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2001-03-28 Targeting Cypress ISR CPLDs with Synplify 6.0
This application note describes how to effectively design and target Cypress Semiconductor's In-System Reprogrammable (ISR) CPLDs using Synplicity's Synplify and the Warp Release 6.0 for compilation, synthesis and fitting.
2001-03-20 Method to instantiate and use a core in Synplify
This application note is intended to assist people who use cores for Cypress Semiconductor's CPLDs and compile their design in Synplify.
2003-08-07 Actel revamps FPGA suite, tightens link to Synplify
A new version of Actel's Libero FPGA design environment is more tightly integrated with Synplicity Inc.'s synthesis software.
2003-10-01 Actel revamps FPGA suite, tightens link to Synplify
Actel introduces a new version of its Libero FPGA design environment that is more tightly integrated with Synplicity Inc.'s synthesis software.
2005-12-06 Synthesis tool boosts FPGA performance by 20%
Version 8.4 of Synplicity's Synplify Pro product is designed to provide additional performance-enhancing features for Lattice Semiconductor's FPGAs.
2006-05-04 Synplicity, Actel extend OEM agreement
Synplicity and Actel have expanded their OEM agreement to deliver 'exceptional value and a deep, on-going technology roadmap' for Actel customers.
2005-01-27 Synplicity upgrades FPGA synthesis
Synplicity released a new version of its Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis tool boasting major run time and quality of results improvements.
2002-08-02 Synplicity provides software for Actel FPGAs
Synplicity Inc. has announced that its Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis software now supports Actel Corp.'s Axcelerator FPGA family.
2006-10-19 Synplicity offers software support to new Xilinx FPGA
The Synplify Pro synthesis software supports Xilinx's recently introduced Virtex-5 LXT FPGA.
2000-06-29 Symplify guide for Model Technology?ModelSim
This application note describes how to successfully integrate simulation into your design methodology. This integration not only involves the simulation process, but also uses test benches to run different types of simulations.
2005-10-11 Software offers graph-based physical synthesis into FPGAs
Synplicity has expanded its Synplify family of FPGA synthesis tools with Synplify Premier software.
2015-01-28 Performing automatic ASIC-to-FPGA conversion
Performing ASIC-to-FPGA clock tree conversions by hand is hard and time-consuming for designers, but the use of automated gated clock conversion makes this task much less challenging.
2007-01-01 Obtain best performance from your FPGA design
This article will explore how FPGA designers can benefit from the latest FPGA building blocks in their quest for higher system-level performance.
2003-03-14 NEC expands silicon platform for high speed interfaces
NEC Electronics has expanded its 0.15?m Instant Silicon Solution Platform with the addition of two new base arrays and a 3.125Gbps serdes.
2002-10-16 Monterey adds Synplicity synthesis to ASIC design
Claiming to have a full RTL-to-GDSII design flow, Monterey Design Systems has added logic synthesis to its Dolphin system.
2005-04-20 Lattice, Synplicity team on FPGAs
Lattice Semiconductor Corp. and Synplicity Inc. have announced a comprehensive development and marketing agreement to enhance and promote Lattice FPGA device performance in Synplicity's Synplify ProFPGA synthesis tool during the second half of 2005.
2002-08-22 KETI, Synplicity partner to promote IP, SoC
The Korea Electronics Technology Institute and Synplicity Inc. have entered an agreement to jointly provide marketing and technical support to IP developers and vendors in Korea.
2007-04-19 ESL tool targets algorithm for FPGA, ASIC devices
Although Synplicity Inc. left the ASIC synthesis market last year, the company is targeting ASIC designers once again with a new edition of its Synplify DSP product.
2002-09-27 EDA tools support Altera's Cyclone FPGAs
A handful of design-automation vendors, including Mentor Graphics Corp., Synopsys Inc., and Synplicity Inc., announced that they will support Altera Corp.'s newly-announced Cyclone FPGA device family.
2013-06-26 Designing highly reliable FPGA designs
Learn how to protect FPGA designs from soft errors.
2002-02-07 AMIS gate array offers 2.6 million gates
AMI Semiconductor has launched the XpressArray platform, which offers hybrid gate devices with densities of up to 2.6 million gates and up to 200,000 internal registers.
2016-04-26 Advances in FPGA debug
Here's a look at an incremental debug methodology that allows FPGA designers to deliver debugged designs quickly and easily ensuring design integrity and robustness.
2002-07-01 Actel upgrades FPGA design tool bundle
Actel Corp. has released an upgrade to its Libero FPGA design environment with new ease-of-use and run-time enhancement features.
2004-07-07 Actel rolls out latest Libero IDE
Actel announced that it has developed its most flexible and comprehensive tool suite to date - the Libero Integrated Design Environment v6.0.
2003-03-28 Actel offers ProASIC Plus FPGA starter kit
Actel Corp. has announced the availability of a low-cost starter kit for its Flash-based reprogrammable ProASIC Plus FPGA devices.
2016-01-25 Accelerating FPGA development schedules
In this article, we discuss the importance of sophisticated synthesis tools in order to achieve accelerated FPGA development schedules.
2010-08-18 Upgraded design suite provides Verilog visualization
Lattice Semiconductor releases Version 1.4 of its ispLEVER Classic design tool suite, which now includes Synopsys Synplify Pro with the HDL Analyst feature set and an ispMACH 4000ZE CPLD fitter.
2003-01-10 Synplicity revamps ASIC synthesis tool
Synplicity Inc. is stepping up the competition against Synopsys, Get2Chip, and Incentia with its latest Synplify ASIC.
2007-11-28 Synplicity joins Xilinx ESL design group
Synplicity, with its Synplify DSP software, has joined the Xilinx ESL Initiative that aims to make it easier for hardware designers and software programmers to leverage Xilinx programmable devices for their next-generation systems.
2007-11-12 Synplicity DSP tool supports Lattice FPGAs
Synplicity's Synplify DSP software now supports the LatticeECP2M and LatticeXP2 FPGA devices, creating a powerful solution for DSP algorithm implementation in aerospace, wireless, telecom and digital multimedia applications.
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