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2007-02-13 Serdes cuts number of interconnect leads
Fairchild's Serdes devices support 12bit and 24bit operation, and reduce the 12 or 24 LVCMOS signals in most cellphones to high-speed, differential signals, cutting the number of interconnect leads by as much as 6:1.
2004-12-29 SerDes core supports 155Mbps to 3.125Gbps
LSI Logic released its Hydra SerDes core that is a pre-verified physical layer interface.
2007-05-30 SerDes core is PCIe 2.0-compatible
At last week's PCI-SIG Developers Conference in the U.S., NEC Electronics America has introduced a new SerDes core based on its advanced 90nm process technology.
2005-02-02 SerDes chipset operates up to 125C
The SCAN921025H serializer and SCAN921226H deserializer from National deliver up to 10 bits of digital data at 20MHz to 80MHz.
2010-06-14 Serdes chipset enables bidirectional digital video link
When paired with a gigabit multimedia serial link serializer, Maxim's MAX9268 deserializer forms complete bidirectional digital video link over a single DC-balanced twisted-pair.
2010-06-21 Serdes chipset delivers real-time, bidirectional control
National Semiconductor rolls the FPD-Link III family of Serdes chipsets featuring real-time, bidirectional control channel for driver-assist video cams.
2005-10-24 Serdes chipset converts 24 bits of data over one differential pair
National Semiconductor's latest high-speed, LVDS serializer/deserializer chipset can serialize 24 bits of data over a single differential pair in flat-panel display applications.
2008-05-15 Serdes chipset claims 'best' jitter performance
National Semiconductor has introduced a Serdes chipset that the company claims delivers the industry's best output jitter performance of 35ps peak-to-peak and the best input jitter tolerance of 0.9 UI with a BER of 10-15.
2008-11-28 Regulators comply with EMI, multi-Gbit Serdes specs
From Linear Technology comes the LTM4606 and LTM4612, ultralow noise DC/DC ?Module regulators designed to deliver low noise power by attenuating both radiated energy and conducted wideband harmonic energy.
2011-07-18 Proper power-supply jumper settings for evaluating MAX9529/MAX9260 SerDes chipset
Find out how to configure the power-supply jumper settings for the MAX9259EVKIT and MAX9260EVKIT boards.
2002-10-01 PMC-Sierra releases quad Fibre Channel serdes unit
PMC-Sierra Inc. is working the silicon integration lever as it takes its first steps into storage chips with the release of a quad Fibre Channel serdes.
2002-10-25 PMC-Sierra quad serdes addresses multiport transceivers
PMC-Sierra Inc.'s PM8356 QuadPHY FC Fibre Channel serdes addresses the need for 1.0625Gbps or 2.125Gbps multiport transceivers in Fibre Channel switches.
2006-03-06 PHY/Serdes device with EDC capability
Aeluros' next-generation 10GbE PHY/SerDes devices provide full PCS, PMA and XGXS sub-layer functionality, and adds EDC functionality for 10GBASE-LRM compliance.
2010-02-25 PCIe 3.0 packs Serdes with feedback equalization
PLX Technology Inc. will demo PCIe Gen 3 silicon that uses Serdes with decision feedback equalization.
2001-10-18 OC12 reference design using Agilent's HFBR-5908E/HFCT-5908E small form factor transceivers with AMCC's S3038 quad-channel serdes IC
This application note describes an OC-12 reference board that includes AMCC's S3038 SONET/SDH quad transceiver chip and Agilent's HFBR-5908E and HFCT-5908E SFF transceivers.
2002-04-30 NurLogic rolls out quad serdes IP cores
NurLogic Design Inc. has announced the availability of its SapphireLink serdes IP cores, which provide high-bandwidth connections between router backplane links, while supporting an 8B/10B encoding/decoding scheme with clock recovery for embedded clock applications.
2003-10-02 NSC announces availability of 18-bit LVDS serdes
National Semiconductor Corp. (NSC) has released what it claims is the industry's first 18-bit LVDS serdes for comms systems.
2014-03-26 New SerDes chip shines spotlight on Intel's 14nm process
The 14nm version of the SerDes chips gives Intel a chance to reinforce its message of technical superiority, even in the absence of much of its other 14nm processor products.
2003-12-22 NEC SerDes macro meets OBSAI specs
NEC Electronics Corp. has announced a SerDes macro that meets the specifications of Reference Point 3 (RP3) of the Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI).
2002-09-20 National serdes quadruples line capacity
National Semiconductor entered the multi-Gigabit serdes market with the introduction of its DS25C400 four-channel transceiver, suitable for backplane, cable, and fiber optical applications.
2004-01-16 National Semi serdes offers 40Gbps throughput
National Semiconductor Corp. has disclosed that its SCAN50C400 is the industry's fastest quad serializer/deserializer transceiver.
2003-04-30 National LVDS serdes chipset achieves 6.4Gbps performance
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced an LVDS serdes chipset that achieves a data rate of up to 6.4Gbps.
2010-08-11 MoSys, Radiocomp, GDA collaborate on wireless Serdes
MoSys, Radiocomp and GDA Technologies have joined together to deliver a complete end-to-end connectivity solution, focusing on the 3GPP long term evolution (LTE) and 4G cellular base station component market.
2005-03-04 Maxim Serdes with DC-balanced outputs
Maxim's new Serdes products serialize 27 lines into a single DC-balanced twisted pair or differential line for improved EMI and low-cost routing.
2006-11-23 Maxim adds new deserializer to LVDS Serdes line
Maxim has added a hot-swappable, high-output-drive, 21bit, DC-balanced deserializer to its high-speed LVDS Serdes family.
2016-04-01 Marvell to use SerDes technology for multi-die products
The Glasswing chip-to-chip technology from Swiss startup, Kandou, is based on the Chord signaling method, which produces an energy efficiency that enables architectural innovation.
2007-02-02 LVDS Serdes delivers 5Gbps throughput
Mixel has developed the MXL-LVDS-SR-4CH serializer and the companion MXL-LVDS-DS-4CH deserializer that provide up to 5Gbps data throughput or 1.25Gbps bandwidth per channel.
2006-11-22 LVDS Serdes chipset runs at 1.03Gbps
National has introduced a high-speed LVDS Serdes chipset that serializes 24bits of data over a single differential pair (2 wires) at a data rate of 1.03Gbps.
2003-06-24 LSI Logic serdes core supports to 4.25Gbps data rates
LSI Logic Corp. has released its 4.25Gbps GigaBlaze Gflx serdes core that is suitable for use with ASIC design or RapidChip platform design.
2007-09-03 Low-cost FPGAs offer high-speed Serdes
Lattice Semiconductor Corp. has announced lower price points for the industry's first low-cost FPGAs to offer high-speed embedded Serdes I/O.
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