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2012-12-06 Excite 10 SE tablet features Tegra 3 processor
Toshiba has recently announced the availability of their Android powered tablet which features Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core processor and an AutoBrite HD touchscreen display
2005-09-26 Enclosure offers contemporary style
Bud Industries has expanded its Plasticase enclosure with its new contemporary Style G enclosure
2015-08-27 Designing custom digital filter (Part 3
Bet you thought that Part 2 wrapped up our custom digital filter discussion. But it still had one trick left up its sleeve. Find out what it is.
2011-01-10 Connector features USB 3.0 specs, performance
Tyco Electronics rolls a USB 3.0 connector that supports 5Gbit/s data rate, or a 10X performance increase over USB 2.0
2011-08-12 Communication ICs operate on 3.3V power supply
Silicon Labs' new ICs for its Si24xx ISOmodem family offer advanced voice features, lower power, reduced BOM costs and flexible interface options for a range of data modem applications.
2015-01-09 Chipsets use shunts to measure 3-phase electrical energy
The ADI chipset includes the ADE7923, a non-isolated, 3-channel sigma-delta ADC for the neutral line, the ADE7932 that has two 24bit ADCs and the ADE7933/23 that has three 24bit ADCs
2012-07-19 China's PC shipments rise 3 times higher than global rate
A recent iSuppli report shows that China's domestic PC shipments are set to rise three times higher than the rate of the global market.
2011-12-14 Buck regulators work from 3.1-32V
Linear Tech's DC/DC converters deliver regulated output voltage on the secondary side, adjustable from 2.5-12V (LTM8047) and 1.2-12V (LTM8048).
2011-09-14 Broadcom pays $3.7B for NetLogic
The deal will expand Broadcom's capabilities in knowledge-based and multicore embedded processors.
2015-04-16 Bluetooth Smart beacon packs 3-axis accelerometer
The EMBC02 from EM Microelectronic can be attached to both objects and people, and can be programmed to transmit proximity and identification data using a smartphone or tablet application.
2013-05-10 Automotive linear ICs aimed at 3.3V supply rail apps
The A1318 and A1319 provide low output noise and improved EMI susceptibility at various frequencies while also supporting a fast refresh rate of 20kHz for high bandwidth applications.
2012-01-13 Audio amplifiers tout 3.2W/mm2 power density
ST's TDA7498E amplifiers enable the design of platform solutions where the speaker impedance can be simply changed from 8? down to 2? without any power or current limitation.
2015-08-28 Agile techniques for hardware design (Part 3
In the final instalment of this Agile Hardware article, we will describe Chisel, a new programming tool suitable for Agile hardware development.
2016-04-19 7.3 quake shakes Japan's IC, auto industries
Japanese manufacturing giants have suspended operations after two powerful earthquakes hit Kumamoto, Japan, last week, causing widespread damage and supply chain disruptions.
2016-05-17 3.5A switching regulator targets automotive, industrial space
Offering efficiency as high as 96%, the 42V LT8610A and LT8610AB feature Burst Mode operation that keeps quiescent current under 2.5A in no-load standby conditions.
2015-04-30 3 Cs propel IC sales in 2015
Communications, computers and consumer systems are projected to account for 85.7 per cent of IC sales in the Americas this year compared to 77.9 per cent in Japan and 90.8 per cent in Asia-Pacific.
2011-07-15 2Q11 global PC shipments up 2.3
Market analyst Gartner has seen a 2.3 percent growth in worldwide PC shipments for the second quarter of 2011, but the market is still in a period of adjustment
2015-11-12 1.3?m, 16MP image sensor supports 4K2K video capture at 60fps
The OV16860 from OmniVision enables full resolution recording at 45fps and also supports advanced features such as HDR and slow motion video recording for high-end smartphones and action cameras.
2012-03-09 Wide I/O driving 3-D with TSV
Find out how wide I/O is leading the way to through-silicon vias-based heterogeneous die stacks.
2014-05-16 Transceiver enables 3-year battery life for wireless HIDs
The WirelessUSB NX transceiver from Cypress claims to offer robust performance along with ultra-low power consumption for devices such as wireless mice, keyboards, trackpads and remote controls.
2012-09-07 Spansion surpasses Micron for first time in 3 years
Regaining its top position in NOR flash segment, Spansion in Q2 generated $233 million in revenue, up from $219 million in the earlier quarter.
2014-08-21 Memsic rolls out monolithic 3-axis accelerometer
The MXC400xXC makes use of Memsic's patented thermal convection, heated gas method to detect acceleration and inclination, and the first to use wafer-level packaging.
2003-11-03 Lumileds LED offers incandescent-style illumination
Lumileds Lighting LLC has released a warm white version of its high-brightness Luxeon LEDs that are designed for use as solid-state illumination in interior and task lighting apps.
2012-12-20 Globalfoundries consider SSRW tech as 3rd option
The chip foundry is evaluating a third manufacturing option to follow conventional bulk planar CMOS based on a super-steep retrograde well approach.
2011-11-29 Battery that will last 3 decades
Researchers from Stanford University have developed an electrode material that can take 40,000 charge/discharge cycles while keeping an 80 percent capacity.
2015-06-24 3 key lessons in IoT security
With the number of IoT devices expanding, it's increasingly important that we understand how we are being protected by the IoT vendors. Transparency is not only a necessity but also a requirement.
2016-05-09 3 factors that will shake supply chain tech in 2016
Developments such as the rising volume of data within an organisation as well as the increasing trend of digitalisation are alarmingly affecting how supply chains operate nowadays.
2015-06-03 3 becomes 2: Wireless power bodies A4WP, PMA announce merger
A4WP and PMA, two of the three major wireless charging standard groups, announced their plans to merge are official, leaving behind WPC's Qi platform as the sole alternative.
2015-03-27 Transceiver module spec averts mismatching
The release includes mechanical specifications for a new Style 3 module intended for active optical cables based on proposed draft specifications from the IEEE P802.3bs 400Gbit/s Ethernet task force.
2011-03-10 Thunderbolt rouses quiet PC world
As Intel tries to promote Thunderbolt, detractors point out perceived weaknesses such as the absence of compelling applications, thus keeping big vendors from supporting the interconnect.
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