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2000-06-14 The Role of Silicon Germanium in Optimum Technology Matching
This technical note examines the process of Optimum Technology Matching (OTM), which is used to determine which of the available process technologies will maximize performance and minimize cost. This paper also discusses the role of SiGe within that framework.
1999-11-17 The role of silicon germanium in optimum technology matching
This paper will examine the process of OTM (Optimum Technology Matching), and discuss the role of SiGe within that framework.
2005-09-27 Strained silicon to take IEDM spotlight
With high-k dielectrics apparently delayed beyond the 45nm node, this year's International Electron Devices Meeting will focus on second-generation strained-silicon techniques as the main pathway to faster transistors
2003-05-27 Soitec, ASM target strained silicon on SOI
Soitec and ASM International announced that they are working together on strained SSOI technology, which targets the 65nm node.
2005-09-16 Silicon germanium process heralds fast RF
Commodity RF ICs may ride to unheard-of frequencies on the strength of a new SiGe BiCMOS process.
2001-08-09 Silicon germanium ICs target wireless basestation transceivers
This conference technical paper describes high performance active silicon germanium components designed specifically for wireless basestation applications.
2002-04-10 Russian technology waves goodbye to strained silicon
A Welsh start-up has linked with Russian technologists to develop a transistor architecture that could go against strained silicon as a way of boosting transistor performance without forcing the industry to move to much smaller devices
2002-11-20 Pre-spec 802.11g silicon raises interoperability fears
Chipset vendors are moving headlong into IEEE 802.11g WLAN silicon before the ink is dry on the standard, hoisting the specter of non-interoperable 802.11g solutions in a market that has depended on interoperability for its very success
2015-03-17 New material tops silicon, graphene in electron mobility
Scientists recently discovered a new material believed to possess electron mobility that is 200 times greater than that of graphene and more than 1,700 times that of crystalline silicon
2005-08-11 MEMS work uses polysilicon-germanium over CMOS
A gyroscope developed under a European Commission supported project, is intended to serve as a demonstrator of a combined MEMS sensor and signal conditioning circuit.
2004-06-02 IR to buy ATMI silicon epitaxial services
ATMI Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its specialty silicon epitaxial services business located in Mesa, Arizona, to International Rectifier Corp. (IR
2003-10-28 Intel, TI 'straining' to improve 90nm silicon
Intel Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. process technologists have reached into their bags of "strain engineering" tricks for 90nm silicon
2004-12-09 IBM describes strained germanium technique
IBM Corp. on Monday (Dec. 6) claimed that it has demonstrated a strained germanium technology that triples the performance of a standard transistor used in semiconductors
2003-11-12 AmberWave obtains rights to Agere silicon patents
AmberWave Systems has secured exclusive rights to sub-license nine key strained silicon patents from Agere Systems Inc
2002-10-18 AmberWave cuts SiGe layer from strained-silicon process
AmberWave Systems Corp. claims to have worked out a form of strained silicon that removes the SiGe layer and provides an ultrathin silicon top layer to build high-performance devices
2016-03-21 TSMC unveils silicon plans
TSMC will enable silicon interposers larger than 1,200mm21.5x the reticle sizeat 7nm to enable giant 2.5-D stacks of logic and memory for the next gen of Cowos- chip on wafer on substrate
2012-12-26 Silicon photonics paves the way for 100G networks
Learn how silicon photonics can enable widespread adoption of 100G networks
2014-03-17 Silicon photonics evolve into 1.3m quantum dot lasers
The quantum dot lasers developed by UCSB researchers are expected to facilitate the integration of low-cost, multi-channel laser devices with CMOS driver circuits.
2013-05-06 MOSIS joins push for silicon photonics tech
The firm's partnership with ePIXfab gives MOSIS customers access to Imec's modern fully integrated silicon photonics processes and Tyndall's advanced silicon photonics packaging technology
2004-02-13 Intel uses silicon for 1GHz optical modulator
Extending its thrust in silicon-based optical components to modulators, Intel Corp. researchers said they have reached 1GHz speeds with modulators which have on-chip phase-shifting capabilities
2002-08-15 Intel adopts strained silicon for 90nm process
Intel Corp. said that it will add strained silicon technology to its 90nm technology mix, and will use the process to make the Pentium 4 microprocessor code-named "Prescott" starting next year
2013-12-16 Imec unveils strained germanium FinFETs
The device, fabricated with a Si Fin replacement process on 300mm Si wafers, shows a possible evolution of the FinFET/trigate architecture for 7nm and 5nm CMOS technologies.
2014-07-25 Imec unveils 28Gb/s silicon photonics platform
The iSiPP25G includes the key subsystems for building high-density low-power WDM that it has recently improved to 28Gb/s with thermal tuning whose efficiency rates exceed 260pm/mW.
2013-10-10 Imec unveils 25Gb/s silicon photonics platform
Imec's portfolio includes low loss strip waveguides, highly efficient grating couplers, high-speed Germanium waveguide photodiodes, 25Gb/s Mach-Zhender and micro-ring modulators
2013-03-18 Imec offers fully integrated silicon photonics platform
The platform claims to enable cost-effective R&D of silicon photonic ICs for high-performance optical transceivers (25Gb/s and beyond) and optical sensing and life science applications
2010-06-21 IMEC cuts down germanium-based TPV cell costs
IMEC is offering an improved processing technique for germanium-based thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cells resulting in reduction of cell cost, an essential step to develop a market for TPV applications
2014-09-22 Germanium tin offers cost reduction for smartphone cameras
University of Arkansas researchers created a novel material, germanium tin deposited in layers on a silicon substrate, which could be used to build better cheaper IR cameras for smartphones and cars.
2013-04-16 Germanium alternative to silicon in IC manufacturing
Chemists from Ohio State University developed a one-atom-thick sheet of germanium, and found that it conducts electrons more than 10x faster than silicon and 5x faster than conventional germanium.
2006-03-16 GaAs dielectric points past silicon
Freescale Semiconductor's laboratory recently announced that it has cracked a 40-year-old puzzlehow to deposit a defect-free dielectric on GaAs.
2008-12-08 Causing an avalanche: the latest advance in silicon photonics
Several companies are active in the field of silicon photonics because they believe that silicon has an advantage in making the very low cost optical parts needed for large markets
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