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What is an EEPROM?
Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM or EEPROm is a rewritable memory chip that holds its content without power. The two main categories of EEPROM interfaces are Serial bus and Parallel bus. These interfaces require between 1 and 4 control signals for operation, resulting in a memory device in an 8-pin (or less) package. Most common EEPPROM serial interface types are SPI, I²C, Microwire, UNI/O, and 1-Wire.  (Souce: EE Times, Wikipedia
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2005-09-01 Analysis: Microsoft moves deeper into VoIP
Its acquisition of VoIP start-up Teleo moves Microsoft deeper into the burgeoning world of Internet communications as the software company said it will combine Teleo's technology with its existing MSN investments in VoIP.
2015-06-10 Altera touts next-gen high-end programmable logic devices
The Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs leverage Altera's HyperFlex FPGA fabric architecture built on the Intel 14nm Tri-Gate process to provide 2X higher core performance over previous generation FPGAs.
2009-02-24 Allegro intros Hall-effect switches, latches
Allegro MicroSystems Europe has introduced a new family of Hall-effect switches and latches, which offer switching repeatability through their resistance to temperature variations and thermal stresses.
2005-03-01 Adtran adds PoE to switch portfolio
Adtran plans to expand its fledgling switch portfolio with the addition of power-over-Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet capabilities to its product lineup.
2007-04-02 Adding mobile TV to handsets
The future of mobile TV is bright, and tuner and demodulator manufacturers with broadband experience are carefully developing the devices to ensure its success.
2010-08-24 Active ORing controller IC supports N-channel MOSFETs
Geared towards 12V and 48V high-side redundant bus applications, Picor's latest two additions to its Cool-ORing Active ORing product family include the PI2127, a full-function Active ORing solution and the PI2007, a universal high-speed discrete Active ORing controller.
2011-09-27 A primer on 3D-IC design challenges
Know the 3D-IC design challenges such as system exploration, floorplanning, analysis, and design for test (DFT), and learn how designs will evolve as 3D-IC goes on to become a necessity for managing power, performance, form factor, and cost goals.
2013-05-16 500mA DC switching regulator boasts wide input range
Cui's P7805-S series delivers efficiencies over 96 per cent and is able to maintain a high efficiency rating across the full input range; still providing up to 95 per cent efficiency.
2008-09-01 3D-TSVs spark packaging revolution
Chips face the so-called "More-than-Moore" 3D integration route in order to pursue the continued aggressive scaling demanded by the historical law. 3D integration with through-silicon vias (3D-TSV) will accelerate the consolidation happening in CMOS wafer fabs and the shift toward the fabless foundry model.
2006-10-02 3D interconnects transmit at 100Gbps
NEC Electronics has launched a wafer-level packaging technology that allows more than 1,000 3D interconnections between the logic and memory dice used in an image-processing system.
2012-11-02 3D FEM EM simulation included in Microwave Office circuit design software
AWR's Analyst can be used in MMIC, RFIC and MIC on-chip passive components, RF PCB, module and packaging interconnect, finite dielectrics and hierarchical designs.
2007-10-23 32Mbit SDRAM design cuts cost of SiPs for handsets
Inapac Technology's new 32Mbit SDRAM design makes it easier and more cost-efficient to create SiPs for a new generation of mobile handset applications.
2006-05-18 2W POL is economical in tight layouts
BI Technologies' wide-input, 2W DC/DC converter in the 831 series is designed as a cost-effective solution for low-power, point-of-load applications in tight layouts.
2008-02-29 2W DC/DC converter touts 89% efficiency
The NMK series from Murata Power Solutions offers 89 percent typical efficiency (at 15V output) and 2.5 percent (at 15V output) maximum load regulation.
2011-06-28 28nm CMOS supports WLAN, Bluetooth
RFaxis rolls out its 28nm CMOS silicon multiband/multimode RF Front-end IC that supports WLAN and Bluetooth.
2011-01-06 2011 forecast from Semico
Semico Research Co. reveals seven key predictions for the coming year. NAND flash, ASIC, SoCs get special mention.
2006-06-30 1W DC/DC converter suits industrial apps
TI said its new 1W, unregulated DC/DC converters in a tiny package feature 3kV isolation and are suitable for industrial applications.
2002-07-18 1st Silicon to adopt Virtual Silicon's semiconductor IP
Virtual Silicon Technology Inc. has received an order to port its semiconductor IP to the 0.185m process technology of Malaysia wafer foundry 1st Silicon.
2010-09-13 1GHz programmable DSP core touts energy efficiency
CEVA's new 1GHz programmable DSP core, CEVA-X1643, incorporates native cached memory system, innovative power scaling unit and configurable ARM AXI bus interface.
2005-06-10 1.8V, 256Mb SDRAM reduces power by 50% in handheld apps
For battery-operated applications that require low power and high density, Elpida Memory is offering a pair of 256Mb SDRAM devices that operate at 1.8V and 2.5V
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