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2012-01-16 Rising utilization rate ups polysilicon price
Solar makers have sold polysilicon products at about $28-30/kg for priority clients and $30-40/kg for others.
2011-07-14 Polysilicon prices rebound, Si wafer faces challenges
The price of polysilicon has gone up after slumping during the global downturn. Si wafer prices, on the other hand, are expected to face more financial challenges.
2011-10-03 Polysilicon price spirals downward
Even European and U.S. makers are giving in to the price decline with lowest quotes pegged at $40/kg
2012-08-31 No dodging the downtrend for wafer makers, says analyst
The price competition among multiSi wafer makers fueled the downtrend, which EnergyTrend expects will make 2012 a difficult year for wafer makers as no signs of rebound is in sight
2012-06-29 Multi-Si wafer improving, poised to replace mono-Si wafers
EnergyTrend's study shows high efficiency multiSi wafer products eventually cannibalizing the p-type mono-wafer market
2010-08-20 Solar cell spot price to grow 2.87% in Q3 2010
Spot market price of solar cell wafers continues to rise with strong demand, and it is estimated to reach $1.43 per watt in Q3 2010
2012-07-13 PV market preferring price-performance ratio
The photovoltaic market is experiencing a shift from high efficiency products to products with a high price-performance ratio
2013-01-14 Analyst: China's polysilicon price on steady climb
EnergyTrend revealed that polysilicon and mono-Si wafer prices are continuing on an uptrend as talks regarding China's double anti-policy in February grow more widespread
2012-07-27 Demand for high price-performance ratio products mounts
Market outlook becomes bleak while demand for non-standard products improve.
2011-03-15 Bridgelux says GaN-on-Si LED capable of 135 lumens
Bridgelux claims product is the first silicon substrate LED capable of commercial-grade output.
2011-12-05 Taiwan's solar end market foray, not a sunny one
With rising deficits since the beginning of the year, solar cell makers in Taiwan face compounding pressures from the price squeeze and end market challenges
2012-04-13 Solar PV market stumbles due to subsidy cuts
According to EnergyTrend's data, offers from traders are nearing previous lowspolysilicon offers for instance are about $21-22/kg, while on average, selling price is about $0.5-1/kg higher
2012-01-12 Rush orders give solar makers some relief
Benefiting from rush orders in Europe and the U.S., Taiwan solar cell makers' utilization rates increased, which will affect the development of contract and spot prices.
2011-06-21 PV spot prices drops
The latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend shows that PV spot prices have reached new low at the Intersolar Europe, but the PV manufacturers take a positive attitude toward the market trend of 2H11.
2011-10-17 PV makers' financial snag mounts
Low demand for solar products keeps pulling the price down, forcing some firms to liquidate equipment to ensure financial viability
2011-11-21 PV makers slash capacity to minimize loss
Polysilicon price continues to plummet leading the industry to aggressively clear inventory
2013-12-04 PV makers rethink contract trading due to supply shortage
As a result of increased demand for high-efficiency products in 4Q13, contract trading, which has disappeared for a long time, may return to the wafer market, stated EnergyTrend
2011-08-29 Modest outlook for PV market
The demand for high conversion efficiency products remains strong, but the price of polysilicon continues to slide
2011-12-09 Market favors solar products with above 17% efficiency
EnergyTrend revealed that solar products with efficiencies below 17 percent are categorized as B-grade, with prices 30-50 percent lower than A-grade products.
2011-12-27 Is the struggle over for polysilicon market?
A report said the spot market price for polysilicon has ceased falling while some products have even seen a price increase
2011-07-27 PV prices continue to grow
According to EnergyTrend, the current trading price for polysilicon stayed between $52/kg and $54/kg, but spot prices will continue to increase
2002-04-17 Last leg of IIC-China series successfully held in Shenzhen
The Shenzhen leg of the 7th annual International IC ? China Conference and Exhibition, which is co-located with the 2nd Embedded Systems Conferences ? China, was successfully staged April 15 and 16 at the China Hi-Tech Exhibition Center.
2012-08-21 Falling cell prices, utilization rate push makers to terminate contracts
According to EnergyTrend, recently cell makers' utilization rates ranged between 50 percent and 70 percent, with some stronger companies' utilization rates reaching 70-80 percent.
2011-05-10 Analysts cite benefits of AMAT-Varian deal
Analysts cite the benefits that Applied Materials stands to reap from its acquisition of Varian, among them, a dominant position in semiconductor ion implant and a differentiated c-Si implant solution
2012-10-08 Taiwan solar firms headed for a rocky future
According to Taiwan's Bureau of Energy, the first period's feed-in tariff in 2013 will fall between 9.23 per cent and 12.63 per cent, whereas the second period's is between 1.9 per cent and 5.62 per cent.
2011-09-26 High inventory dampens solar market
The worldwide solar market hasÿentered a state ofÿharshÿprice competition with average solar cell price falling by 0.42 percent
2012-08-27 Poor PV market drags BOS firms
Makers have become less flexible when it comes to cost control and keeping ROI on a profitable level, pushing companies to shift their focus to cutting down the balance-of-system (BOS) price
2011-11-14 PV firms struggle in harsh market
Solar products continue to fall as inventory pressure builds up, driving firms to cut utilization rates and engage in alliances and mergers.
2012-02-20 Clouds cast shadow on solar market
Severe snow storms in Europe have forced most solar markets to put system installation on hold while ECD bankruptcy rumors have put solar industry development in doubt.
2012-08-03 Solar market stays bleak amid anti-dumping cases
Solar demand for August suffered as prices and orders declined, while midstream and downstream solar firms remained conservative on procurement with spot prices continuing to plummet.
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