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2003-06-23 Sony to commence mobile OLED display mass production
Sony Corp. is set to begin mass production of its "Super Top Emission" active-matrix full-color OLED display panels.
2008-12-15 Sony to cease operations in Westmoreland site
Sony Electronics has advised its employees at its Pittsburgh Technology Center on Dec. 9 that the company will be discontinuing all of its operations at the Westmoreland County facility over the next 16 months, beginning with TV manufacturing by the end of February 2009.
2011-10-11 Sony to buy out Ericsson?
Sony is nearing a deal to buy out Ericsson from their 10-year joint venture in order to rival Apple and Samsung, according to reports.
2016-01-27 Sony to buy Altair to drive LTE for Internet of Things
Sony said the acquisition of Altair would expand the latter's existing business. Sony said it also plans to move forward with research and development of new sensing technologies.
2007-08-17 Sony to build Li-ion battery plant in Singapore
Sony plans to set up a Li-ion polymer battery plant in Singapore, its first in Southeast Asia, with operations expected to start August 2008.
2009-09-07 Sony to bring 3D viewing to the home
Sony Corp. announced plans to lead the way in delivering new 3D viewing experiences by bringing 3D to the home in 2010.
2005-01-25 Sony to boost Playstation production
Aiming to become the de facto entertainment platform, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. intends to boost monthly production of its Playstation Portable (PSP) to three million units by the end of the year.
2003-04-24 Sony to begin advanced IC production for Playstation
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced that it will start advanced semiconductor production with 90nm embedded DRAM process in fiscal year 2003.
2004-01-30 Sony TFT-LCDs target cellphones
Sony Corp. has developed 2.3- and 2.9-inch low-temperature polysilicon TFT-LCD panels designed for use in cellphones.
2007-05-29 Sony tech enables bendable display panels
Sony Corp. released May 25 a video of its new 2.5-inch display that's 0.3mm thick and bends in a human hand.
2008-02-27 Sony taps Sharp for LCD panels
Sony reportedly plans to procure LCD panels from Sharp starting this year, diversifying its supply channels, previously dominated by Samsung, to accommodate the increasing demand and to reduce costs.
2005-01-26 Sony takes license, backs Transmeta move back into IP
Global consumer electronics company Sony Corp. has licensed technologies for power management and transistor leakage control from Transmeta Corp., joining a band of companies which have licensed technology from Transmeta.
2011-03-25 Sony suspends production at several undamaged sites
Power outages and raw material and component shortages have forced Sony to suspend part of manufacturing operations at some undamaged sites. However, recovery plans for these idle plants are now in motion.
2005-12-20 Sony suspends DSC sales in China
Sony Corp. has suspended sales of its DSCs in China in response to Zhejiang province's injunction to stop sales of its DSCs judged by authorities there to have fallen short of quality criteria.
2005-11-14 Sony suspends CD copy protection
Sony BMG Music Entertainment on Friday announced that it would stop producing CDs with its controversial XCP copy-protection technology.
2003-08-13 Sony subsidiary licenses ARC processor
Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp. has licensed ARC Int.'s patented ARCtangent processor with DSP extensions.
2003-08-11 Sony storage library provides automated solutions
Sony Data System Solutions has announced the availability of its SAIT PetaSite tape storage library systems that provides automated solutions.
2008-10-27 Sony Shock Déjà vu?
Sony Shock déjà vu? Sony's profit warning less than 24 hours earlier triggered a dramatic sell-off in Japanese stocks on Oct. 24.
2007-08-21 Sony sets up US electronics recycling program
Hoping to encourage consumers to environmentally recycle and dispose electronic devices, Sony has established a national recycling program for consumer electronics.
2008-05-12 Sony sets up FeliCa program for system integrators, app developers
Sony Electronics has established an integrator and developer channel program for its FeliCa contactless IC chip technology.
2003-05-06 Sony seeks wider reach for game-based ICs
Sony Corp. is drastically revamping its semiconductor strategy: It will combine the chip operations of its headquarters with those of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
2004-05-19 Sony seeks life for Vaio beyond PC
Unveiling Sony Corp.'s new computer product lineup here this week, Keiji Kimura, president of Sony's IT & Mobile Solutions Network Co., defined a new strategy for Sony's computer business as "Vaio beyond PC."
2008-07-21 Sony seeks alliance toward standardized UWB tech
Sony has rallied a group of 14 companiesmainly large Japanese consumer electronics firmsaround an ad hoc effort to standardize proprietary UWB technology it first demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.
2005-01-07 Sony seeking to purchase LCD fab from Chi Mei
Sony Corp. is negotiating with the Chi Mei group of Taiwan to purchase International Display Technology, a third generation liquid crystal display (LCD) fab that uses 550-by-650mm substrates located in Yasu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.
2003-07-01 Sony says FPGAs 'a must' in consumer electronics
Consumer electronics is rapidly shifting from analog to digital while product life cycles grow ever shorter. Such market changes make "FPGA a must," said Tsugio Makimoto, Sony's corporate advisor.
2007-04-11 Sony says 'sayonara' to 45nm chip dev't alliance
Sony announced last week that it will not continue the chip development alliance it formed last year with NEC Electronics and Toshiba.
2003-04-09 Sony samples blue laser disc drive, disc media
Sony Corp. has developed a blue laser optical data storage disc drive and cartridge-type disc media that are targeted at professional data-intensive applications.
2004-12-24 Sony reportedly seeks to exit plasma display market
Sony Corp. is considering leaving the plasma display market to focus on flat-panel liquid crystal (LCD) displays, according to several online reports.
2006-09-27 Sony reorganizes electronics biz
Effective Oct. 1, Sony Corp. will realign certain key executive responsibilities in its electronics business as a competitive strategy.
2007-08-06 Sony recalls digicams with faulty bottom metal plating
After suffering from a number of battery recalls last year, Sony Corp. gets another blow as it announced a voluntary recall of its Cyber Shot DSC-T5 cameras.
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