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2002-04-24 Cadence unveils latest products for 0.13?m IC design
In a bid to tackle the emerging challenges caused by increasing complexity of IC design and the advance of process technologies, Cadence Design System Inc. has introduced two new products for 0.13?m and beyond IC design. CadenceR SoC Encounter and Cadence First EncounterR Ultra integrate the Cadence SP&R (synthesis/place-and-route) solution with new advanced capabilities and technology from Silicon Perspective Corp. (SPC), which was acquired by Cadence last year.
2014-03-17 Cadence takes systems design on ecosystem level
Along with Cadence CEO's keynote, two other keynoters from Imagination and Tensilica described a connectivity-driven design and the challenges in design process in different systems levels
2004-12-23 Cadence RTL Compiler supports Oki Soc design platform
Cadence Design Systems Inc. announced that Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has taped out a chip for Oki's uPLAT SoC design platform with the new low-power capability of Cadence Encounter RTL Compiler synthesis.
2010-11-03 Cadence maps out design tool development strategy
Cadence Design Systems Inc. explained the company's strategy to provide an end-to-end flow of silicon and software design tools as part of its EDA360 campaign
2005-10-07 Cadence announces design flow for ARM Cortex-A8 processor
Cadence Design Systems announced the immediate availability of a high-performance design flow for the new ARM Cortex-A8 processor
2002-09-23 Cadence adds Plato routing engine to design flow
Cadence Design Systems Inc. is upping the ante in the RTL-to-GDSII IC design tool arena with the latest release of its SoC physical implementation tool.
2014-09-18 Bug hunting SoC for full functional coverage closure
In this article, we discuss how to use constrained random verification to uncover bugs that are difficult to find using traditional directed verification.
2003-11-25 Broadcom to expand design center in Taiwan
Broadcom has announced plans to expand its SoC R&D center in Hsinchu, Taiwan
2012-07-11 Bridge software and hardware to speed up SoC validation
Understand how the integration of hardware and software debug views can lead to faster and more efficient debug of the entire system.
2003-01-16 Benefits, risks in 90nm SoC solutions
Depending upon proven capabilities with SoC designs, the cost/benefit of optimization options must be carefully weighed against assumptions on technology maturity
2008-01-02 Beat the SoC challenge with a tuner
Custom integrated SoC designs are a great way to replace multiple individual ICs and support circuitry. The benefits are many: you save space, you save power, you save money. However, there is a challenge to overcome
2003-04-14 Barcelona Design analog IP tool gets upgrade
Custom analog IP specialist Barcelona Design has released v1.2 of its Prado analog synthesis platform
2003-12-26 AWR to supply RF tools to Taiwan SoC design park
Applied Wave Research Inc. and the SoC Technology Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute (STC/ITRI) have agreed upon a partnership
2003-06-23 Avnet adopts Monterey solution for latest SoC design
Avnet ASIC Israel Ltd has decided to utilize Monterey Design Systems' planning, prototyping, and implementation tool suite for its latest SoC designs.
2005-10-11 Audio engine provides turnkey 24bit audio for SOC designs
Tensilica is launching Xtensa HiFi 2 Audio Engine as an add-on package for its Xtensa LX processor. The new addition has been optimized specifically for today's consumer audio functions.
2009-09-29 Atmel, Global Unichip tie-up on SoC design
Atmel and Global Unichip are collaborating to produce Atmel MCU-based SoCs for their mutual customers.
2013-01-25 ASIC prototyping platform ready for design partitioning
S2C Inc.'s S2C Virtex-7 series TAI logic module is tooled to run high-frequency pin-multiplexing through LVDS interconnection bus to fit designs when partition to multiple FPGAs.
2003-05-21 Artisan memories provide IC design standard for Japan consortium
Artisan Components Inc. has announced that its memory generators have been selected by the Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center.
2014-03-07 ARM-led Linaro to push tablet, STB SoC convergence
Linaro, a not-for-profit organization, is speeding up the adoption of the ARM architecture in the digital home entertainment segment.
2014-02-12 ARM, SMIC expands partnership for high-performance SoC designs
The collaboration will offer the ARM Artisan physical IP platform for SMIC's 28nm process to deliver high-performance, high-density and low-power technologies for consumer and mobile applications.
2002-01-23 ARM, Faraday extend relationship into SoC design
ARM Ltd and Faraday Technology have extended their relationship with a licensing and collaboration agreement for the ARMv4 architecture.
2008-10-01 ARM to work on SoC platform for IBM alliance
ARM has agreed to develop a SoC design platform of physical intellectual property at the 32nm and 28nm nodes for the Common Platform technology alliance.
2004-03-26 ARM announces additions to design center program
Taiwan-based Goyatek Technology Inc. and SangHwa Micro Technology (SMT) of South Korea have joined ARM's approved design center program
2008-02-01 ARC pushes mobile multimedia SoC design
Configurable-core developer ARC International is refining a development platform that it says will change the way mobile multimedia systems are designed. ARC technologists described elements of the platform at the company's ConfigCon development conference held in California in December 2007.
2003-07-04 Apache power technology reduces SoC design time
The RedHawk-SDL from Apache Design Solutions is a full-chip cell-based power ground design and verification solution with integrated transistor-level characterization
2008-10-01 Andes facilitates Taiwan SoC design
Driven by strong market demand for portable products, the consumer electronics sector swerves to the Internet-capability route, as touted by Mobile Internet Devices (MID).
2014-03-04 Analyse CDC violations in million-gate SoC (Part 1
Learn how to constrain the design to avoid unwanted violations and analyse the remaining CDC paths flagged by tool
2007-12-12 AMD, Intel take rivalry to SoC arena
AMD and Intel are taking their competition to new heights as they begin ramping up SoC capabilities, creating new products and processes
2014-08-19 Altera rolls out 20nm design tools
The Quartus II software Arria 10 edition v14.0 software delivers the fastest compile times and enables the highest performance for 20nm FPGA and SoC designs in the industry
2002-08-19 Altera names new service design partners
Altera Corp. has qualified five more engineering consulting firms as Altera Certified Design Centers
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