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2011-05-25 Renesas' USB 3.0 global shipment ramps up to 30M units
Renesas Electronics said that the shipment of their USB 3.0 host controller achieves a cumulative global shipment of 30 million units. The company plans an increased production of 6 million per month.
2014-07-30 Raytrix 3D camera packs Cypress' CX3 controller
The R42 supports up to 40Mpx resolution and 4,000 images, leveraging the CX3 solution's throughput to provide 3D images with extended depth-of-field.
2010-04-27 Rapid prototyping systems achieve up to 200MHz
Synopsys is offering the HAPS-60 series of rapid prototyping systems designed to enable early hardware/software co-verification and system-level integration at near-real-time run-rates.
2014-03-26 New SerDes chip shines spotlight on Intel's 14nm process
The 14nm version of the SerDes chips gives Intel a chance to reinforce its message of technical superiority, even in the absence of much of its other 14nm processor products.
2013-01-30 Maximise general-purpose USB 3.0 device controller
Here's a discussion on the enhancements provided by a general-purpose interface 3.0 controller in the communications realm.
2009-09-30 Intel plugs optical links to PCs
Intel Corp. has introduced Light Peak, a 10Gbit/s optical cable that will consolidate all the wired connections in PCs.
2014-06-26 How to implement RAID 0/1 using USB 3.0
Without any modifications or changes, USB 3.0 provides an alternative RAID implementation for applications such as server virtualisation.
2007-11-01 Group pits USB 3.0 against FireWire
Intel Corp. said it is working with a handful of companies on a spec that could push the USB's theoretical throughput beyond 4Gbps, or 10 times its current rate.
2009-05-07 Firmware boosts oscilloscope throughput
Tektronix Inc. has released a new firmware for the DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000 and DPO/DSA70000B series oscilloscopes that provide up to 20x throughput improvements for all measurements and applications utilizing finite impulse response filters.
2008-06-10 ExpressCards ready for 5Gbit/s jump next year
The PCMCIA group that manages PC-card standards disclosed it expects to publish a version 2.0 standard supporting data rates up to 5Gbit/s by early next year.
2010-05-04 ESD protection IC handles high-speed interconnects
STMicroelectronics is rolling out an IC equipped for high-speed multimedia and storage interconnects, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, serial ATA and DVI.
2010-03-11 ESD protection device offers 8kV for USB 3.0, eSATA
NXP Semiconductors has released the IP4284CZ10 ESD protection device for high-speed differential interfaces such as USB 3.0 and eSATA.
2015-02-23 e-con Systems introduces ultra-HD 13Mpx camera
e-con Systems announces the new See3CAM_CU130 which is based on the AR1820HS CMOS image sensor provided with the S-mount (M12) lens mount and has Ultra HD support for video streaming at 30fps in MJPEG over USB3.0.
2013-10-14 Congatec rolls 22nm Atom powered Qseven modules
Armed with Intel's 22nm Atom E3845 processor,the conga-QA3 Qseven modules are fitted with ceramic capacitors, preparing them for industrial mobile applications in harsh environments.
2011-07-01 China ramps USB 3.0 interconnect production
With the growing trend for faster data transmission in storage devices, connector and cable assembly makers in China are upping their production of USB 3.0 interconnects.
2010-09-01 Charging Li-ion batteries in portable apps (Part 1)
USB requirements present several challenges for battery charging.
2014-12-01 Best tech devices at Electronica 2014
The Internet of Things may have been a constant refrain, bringing together sensors, wireless, and microcontrollers, but so was automotive with exactly the same combination.
2010-10-26 All-silicon CMOS oscillator highlights shock resistance
IDT announced that its new all-silicon CMOS oscillator, IDT3C02, has achieved a 100ppm total frequency error across temperature, voltage and other factors.
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