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2010-01-20 GPS modules come with extended ephemeris
GPS receiver and telematics hardware solutions provider Vincotech is providing use of extended ephemeris data for its A1084 and A1035-H range of SiRFstarIII modules
2012-09-04 Global tech alliance focuses on glass, LED, wafer singulation
InnoLas Systems licensed process technology developed by FiLaser LLC and will use ultra-short pulse lasers produced exclusively for InnoLas by LUMERA LASER
2008-02-22 Gennum debuts integrated ROSA line for 10GbE
Gennum will debut a range of short- and long-wave ROSAs for 10GbE and Sonet applications spanning data center to ultra-longhaul distances.
2014-12-17 gets green light from telecoms community, the standard designed to deliver access speeds of up to 1Gbit/s over existing copper wires, works by extending the range of frequencies over which broadband signals travel
2007-09-17 Formal verification fetches better results
Complete formal verification is not a silver bullet for all functional verification tasks. But for a broad range of digital modules and IP, it delivers far superior results in terms of verification quality, effort and costs
2015-07-03 Flat chip temperature sensors boost thermal cycling
The Beyschlag PTS AT series devices feature enhanced thermal cycling, accurate and stable temperature sensing, operating temperature range of -55C to 175C, and 3s or under reaction times
2015-02-04 Flash FPGAs offer designers enhanced flexibility
Flash-based FPGAs offer a wide range of features that allow designers to craft highly-integrated system solutions that deliver several advantages
2008-05-09 Flash capacitor chargers tout output circuit protection
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8685 series of xenon photoflash capacitor chargers with an integrated switching FET, IGBT driver, and output short- and open-circuit protection
2005-12-13 FFC/FPC connectors offer robustness, ease-of-use
Molex's new range of high-density FFC/FPC connectors for flat panel displays, low voltage differential signal television apps offer robustness, ease-of-use and lower applied costs
2008-12-18 Enabling next-generation mobile TV handsets
Designers faced with making ubiquitous mobile TV a reality have a fair number of challenges in front of them, including battery life, reception, range, screen size, and picture quality
2008-10-16 EMC issues for hysteretic converters in LED driving
The use of LEDs in a wide range of lighting applications is rapidly increasing. In order to maximize the efficiency improvements that the LEDs offer they must be driven from switching regulators rather than power hungry linear circuits. One of the most versatile inductive switching topologies is the hysteretic converter. To ensure these converters are used effectively in a fully EMC compliant manner their limitations must be understood
2013-03-12 Electro-optical switches developed from liquid crystals
These materials are especially sensitive to electrical fields, exhibit short response times on the sub-micron scale and feature excellent transparency over a broad spectral range.
2007-10-25 Eighth-brick DC/DC converters eye industrial apps
As part of the ongoing expansion of its InQor product range, SynQor introduces a new range of isolated DC/DC converters tailored for the industrial market
2009-12-30 EC motor driver packs protection mechanisms
From Elmos Semiconductor AG comes the E910.87 EC motor driver that pack flexible configuration options and diverse protection mechanisms that make it suitable for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications
2013-01-28 Diode LDO regulators boast adjustable output voltage
With maximum input voltages of 3.65V and 5.5V respectively, the AP7175 and AP7176B provide an adjustable output voltage suitable for high-efficiency systems in a wide range of products
2016-03-22 Digitally controlled PoL converters operate at -30 to +95C
With their wide operating temperature range, Murata's Okami series of non-isolated PoL DC-DC converters are ideal for networking, computing, telecom and other distributed power applications
2008-07-03 Device does conversion while supporting continuous load
Intersil Corp. has introduced a family of monolithic synchronous step-down DC/DC regulators provides a compact, efficient power solution for a wide range of consumer, computer, industrial and instrumentation applications
2014-08-07 Develop failsafe multi-chip LED module driver
The purpose of designing this driver is to come up with an efficient and fault tolerant workhorse. It uses a technique that allows the LED strings to work within a specified regulated current range
2007-01-22 DC/DC features adjustable operating frequency
Linear Technology has introduced the LT3845, a 4-60V input range, synchronous DC/DC step-down controller with adjustable 100-500kHz operating frequency
2010-05-27 DC/DC converters suit 3Vdc voltage supply apps
Murata Power Solutions has expanded its Okami OKL range of non-isolated point-of-load (PoL) DC/DC converters designed for 3.3Vdc voltage supply applications
2009-02-26 DC/DC converters handle wide-input voltage apps
Murata Power Solutions has released the UEI30 isolated wide-range DC/DC converters that deliver a full 30W output power from a board area of just 1.8 square inches
2008-05-30 DC/DC converters eye vehicle battery systems
Vicor Corp. has introduced the Maxi family of 28V wide-input DC/DC converters. With a wide input range of 10-36V, the modules target applications operating from 12V or 24V inputs, which are typical for battery systems in vehicles
2009-07-17 DC/DC converters claim up to 92% efficiency
SynQor has launched a series of DC/DC converters that accept an input range of 9Vin to 22Vin, exceeding the requirements of EN50155 for both steady state and transient voltage conditions in 12V railway systems
2008-07-24 DC/DC converter series rides on ultrahigh performance
Murata Power Solutions has added a new series of cost-effective eighth-brick DC/DC converters to its existing range of brick converter products
2006-04-17 DC/DC controller with adjustable 100-500kHz switching frequency
Linear Tech unveiled a 4V to 60V input range DC/DC controller with adjustable 100kHz to 500kHz switching frequency, which allows the power supply to be optimized for size and efficiency
2011-07-18 DC/DC controller operates at 55C150C junction
Linear's H- and MP- grade versions of the LTC3851A offer a wide input voltage range of 4C38V
2009-05-26 DC/DC controller drives n-channel MOSFET
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC3854, 2mm x 3mm DFN-12 packaged, wide input voltage range synchronous step-down switching DC/DC controller that drives all n-channel power MOSFET stages
2007-12-12 Current sense amp operates as high- or low-side monitor
Linear Tech's LT6105 current sense amp is independent of the positive supply voltage, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and enabling it to operate as a high-side or a low-side current sense monitor
2013-06-06 Cui launches DC-DC converters for power IGBT gate drivers
The VQA series of DC-DC converters operates at 20kHz over an operating temperature range of -40 to 85C and come in a compact, internally-potted 8-pin SIP case measuring 19.5x9.8x12.5mm
2013-01-14 Converter-Brake-Inverter module boasts 1.2KV, 60A
IXYS Corporation's MIXA60WH1200TEH module demonstrates a new level of integration, combining Bipolar and XPT IGBT power semiconductors for a wide range power control applications
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