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2008-06-30 Sony amends corporate strategy
Sony has unveiled a series of new initiatives designed to build on its previous three-year revitalization plan.
2008-08-06 Sony allots millions to beef up Li-ion battery production
Sony Corp. announced that it will invest approximately 40 billion yen towards strengthening its Li-ion battery production operations.
2006-04-20 Sony adopts Synopsys PSM tech
Synopsys announced that Sony has adopted Synopsys' alternating aperture phase-shift mask technology to enhance manufacturability of its high- performance chips.
2003-01-30 Sony adopts Genesis processor for VAIO PC display
Sony Corp. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gmZAN2 display image processor for its 15-inch flat panel LCD monitor.
2015-10-13 Sony acquires image sensor company
Softkinetic develops sensor-to-software 3D gesture recognition systems using time-of-flight technology and has previously licensed its platform to Texas Instruments Inc. and Melexis SA.
2009-07-07 Sony acquires Epson TFT LCD assets
Sony Mobile Display will acquire the TFT LCD manufacturing-related assets operated by Epson Imaging Devices following an agreement between parent companies Sony Corp. and Seiko Epson Corp.
2004-05-20 Sony 3-wavelength optical head supports 3 formats
Sony has developed a single 3-wavelength recording/playback optical head, capable of recording and playing-back 3 formats.
2004-01-22 Simtek obtains Sony Green Partner certificate
Simtek Corp. has been named a Sony Green Partner for participating in Sony's environmental quality improvement program.
2004-03-31 Sheng Yih connectors suit Sony digital cameras
Sheng Yih Steel Mold has released two- and three-position connectors designed for use in mobile phones and Sony digital cameras.
2009-02-02 Sharp, Sony postpone LCD JV
Faced with changes in the world economy, Sharp Corp. and Sony Corp. amended their non-binding memorandum to postpone their target of establishing a joint venture for large-sized LCD panels and modules until March 2010, approximately one year later than originally scheduled.
2009-08-06 Sharp, Sony ink LCD joint venture
Sharp Corp. and Sony Corp. have entered into an agreement to establish a joint venture company to produce and sell large-sized LCD panels and modules.
2012-03-30 Sharp, Sony amend LCD JV agreement
Sharp Corp. and Sony Corp. are further amending their joint venture agreement that was originally executed in July 2009 and amended in April 2011.
2007-10-18 Shared UIQ management for Sony Ericsson, Motorola
Sony Ericsson and Motorola Inc. will be co-owners of UI Holdings BV, the parent company of UIQ Technology AB, as Motorola acquires a 50 percent stake.
2009-03-16 Seiko Epson, Sony: soon-to-be LCD allies
Seiko Epson Corp. and Sony Corp. will begin discussions about an alliance in the field of small- and medium-sized LCDs, including the transfer of a part of business assets of Seiko Epson to Sony.
2006-11-06 Samsung-Sony LCD JV expects profit in '06
Samsung Electronics said that its S-LCD Corp. joint venture with Sony Corp. will turn a profit after only two and a half years in the capital-intensive panel business.
2006-11-07 Samsung-Sony JV's 8G LCD fab line nears completion
S-LCD Corp., a joint venture of Samsung Electronics and Sony, held a "topping out" ceremony to celebrate the construction of the 8G LCD fabrication line.
2008-04-29 Samsung-Sony JV to build 8G TFT-LCD line
Samsung and Sony have signed a contract to establish an additional 8th generation amorphous TFT-LCD manufacturing line at their joint venture S-LCD Corp.
2006-07-20 Samsung-Sony JV invests $1.9B in SK province
S-LCD, the joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Sony, signed a memorandum of agreement with Korea's Chungcheongnam-do, one of the eight provinces in Korea.
2006-04-13 Samsung, Sony sign to spend $2B at S-LCD
Samsung Electronics and Sony have signed a Letter Of Intent saying they intend to spend $2 billion to manufacture large amorphous TFT LCD panels at their joint venture, S-LCD.
2004-07-12 Samsung, Sony joint venture to make 7G panels
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Sony Corp. are in talks about manufacturing larger LCD panels for TV receivers through its joint-venture company, S-LCD Corp.
2006-07-18 Samsung, Sony forge ahead on Gen 8 line
A slumping display market did not stop Samsung Electronics from finalizing a deal with Sony to jointly invest $1.9 billion to build a Gen 8 TFT-LCD fab for their joint venture LCD company S-LCD Corp.
2004-03-11 Samsung, Sony complete LCD joint venture deal
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Sony Corp. have completed a deal to establish a joint LCD manufacturing company named S-LCD Corp. by the end of April 2004.
2015-03-04 Samsung, LG, Sony dominate LCD TV space
The three companies gained market share and increased their YoY shares of LCD TV shipments by about 11 per cent in 2014, consequently expanding their influence over certain panel sizes this year, said IHS.
2005-01-18 Samsung to supply multi-chip packages to Sony PSP
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will supply multi-functional multi-chip package (MCP) solutions for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation portable (PSP) game system and to manufacturers of digital cameras.
2004-12-17 Samsung to provide TFT LCD panels to Sony
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will be producing 4.3-inch TFT-LCD panels for Sony Corp, which will utilize the small-sized panels for its Play Station Portable, a hand-held video game product.
2005-12-28 Samsung in talks with Sony regarding flash memory ICs
Samsung Electronics confirmed that it is in talks with Sony Corp. to supply NAND flash memory chips.
2005-04-21 Samsung and Sony LCD venture begins operation
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Sony Corp. reported that their LCD joint venture, S-LCD Corp., has begun shipping thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display panels at a 7G line in Tangjeong, Asan-city, South Korea.
2004-01-15 RFMD devices suit Sony Ericsson PC card
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has begun shipments of a power amplifier module and driver IQ modulator for use in the Sony Ericsson GC82 EDGE PC card.
2012-05-17 Report: Sony, Panasonic team up in OEL tech
According to the report, the companies hope that the tie-up will help them accelerate the development of large organic electroluminescence (OEL) TVs that consumes less power and offer sharper images.
2012-04-11 Report: Sony to slash 10,000 of global workforce
These job cuts will be the latest downsizing in Japan as companies are struggling to survive in the tough economic times and stiff competition from rivals.
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