.
2012-01-31 Hybrid STBs to ship 100M by 2015
The devices that include a TV tuner and an Internet connection are seen to derive $1.5 billion in revenue from APAC in 2015.
2003-01-27 HNS transceiver IC transfers data at 440Mbps
Hughes Network Systems Inc. has announced the development of a 440Mbps transceiver IC that is 10 times the speed of conventional devices.
2015-07-20 Hermetic GaAs IC SPST switch features 1.1dB loss at 6GHz
Skyworks said the wideband DC-6GHz ISO13316 performs with 45dB isolation at 2GHz, geared for high-reliability space, satellite and defence applications.
2006-12-27 GPS modules operate in weak-signal areas
NavSync's new GPS modules track satellites in weak-signal areas such as under dense foliage, in urban canyons and buildings.
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