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2006-01-26 iSuppli sees glimmer of hope for DRAM market
A recent rebound in DRAM prices has lifted DRAM suppliers, though market conditions are still shaky, according to a report from market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2006-01-23 Intel misses guidance, raises 2006 capex
Intel posted disappointing results for the fourth quarter, including net earnings of $2.5 billion on sales of $10.2 billion and revenue falling below Intel's updated guidance.
2006-07-21 Intel lowers forecast after Q2 dip
Intel lowered its 2006 forecast after a 10 percent decline in sales and a 35 percent plunge in earnings from the previous quarter.
2006-03-08 Intel expects to miss guidance
Intel said that Q1 revenue will range between $8.7 billion and $9.1 billion, compared to the previous guidance of $9.1 billion to $9.7 billion.
2006-09-14 IBM unveils systems based on Cell processor
IBM Corp. recently announced it is offering its first systems based on the Cell processor it co-developed with Sony and Toshiba.
2006-07-20 IBM surpasses earnings guidance
IBM's second-quarter income from continuing operations was $2 billion, up 9 percent compared with $1.9 billion in the second quarter of 2005.
2006-01-31 IBM acquires Inficon's process control software
IBM has acquired Argus semiconductor software and related intellectual property for lithography process control from Inficon.
2006-05-23 HP gains PC market share
Hewlett-Packard gained more than 1 percentage point of share in the PC market in Q1 of 2006 compared to the same period one year ago, according to iSuppli.
2006-02-21 Hitachi opens China disk drive plant
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has opened a massive disk drive plant in Shenzhen the company expects will eventually produce half of its annual drive output.
2006-09-05 Hitachi introduces hard drives for automotive, DVR apps
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies introduced two drives for automotive applications and a thin-profile 2.5-inch drive for digital video recorders.
2006-09-25 Govt, industry leaders renew calls to study nanotech risks
Government and environmental leaders renewed calls for greater federal scrutiny of the health effects of nanotechnology.
2006-02-16 Getting the boxes to interplay
Beneath the flashy veneer of electronics lies a tangled mass of interoperability problems and related concerns.
2006-02-02 Fujitsu posts profit on strong consumer sales
Fujitsu reported consolidated net sales of $9.5 billion for Q3 of fiscal 2005, up by 7.5 percent over the same quarter the previous year.
2006-06-30 Forum seeks to draw foreign investment in Korea
Speakers at the recent Korea Investment Forum said the country is poised for future growth, making it an attractive investment target.
2006-06-20 Form Factor patent upheld by Korean Court
Wafer probe supplier FormFactor Inc. announced that the Korean Patent Court issued an oral ruling upholding the validity of the company's Korean Patent No. 252,457.
2006-04-03 Flexible displays see app hurdles
While the flexible-display industry has reported steady gains in technical areas, there is common perception that its technology has been confined to the lab.
2006-07-12 Equipment sales to grow 18 percent this year
Following an 11.3 percent decline in 2005, sales of semiconductor capital equipment will grow 18 percent to $38.8 million in 2006, according to the mid-year forecast by SEMI.
2006-08-17 Displays, DVDs drive growth of CE sales
The total consumer electronics factory-to-dealer sales is forecasted to reach $140 billion this year, up by 8 percent over 2005, according to the recent CE report from the Consumer Electronics Association.
2006-02-09 Displays fail mobile needs, warns Philips exec
Mobile devices will not realize their full potential unless the display industry develops a new generation of "mobile-friendly" displays, according to Karl McGoldrick, chief executive of Polymer Vision NV
2006-05-18 Creative sues Apple for patent infringement
Creative Technology filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer for allegedly infringing on its patent governing the user interface in PMPs.
2006-04-26 Court questions Apple on trade secrets
Apple Computer was questioned on April 20 as it argued its case to identify those who leaked trade secrets.
2006-04-19 Court nears verdict in Rambus vs. Hynix case
A decision in the long and bitter patent lawsuit by Rambus Inc. against Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is expected to be rendered as early as next week.
2006-03-21 Court halts Japanese suit against Patriot, TPL
Patriot Scientific has announced that the U.S. District Court of Northern California has stayed the declaratory judgment actions recently filed in that court against Patriot and the TPL Group.
2006-02-27 Court denies Rambus' bid to prove chip makers colluded
A San Francisco court decision last week refused Rambus Inc.'s motion to release possible evidence that a number of chip makers conspired against the company by fixing prices and engaging in other anti-competitive practices.
2006-04-26 Corning selects Beijing for glass plant
Corning announced that it will establish its LCD glass substrate finishing facility, the first on the China mainland, in the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area.
2006-03-17 Corning raises LCD glass forecast
Surging sales of LCD TVs has prompted Corning Inc. to raise its glass growth projections for 2006.
2006-04-04 Consumer market, 90nm driving foundry sales, says TSMC
The industry's insatiable appetite for consumer electronics and the trend toward 90 and 65nm process geometries spells good times for the foundry industry.
2006-09-25 Consortium formed to promote microdisplay-based TVs
Arisawa, Seiko Epson, Texas Instruments and JVC have teamed to establish the Micro Device Display Consortium, to promote the features and advantages of microdevice display projection TVs.
2006-03-20 Class action suit expanded against IBM
Attorneys for plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against IBM seeking overtime pay announced that the suit has expanded to include state claims in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota and New Jersey.
2006-05-17 Chinese scientist fakes DSP development
A university in Shanghai has fired the dean of its microelectronics school for faking the development of a series of digital signal processors.
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