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2007-10-30 SiGe:C LNA steps up GPS systems sensitivity
The ?PC8233TK is NEC Electronics' latest in line of SiGe:C LNAs targeted at GPS and mobile communications applications.
2011-02-07 Single stage 5-6 GHz WLAN LNA with BFU730F
The BFU730F is a discrete HBT that is produced using NXP Semiconductors' advanced 110 GHz fT SiGe:C BiCmos process.
2011-11-23 Research targets HBT device running at 500GHz
The SiGe:C heterojunction bipolar transistors combine high-density and low-cost integration, making them suitable for consumer applications, noted Imec.
2005-10-03 Process diversity is key to effective RF design
Optimum solutions for RF applications design often require a combination of several semiconductor process technologies
2005-10-17 Philips addresses gain requirements of RF, microwave apps
Philips introduced QUBiC4X, the latest addition to its QUBiC4 family of high-performance BiCMOS process technologies.
2002-10-08 Motorola optimizes chip technology for wireless apps
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) has noted that they have made enhancements on its SiGe:C technology for wireless applications.
2007-02-19 Infineon claims 'first' silicon-based LNAs
Infineon claims it is the first semiconductor company to release a commercial silicon-based LNA with performance superior to that of more expensive GaAs-based devices.
2011-12-22 GPS LNAs offer 0.75dB noise figure
The BGU700x / BGU8007 LNAs deliver improvement of 10dB or better IP3 under -40dBm to -20dBm jamming conditions.
2013-07-30 Fast turn ON/OFF 5-5.9GHz WiFi LNA with BFU730LX
This application note provides circuit simulation, schematic, layout, BOM and typical EVB performance for a 5-6GHz WiFi (WLAN) LNA.
2013-07-29 Fast turn ON/OFF 2.4-2.5GHz WiFi LNA with BFU730LX
Know the circuit simulation, schematic, layout, BOM and typical EVB performance for a 2.4-2.5GHz WiFi (WLAN) LNA.
2013-07-31 Fast turn ON/OFF 2.4-2.5GHz WiFi LNA with BFU730F
Understand the circuit simulation, schematic, layout, BOM and typical EVB performance for a 2.4-2.5GHz WiFi (WLAN) LNA.
2013-06-20 Employing 2.3-2.7GHz LNA with BFU730F
Here are circuit, layout, BOM and performance information on 2.3-2.7GHz LNA equipped with NXP's BFU730F wide band transistor.
2002-02-08 Atmel inks alternate source deal for Motorola's 0.355m process
Atmel Corp. and Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector have concluded an agreement to second source Motorola's 0.355m RF BiCMOS SiGe:C and copper inductor wafer process.
2005-09-05 HBTs deliver 0.75dB noise at 6GHz
Infineon Technologies unveiled its new SiGe:C process technology for cost-effective, high-performance RF semiconductor devices.
2010-06-28 NXP sets up RF creation center in Massachusetts
NXP Semiconductors has opened a high-performance RF product creation center (PCC) in Billerica, Massachusetts, United States that will focus on the design of RF and microwave ICs.
2008-07-28 GPS apps get immunity to interference via LNA
Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a high-sensitivity low noise amplifier (LNA) with a best-in-class noise figure for GPS applications.
2013-11-21 BGU8009 matching options for jammer immunity
Here's an alternative input matching option for the BGU8009 GNSS LNA.
2003-05-29 Akrion sets up China office
U.S.-based Akrion has established a new office in Shanghai, China, which is slated to open later this quarter.
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