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What is smart grid?
Smart grid is a nickname given for a wide palette of utility applications, typified by two-way digital communication, that enhance and automate the monitoring and control of electrical distribution.
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2013-06-03 Smart grid sensor market to double by 2014
By 2014, IHS predicts that the smart grid sensors market will more than double in size from estimated 2012 levels, with annual revenue topping $100 million for the first time in 2015.
2012-02-14 Smart grid market defies hurdles with $81B forecast
High installation costs and lack of interoperability may be pulling the market, but the push coming from efficient energy distribution and transmission is stronger.
2012-11-15 Smart grid leads to vast opportunities, says CEO Panel
During Electronica exhibition, The CEO panel allowed the heads of four major companies to discuss the good times ahead for the semiconductor industry.
2011-05-23 Smart grid enabling technologies market to grow 6.9% CAGR
A report from Electronics Publications forecasts the growth of the enabling technologies for the global smart grid market to $33.1 billion in 2016.
2010-11-16 Smart grid enabler products to exceed $186 billion by 2015
SBI Energy report says smart grid suppliers will jostle for piece of global electric grid supply chain
2014-11-05 Smart energy platform integrates two Cortex M4 cores
The dual ARM Cortex -M4 architecture allows for integration of application layer, communications layers and metrology functions in a single device.
2014-11-10 Smart city in Songdo: SparkLabs launch IoT accelerator
The IoT accelerator project targets to open Songdo International Business District as a test bed for both public and private "smart" city solutions, services and technologies to any start-up in the world
2012-02-17 Smart appliances market gains momentum, to exceed 24M by 2017
One sure sign that the market is growing is the number of major appliance manufacturers showcasing their new products in recent trade shows. But the high price tags could put a damper on the market's success.
2015-03-17 Significance of data acquisition to smart grid
The smart grid must automatically detect system faults and quickly isolate them for fast repair. Learn about the important role of data-acquisition systems in keeping electricity flowing.
2011-02-02 Security solution safeguards smart grid nets
Atos Worldline and NXP Semiconductors have collaborated on an end-to-end security and authentication solution designed to protect smart grid networks against energy theft, privacy breaches and grid attacks.
2010-05-27 Router, switch equipped for smart grid
Cisco Systems is rolling out its first router and switch designed for the needs of electric utility substations.
2009-06-02 RF transceivers target smart grid, home automation
Analog Devices Inc. has developed two new RF transceivers that deliver low power consumption and high integration effective for smart grid and home and building automation applications.
2008-11-21 Report: Power systems embrace smart grid web
The possible market for the technology infrastructure required to uplift the nation's aging power grid into a "smart power web" is expected to nearly double over the next five years, according to a new survey.
2010-09-24 Reference design eases smart meter development
Freescale Semiconductor and Cirrus Logic team up to provide OEMs with a solution for developing smart meters using the companies' AFE chips and MCUs
2010-05-27 Powerline smart grid spec backers face off
Powerline proponents fired off competing announcements aimed at the emerging market for smart electric grids
2010-09-13 PLC development kit jumpstarts smart grid development
Texas Instruments Inc. releases a PLC development kit based on the company's PLC modem solution that can support multiple modulation and protocol standards on a single hardware platform.
2010-05-04 Panel: Smart grid face security, consumer roadblocks
A panel of experts at the Embedded Systems Conference enumerated challenges that the smart electric grid is facing from making communications gear secure to understanding consumer behaviors.
2010-06-25 Panel supports effortless smart grid
Smart grid should remove the necessity for deep thinking from energy efficiency efforts, according to members of the Smart Grid Panel at the Freescale Technology Forum.
2012-11-16 Overcome smart grid communications issues
Read about a strategy for ensuring a robust communications network for the smart grid.
2012-10-09 NI's latest FPGA-based system tooled for Smart-Grid apps
NI Single-board RIO GPIC provides a standard RIO architecture for smart, grid-tied power conversion systems with a comprehensive NI LabVIEW system design toolchain.
2009-06-29 Next-gen Smart Energy requirements previewed
The Zigbee Alliance and HomePlug Powerline Alliance have made available to the public the next-generation market requirements document for Smart Energy and supporting use cases
2011-03-29 NanoMarkets sees $6.3 billion smart grid sensor market by 2014
NanoMarkets' report on smart grid sensing, monitoring and control systems predicts that revenue from sales of sensors and related software to the worldwide smart grid sector will reach $13 billion by 2018.
2010-09-29 Microsemi joins the smart meter device fray
Analog mixed-signal integrated circuit manufacturer creates device for smart meters
2011-04-04 Merged spec in the works for smart grid interface
Designed for devices from either side of the home network, the merged EPRI/USNAP spec will include the EPRI command set and support both Smart Energy 2.0 and OpenADR protocols
2012-07-26 Maxim's security manager ensures smart grid infrastructure security
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX36025 adds secure encryption to critical points of data aggregation within the smart grid.
2010-04-14 Maxim ventures smart meter market via Teridian
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Teridian Semiconductor Corp. for approximately $315 million in cash.
2013-05-07 Life cycle security in the smart grid
Understand the concept of life-cycle securitythe idea that embedded equipment in the smart grid must have security designed into the entire life of the product, even back to the contract manufacturer.
2010-11-08 Khosla criticizes smart grids
Speaking at the GreenBeat 2010 conference, venture capitalist Vinod Khosla said that there is a need is for a more flexible and reliable electric grid
2014-07-21 Interoperability to drive adoption of smart appliances
The continuous evolution of the Internet, driven by ever increasing volumes of online information, commerce and social networking, can potentially open more immediate opportunities for the widespread penetration of automated homes.
2014-01-02 Integrating advanced metering to maximise smart grid deployments
Navigant Research said the integration of DA systems and applications with previously deployed or planned AMI systems will be key to successful utility smart grid deployments in the coming years.
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