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What is smart grid?
Smart grid is a nickname given for a wide palette of utility applications, typified by two-way digital communication, that enhance and automate the monitoring and control of electrical distribution.
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2015-02-06 Silicon-carbide power MOSFETs minimise footprint, BOM
The 1.2kV SCT20N120 from ST permits switching frequencies up to three times higher than similar-rated silicon IGBTs, promising improved efficiency and reliability.
2012-01-18 Semiconductors and the world's energy crisis
The dramatic increase in the number of people around the world using power and the number of power-hungry devices we use calls for a big change in the world's approach to electrical power.
2010-11-09 Real-time clock features temperature compensation, tamper detection
IDT offers real-time clocks suitable for temperature-sensitive and tamper detection applications
2012-09-18 PV market in APAC, N. America rises, Eurozone dips
Frost & Sullivan revealed that PV market earned revenues of $46.63 billion in 2011 and is seen to reach $104.32 billion in 2017 with North America accounting for 60 percent of that year's annual installed capacity.
2013-10-31 PV energy demand strong in APAC emerging markets
The Asia-Pacific region's PV energy demand is exceeding Europe in 2013, due to emerging Chinese, Japanese and Indian markets, according to EnergyTrend.
2013-07-22 Power line comms serves as IoE backbone
The availability of ubiquitous communication networks to allow the effective exchange and management of energy-related data produced or consumed at each relevant point of a power network, is the key element to build the so called "Internet of Energy" to enable a large variety of smart grid applications.
2010-11-23 PLC solution has PRIME compliance
The communication SoC and software stack combination lets meter makers reduce development time for PRIME-compliant meters.
2011-05-12 PLC chipset complies with IEEE(R) P1901.2 standard
Maxim's G3-PLC(TM) chipset provides prestandard compliance and claims to substantially reduce infrastructure costs over other narrowband approaches.
2013-01-29 Phoenix-RTOS gets ported to eSi-RISC processors
EnSilica and Phoenix Systems' partnership expands the eSi-RISC ecosystem with an embedded RTOS that can use eSi-RISC's hardware MMU with memory protection and security features.
2009-09-04 Partners release OFDM-based PLC spec
The OFDM-based PLC specification facilitates global smart grid implementations and supports the IPv6 internet-protocol standard.
2011-08-04 Organizations form SEP 2 consortium
Organizations, including the HomePlug Alliance and WiFi Alliance among others, have joined together in creating a consortium of Smart Energy Profile 2 interoperability
2010-11-01 OpenADR test, certification program kicks off
The Open ADR Alliance has been established to create a test and certification program for energy demand-response systems.
2012-10-31 NI invests in the long term with new Penang facility
While several electronics companies are downsizing this year, National Instruments is betting on the long term with new facilities in Penang. It is also helping develop Singapore's smart grid.
2014-06-06 Issues on Internet of Things and security
Know why the smart grid does not follow the pervasive IoT fantasy projections, and how real IoT deployments are made to better manage valuable resources.
2015-07-30 IoT connected devices to approach 38.5B in 2020
Juniper Research said it is the industrial and public services sector, such as retail, agriculture, smart buildings and smart grid applications, which will form the majority of the device base for the market.
2009-07-31 Intel injects cash in cleantech startups
Intel Corp. has expanded its new energy initiative by investing approximately $10 million in five startups.
2010-09-17 Intel debuts 'Tunnel Creek' SoC
New Intel SoC for embedded systems launched at IDF
2010-10-27 IEEE setting guidelineS for electricity storage
The group will begin work on guidelines for smart grid interfaces before the end of 2010 as an extension of the work already done on utility storage systems for transmission and distribution networks.
2011-09-02 IBM: Lack of consumer understanding is an energy concern
A recent survey conducted by IBM has revealed that there is a wide gap between what the consumers know and what they need to know about energy consumption and conservation.
2011-02-16 HomeGrid Forum, ZigBee Alliance to extend partnership
The HomeGrid Forum (HGF) and the ZigBee Alliance have agreed to extend their collaboration on the ZigBee Smart Energy standard development
2011-10-13 Home energy sol'n supports WiFi, Ethernet, HomePlug GP
Freescale teams up with Qualcomm Atheros to come up with a home energy management system using Smart Energy Profile 2.0
2010-04-22 Hitachi, Airbiquity keep electric cars connected
Hitachi Automotive Systems and Airbiquity are joining hands to provide telematics services for electric vehicles globally.
2011-06-27 Highly integrated front-end module enhances AMI apps
The RF6555 ZigBee FEM is designed for battery operated smart grid and smart energy applications optimized for smart energy/advanced metering infrastructure applications.
2011-03-23 HEMS a $2 billion business by 2016
Home energy management systems will achieve moderate growth until 2013; but will see rapidly increasing global shipments by 2014, with utilities as the largest channel for HEMS going to market.
2015-07-28 Guard against capacitor corrosion for long life apps
Advanced EMI suppression film capacitors that can survive harsh environments for 15 years or more enable designers to implement economical circuitry in cost-sensitive equipment such as smart meters
2010-01-05 Grand challenges to to niggling nettles in 2010
EE Times editors list nettlesome issues they'd most like to see electronics engineers sort out next year ranging from grand challenges of engineering to niggling nettles of consumer gadgetry.
2010-10-05 Freescale demonstrates HEG reference platform at Metering Europe
Freescale has just demonstrated a Home Energy Gateway (HEG) reference platform at the Metering Europe conference. The platform is intended for smart grid applications.
2010-11-09 Flow sensor supports electronic gas meter
Omron joins forces with STMicroelectronics to create smart gas meter flow sensor
2010-03-23 Flextronics to build clean tech plant in Malaysia site
Flextronic has allotted one million square feet space at its established Malaysia facility in Port of Tanjung Pelepas for Clean Tech Super Site that reinforces its position in manufacturing of solar modules.
2011-10-05 European alliance supports G3-PLC implementation
A 12-member European alliance was formed to push for the implementation of G3-PLC, a new PLC protocol.
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