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2006-10-25 Winbond unrolls three SDRAM product series
Winbond has announced its latest range of SDRAM products the 64Mbyte W9864 series, the 128Mbyte W9812 series and the 256Mbyte W9825 series
2012-12-20 Vishay's MPMA series boasts tight ratio tolerance
MPMA series of precision matched-pair resistors provides a resistance range from 250 to 50 k with divider ratios from 1:1 to 50:1
2007-06-26 Tiny LEDs trim surface area by 70
At 0.6-by-0.3-by-0.2mm, Rohm's Picoled-mini series can reduce surface area by 70 percent over the 1006 (0402)-sized Picoled (1-by-0.6-by-0.2mm) series.
2012-07-18 TDK expands MKP high density series
TDK adds two new voltage classes to EPCOS MKP film capacitors
2003-08-25 TDC ac-ac adapters available to 10VA series
TDC Power Products Co. Ltd has rolled its 6VA, 6VA to 10VA, and 10VA series of ac-ac adapters
2012-07-04 Self-healing capacitor series offers more options
Vishay Intertechnology's metalized polypropylene film EMKP series of three-phase cylindrical capacitors offer high current capabilities in nine standard voltage ratings from 400Vac to 1,650Vac
2013-11-05 Qseven module flaunts AMD Embedded G-Series SoC
The 70 x 70mm H6069 from Hectronic fits embedded applications that require powerful CPU and graphics performance in combination with low power consumption and extremely compact size
2004-07-01 Linear releases lowest voltage series reference
Linear Tech disclosed that it has released the lowest voltage series reference available
2005-08-08 Kepco expands JBW series
Kepco disclosed that they have added a 50W version to their JBW series of small, single-output, and low-cost power supplies
2006-04-25 Eighth-brick provides full output to 70C
Power-One's new eighth-brick DC/DC converters in the company's EMS series deliver full power at 70C with only 200lfm cooling.
2003-07-10 Coil Tech dc-dc converter has 70 percent efficiency
The MSL series of dc-dc voltage converters from Coil Technology Corp. has an efficiency rating of 70 percent.
2012-10-19 AVX's latest TCXO series ready for wide range apps
The Company's latest series of temperature-compensated crystal oscillators offer high stability, high reliability, low phase noise and extremely tight temperature frequency tolerance.
2006-12-28 600W AC/DC delivers full load at 70C
Excelsys' Xhite series of modular 400W and 600W AC/DC power supplies touts full-load operation up to 70C.
2006-05-23 Membrane switches from EAO are customizable
EAO offers custom membrane switches with illuminated controls and excellent tactile response based on its PCB-mounted Series 70 switches.
2003-03-28 XPiQ 25W supplies target medical apps
XPiQ Inc.'s PMB-25 series of open-frame single-, dual-, and triple-output ac/dc supplies delivers a nominal 25W rating in 10 models
2003-10-10 Xicor DAC family offers 16-bit performance
Xicor Inc. has introduced a series of DACs that integrate a 12-bit non-volatile DAC and a general purpose EEPROM into a single chip
2004-08-12 Vishay unveils new thin-film resistor divider net
Vishay's new series of precision thin-film resistor divider networks is claimed to be the first such devices to offer 0.05 percent resistance ratio tolerance in the SC-70 package.
2008-08-01 Vishay rolls enhanced high-precision BMF resistors
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. vends an improved S series of high-precision Bulk Metal foil (BMF) resistors
2003-07-22 Vishay resistors have 1 ppm/C tracking values
The company's series of DSM surface-mount resistor dividers integrates a matched pair of Bulk Metal Foil resistors
2004-07-20 Vishay resistors have 0.01 tolerance
Vishay launched a series of thin-film high-value precision single in-line resistors with resistance tolerance down to an industry-low 0.01 percent
2004-07-21 Vishay resistor arrays available in 1206, 0805, 0603 sizes
Vishay released its PR series of high-precision thin film resistor arrays in 1206, 0805 and 0603 case sizes with a profile of 0.4mm
2003-07-09 Vishay foil resistor network offers 1ppm/C TCR
Vishay Intertechnology has announced the release of the SMN series of surface-mount Bulk Metal Foil resistor networks suited for precision instrumentation amps
2004-10-05 Vishay chip resistors available in 0402 size
Vishay released its FC series of high-frequency chip resistors, which avoid roll-off even at frequencies over 100MHz
2005-04-19 Ultra-mini acceleration sensor protects portables
Featuring ultra-fast response and high sensitivity, HDK's new micro-size, piezo-resistive three-axis acceleration sensor can detect minute amounts of dynamic acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis.
2003-05-05 Tyco compression contacts cut BGA electrical disturbances
Tyco Electronics' Matrix Series BGA sockets use what the company calls a compression contact technology to eliminate electrical disturbances
2003-01-27 TT Electronics tightens up resistor tolerances
TT Electronics plc's IRC Advanced Film Division has introduced a UPN series of high-precision resistor networks for process control apps
2002-12-23 Tianbo relays have 20G shock resistance
The TRKP series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co. Ltd has a maximum switching current and voltage of 30A and 30Vdc
2002-10-29 Tianbo miniature relays last >5 million operations
The TRJV series of PCB-mountable relays features a mechanical and electrical lifespan of >5 million operations and >100,000 operations, respectively
2003-11-27 Thunder Precision film resistors offer high pulse loading
The RG series of metal glaze film resistors from Thunder Precision Resistors has a 10,000V maximum working voltage
2005-09-06 Termination networks deliver ESD protection to memory busses
Designed to terminate high-speed memory busses, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has introduced a new series of termination and ESD protection networks
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