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2005-04-07 Mentor tool supports Xilinx courses
Mentor announced that its Precision synthesis tool will be integrated into two Xilinx education services courses for complex FPGA designs
2005-07-29 Mentor offering tool support for RoHS compliance
Mentor Graphics said that it has begun offering PCB tool support designed to help customers achieve Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
2005-07-28 Mentor offering tool support for RoHS compliance
Mentor Graphics Corp. said Tuesday (July 26) that it has begun offering printed circuit board (PCB) tool support designed to help customers achieve Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
2003-07-10 Mentor Graphics boosts PCB signal integrity
To help PCB design engineers better manage signal integrity issues, Mentor Graphics has added new functionality to the standard version of its HyperLynx pre- and post-layout PCB signal integrity simulation and analysis tool.
2002-05-01 Magma rolls all-in-one tool
The RTL-to-GDSII design tool vendor is expanding into the post-layout verification market by launching a signal integrity analysis tool.
2002-03-26 Innoveda announces new version of PCB routing tool
Innoveda has announced the availability of the PowerPCB version 5.0 equipped with BlazeRouter 5.0 and BlazeRouter HSD, which helps prevent signal integrity problems during the PCB layout process, and speed time-to-market of designs
2015-10-07 Explore new approaches to high speed signal design
The proliferation of high speed protocols, now increasingly implemented in a wide range of components, means PCB designers may need to seek out new solutions to emerging design challenges.
2006-09-21 DFM tool implements yield improvement at design stage
Nannor said its upgraded Acuma tool reduces semiconductor design iterations and manufacturing costs by revealing yield-sensitive areas of the design and implementing yield improvement at the design stage
2000-12-01 Deep signal and design integrity assured in SoCs
This technology news article describes the issues related to SoC designs and the corresponding solution to each.
2012-09-04 CST's tool addresses EMC and SI for PCBs
CST BOARDCHECK aims to help design engineers to deal with electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity of PCBs to get an overview of potential layout problems
2002-03-20 Cadence upgrades PCB tool flows
Cadence Design Systems has made major upgrades to its Studio and Expert series PCB design flows, adding capabilities to its SpecctraQuest Signal Integrity Expert, Allegro layout tool, and Specctra autorouter.
2003-11-14 Cadence tool tackles signal integrity issues
Cadence Design Systems has released a new version of its SpecctraQuest toolset to allow EEs designing PCBs to deal more proactively with the signal integrity issues that pop up with high-speed designs
2004-11-17 Cadence qualifies extraction tool for process tech
Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Chartered Semiconductor Mfg have jointly qualified the Cadence Fire & Ice QX cell-based extraction tool for Chartered's advanced nanometer processes
2005-04-21 AWR signal-integrity suite links ICs, packages, PCBs
Claiming to provide a "unified platform" for signal integrity analysis at the chip, package, module and PCB levels, Applied Wave Research is rolling out the AWR SI 2005 design suite, an extension of the company's existing RF design tools
2003-03-26 Automation tool speeds physical-design flow
ReShape Inc. claims that its physical-design-automation system allows designers to turn around production layouts of multimillion-gate SoC in 24h.
2003-05-23 AsusTeK adopts Cadence tool for PCB development
Taiwan-based AsusTeK Computer Inc. has selected Cadence Design Systems' SPECCTRAQuest design solution for its PCB motherboard designs.
2004-04-14 Ansoft offers signal-integrity solution
Ansoft has announced DesignerSI, a signal-integrity design environment for high-speed boards and systems
2006-08-10 Analysis tool offers 'sanity check' for parasitic networks
French startup Edxact S.A. has introduced Comanche, a parasitic analysis tool that offers a 'sanity check' for extracted netlists so gross violations can be found before simulation
2004-09-27 Altera kit empowers engineers using Mentor tool
Mentor announced the availability of the Altera Stratix GX design kit for ICX.
2004-11-05 Agilent spins mixed-signal scope dynamic probe for Xilinx FPGAs
Agilent Technologies is debuting what it says is the industry's first FPGA dynamic probe application.
2002-09-05 Agere adopts Nassda simulator tool
Agere Systems has selected Nassda Corp.'s HSIM hierarchical full-chip simulator and analysis tool for advanced timing analysis of clock trees and memory characterization of its ASIC solutions
2003-05-19 Aeroflex selects Nassda verification tool
Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions has adopted Nassda Corp.'s HSIM full-chip simulator and analysis tool for verification of its memories and mixed-signal designs in Aeroflex's IC families for the aerospace and defense markets
2006-08-16 6th ESC-Taiwan gathers world's leading embedded tool vendors
Design engineers in Taiwan will be treated to an array of leading-edge technologies as the world's major embedded tool suppliers gather to showcase their products at the 6th Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan
2006-09-07 Signoff quality' timing tool rolls for 65/45nm designs
Cadence Design Systems introduced the Encounter Timing System, described as a "signoff-quality" timing product for nanometer SoC design.
2011-04-25 Macro Sensors unveils 4-20mA output LVDT signal conditioners
Macro Sensors introduces mini-module single-channel signal conditioners with a low-noise 4-20mA output that supports process control and factory automation applications often requiring longer cabling facilities
2004-02-03 Apache tool additions jazz up NSpice simulation
Physical-design-integrity startup Apache Design Solutions Inc. has introduced two new versions of its NSpice simulator: NSpice-PI and NSpice-UBS
2007-05-31 Tool tackles power integrity issues in ICs, packages, boards
Aiming to deliver a comprehensive solution for tackling noise and power at the chip, I/O and PCB design levels, Apache Design Solutions announced its Sentinel product line.
2008-05-20 Temperature measurement tool supports Ethernet
Data Translation has released an Ethernet version of its temperature measurement instrument, TEMPpoint.
2011-04-28 Packaging tool offers advanced miniaturization
Cadence has unveiled the Allegro 16.5 PCB and IC packaging technology, offering capabilities that increase both productivity and predictability across silicon, SoC and system development.
2010-05-14 ESD physical integrity tool enables early prototyping
The PathFinder ESD integrity solution aims to enable designers to perform early prototyping, circuit optimization and full-chip signoff
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