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2010-10-22 Gaps seen in ratified powerline standard
The IEEE 1901 standard for broadband over powerline networks has been completed and ratified, but some say it shows how formal standards can be slow and fail to resolve commercial conflicts
2009-02-27 brings rivals under one roof
Three competing networking standards advocates have formed liaisons with the Home Grid Forum to support the ITU effort to create a single wired standard for home networks over powerline, coax and telephone lines
2015-05-06 Fundamentals of the CE marking (Part 2)
It is essential that manufacturers understand how to apply the vast range of possible relevant standards in order to ensure both compliance and saleability of equipment destined for the European market.
2015-05-05 Fundamentals of the CE marking (Part 1)
The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of applicable directives, but how can they ensure they are on the right track to compliance? Read this article to learn more
2008-05-02 ESD protector clears HDMI 1.3a, 20kV tests
CMD's CM1234 ESD protection device is touted as the only ESD solution that passes both HDMI 1.3a compliance and 20kV ESD tests
2004-08-16 EMC tester packs combination punch
Thermo Electron's KeyTek compliance test group has a newly configured spin of the company's existing EMCPro EMC test system
2008-04-04 DisplayPort PHY tester gets flying colors from VESA
The industry's first fully automated DisplayPort receiver PHY compliance test solution has been demonstrated by Agilent Technologies Inc. as meeting the requirements of the DisplayPort compliance test specification
2001-04-15 Digital control fits power amps for 3G
Delivering new consumer products based on 3G wireless communication standards will require an overhaul of the existing infrastructure, including the network's base transceiver station (BTS) infrastructure
2012-09-20 Design panel: IoT still has some hurdles to face
Panelists were upbeat about the long term potential of IoT as a growth driver in electronics while also acknowledging certain standards and securities issues that it has to clear
2012-05-14 Convection-cooled power supply boasts 95% efficiency
XP Power's 250W CCB250 series power supplies make design compliance easier by complying with the IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical safety standards and the MOPP requirements.
2012-05-24 Conference finds fake electronics parts problem growing
Electronics industry participants, information providers, standards organizations, defense contractors and distributors discussed the growing problem of counterfeit and fraudulent electronics devices at the 2012 ERAI Executive Conference
2008-07-02 Compact power supplies meet medical demands
Protek has launched the PM300 Series of 300W AC/DC switching power supplies, which offer a compact, performance-packed design with full compliance to worldwide EN60101-1 medical safety standards.
2008-02-18 Choosing DDR memory power supply IC
DDR memory has specific power supply voltage requirements. Norman Chan and WS Wong of Freescale Semiconductor espouse that designers use a DDR memory power supply IC to ensure compliance with the standards and maximize battery run-time of portable devices.
2006-08-10 Chipset suit IP telephony, modem, line monitoring apps
The new chipset from Integration Associates is voice and V.92 capable and is suitable for telephone line interface requirements and standards
2010-04-19 Capacitor-discharge IC reduces power waste
Power Integrations offers CAPZero, a family of two-terminal, automatic X capacitor discharge ICs that eliminate power losses while allowing power supplies to comply with safety standards
2010-06-10 Capacitance sensingEMC design considerations for PSoC CapSense apps
This application note illustrates examples with test results demonstrating compliance
2002-03-14 Atheros WLAN chipset ready for upcoming .11g spec
Atheros Communications is sampling a WLAN chipset that supports both IEEE 802.11a and .11b WLAN standards and is capable of supporting the 802.11g specification once it is finalized later this year
2007-07-18 Altera touts support for new JEDEC standard
Altera Corp. announced what it touts as the FPGA industry's first full-compliance support for high-performance DDR3 memory interfaces
2012-12-21 AIR Module family tweaked for ZigBee standard
The new family of AIR module comes bundled with AIR support for Zigbee, a solution that provides time saving AIR-ZNP firmware, pre-certification to applicable global standards, and dev tools
2014-01-24 Agilent M8000 allows validation of physical layer designs
The M8000 bit error ratio test solution from Agilent Technologies allows developers and system integrators of multi-gigabit network equipment to characterise and validate physical layer designs and to conduct compliance testing in this area
2007-12-10 Agilent beefs up DisplayPort test capability
Agilent Technologies has expanded its DisplayPort test solution for design, characterization and debug, as well as compliance testing for source and sink
2005-03-16 A link forged in copper
Two design teams that helped define high-bit-rate DSL standards a decade ago are facing off in yet another realm where copper carries data
2014-05-29 45W AC/DC power supplies support test systems
The TU425 and provide 300W of convection cooling or 425W with moving air. It boasts a robust protection including EMC/EMI compliance, and surge immunity
2009-04-28 'Green' displays to take center stage
The Green Display Expo slated in July is set to explore how technology, standards and regulations will affect display use and disposal
2016-04-07 WaveRunner 8000 oscilloscopes shorten time to insight
The product features OneTouch Gesture Control, which enables all common operations with just a single touch of the display, making measurement setup easy.
2008-09-04 Tool suite upgrade touts faster fault detection
LDRA, the leading provider of automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools, has launched the LDRA tool suite v7.7
2007-11-16 Tool rids wireless sensor nets of battery
No wires and no batteries; now there's a combination. It's the promise of a company at this year's ISA Expo with a battery-free solution for ultralow-power wireless sensor and control networks based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.
2007-06-06 Test suite steps up carrier Ethernet reliability
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Net-O2 announced Net-O2's integration of its ATTEST connectivity fault management (CFM) protocol conformance test suite into Agilent's N2X multiservices test solution.
2010-08-06 Switchers provide efficiency in harsh environments
Switcher power modules combine the efficiency of a synchronous switching regulator with the simplicity of a linear regulator for applications in harsh environments.
2014-11-13 Sub-GHz ICs wider wireless range in IoT apps
The wireless ICs boast the highest levels of RF performance, with transmit output power of up to 20dBm, sensitivity of -116dBm and -133dBm, and link budget of 153dB.
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