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What is a light sensor?
A type of a sensor that measures the amount of light that it receives or the surrounding light conditions.
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2006-05-16 0.35m CMOS process allows voltages from 3.3V to 120V
austriamicrosystems' Full Service Foundry business unit announced its 0.35m high-voltage CMOS technology H35 with an additional set of 120V NMOS and PMOS devices.
2011-07-04 'Sensing skin' quickly, accurately detects structural faults
The new method involves the use of a flexible skin-like fabric with electrical properties that could be attached to areas where cracks usually appear and detect cracks when they occur.
2008-01-31 'First' pulse function arbitrary noise generator rolls
Agilent has introduced the industry's first pulse function arbitrary noise generator, which provides superior signal quality combined with versatile waveforms.
2006-06-06 'First' 8051-based MCU with nonvolatile FRAM
Ramtron has launched the VRS51L3074, touted to be the market's first 8051-based MCU with nonvolatile ferroelectric RAM.
2008-02-06 'First' 1.4?m; 5Mpixel image sensor rolls for handsets
Eastman Kodak Co. has introduced the KAC-05020 image sensor, claimed to be the first 1.4?, 5MP device, combining Kodak's Color Filter Pattern technology with a new CMOS pixel.
2008-08-11 'Eye' camera ushers era for electronic retina
Inspired by the human anatomy, U.S. researchers have created what is said to be the world's first curved electronic "eye" camera.
2004-07-16 'Duality' as key cornerstone for automotive apps
Dialog Semiconductor sees an increase in manufacturing 'duality' for mobile phones and automobile electronics.
2007-12-17 'Chip-on-MEMS' enables wafer-level calibration
A new technique called "chip-on-MEMS" bonds ASIC dice atop an entire MEMS wafer before dicing, according to developer VTI Technologies.
2006-07-04 'Breakthrough' sensor uses new detector material
Video Display announced its R&D arm has developed a mid-range nondispersing infrared sensor using a newly developed thin film detector coined "quantum ferroelectric."
2007-07-26 $99 Kodak digicam uses 5Mpixel CMOS sensor
Eastman Kodak announced it is rolling out a new $99 digicam powered by its own 5Mpixel KAC-05011 CMOS image sensor.
2014-04-04 $75M project scales up power electronic prod'n in Europe
Led by Infineon, the eRamp project gathers together 26 research companies to focus on the introduction of new production and packaging technologies for power semiconductors.
2015-03-27 $10k worth of components up for grabs in IoT design contest
The contest runs from now until through July 17, 2015, with three winners to be announced on August 3, 2015. Visitors to the site will vote to decide on 15 finalists.
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