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2005-03-22 Sumco to double 300mm wafer output
Japan's Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corp. (Sumco) plans to double its monthly production capacity of 300mm-diameter silicon wafers from 300,000 units to 600,000 by summer 2008 at a cost of about $765 million.
2006-06-19 Sumco acquires majority stake of Komatsu
Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon would take a 51 percent stake in silicon wafer maker rival Komatsu Electronic Metals.
2010-05-07 Tight supply hikes up silicon wafer prices
Silicon wafers prices are increasing amid tight supply in the industry. MEMC it raised its silicon wafer prices by the "low single digits," and SEH, Sumco, Wacker are believed to be raising their prices.
2006-11-15 Wafer shipments up in Q3, SEMI says
Third quarter worldwide silicon wafer area shipments increased more than 5 percent sequentially and 18 percent year-to-year, according to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International.
2010-12-07 TSMC announces supplier awards
Nine companies received awards for being exceptional materials, equipment, and facilities service suppliers of TSMC during the company's 2010 supply chain management forum.
2011-03-22 Supply issues trigger panic buying among OEMs
Electronic distributors have noted increased orders from OEM customers who are all making sure they have enough inventory on hand to keep them going despite supply disruptions.
2006-08-10 Silicon wafer shipments up in Q2
Worldwide silicon wafer area shipments increased 4 percent sequentially during the second quarter, according to analysis from SEMI's Silicon Manufacturers Group.
2006-10-04 Silicon wafer shipments to grow 18% in '06
Silicon wafer shipments are expected to increase by 18 percent in 2006, reaching 7,811 million square inches, according to a recent survey conducted by SEMI.
2006-05-10 Silicon wafer prices increase again
Prices for silicon wafers have quietly jumped twice in the past six months amid capacity and material shortages in the marketplace, according to analysts.
2003-06-03 Silicon wafer market makes rebound in '02
Worldwide silicon wafer revenue totaled $5.7 billion in 2002, an increase of 5.2 percent from 2001 revenue of $5.4 billion, according to Gartner Inc.
2006-03-03 Samsung, Siltronic to form wafer venture
Samsung Electronics and Siltronic AG are in talks to form a joint silicon wafer venture in Singapore.
2011-03-29 Quake teaches powerful lessons to chip industry
One important lesson to be learned from the Japan quake is that recovery depends on a company's care and efficiency in choosing a site for a fab, and on safety processes currently in place.
2011-03-17 Most Japan fabs survive 8.9 quake
Although there are few reports of damages on production facilities due to the quake, power shortages may render some of the fabs off line as the country recovers from last week's tragedy.
2006-09-22 Japan's SEH to spend $1B on wafer expansion
Responding to its domestic rival, Japan's Shin-Etsu Chemical said Sept. 20 that it has embarked on a major 300mm silicon wafer expansion program at a total cost of $1 billion.
2012-03-19 Japan's NAND flash rises in the wake of last year's earthquake
One factor was that although Toshiba accounted for 35 percent of global NAND capacity at the time of the disaster, its Yokkaichi facilities were far enough from the epicenter to avoid significant damage.
2009-01-27 Japan fab-tool, materials markets plunge
Like semiconductor equipment suppliers in the United States and Europe, the fab-tool market has also crashed in Japan.
2009-06-25 Intel: Fab tool market savior?
Intel Corp. continues to fund technologies and procure fab-equipment, but behind the scenes, the company is investing in some companies and brokering deals for others, reportedly including ASM International NV and NuFlare Technology Inc., sources said.
2008-11-12 IBM transits to 45nm SOI
With an objective to lead in an emerging technology, IBM's Microelectronics Group has launched what it claims as the industry's first 45nm, SOI foundry offering.
2009-03-10 Bad news for Japan tool, materials markets
The book-to-bill ratio for Japanese fab tool vendors was 0.55 for January, down from 0.70 in December, according to the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan.
2011-03-21 Asian foundries bullish on 2011
SMIC and TSMC looks positively on the 2011 market and plans expansions and sales growth.
2011-03-23 300mm wafer plant shutdown cuts global production by 20%
Analysts fear the shutdown of Shin-Etsu Chemical's 300mm wafer plant in Fukushima prefecture could leave the industry short by 200,000 to 400,000 wafers a month until additional capacity is generated.
2010-06-15 10 reasons to remain bullish, worried for 2010
So far, the electronics industry is seeing a big upturn, giving signs of a positive year. Still, there are some concerns. Here are 10 reasons why I'm bullishand worriedabout 2010.
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