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2009-03-13 Transmit pulse control on the DS26518 T1/E1/J1 transceiver
This application note explains how the DS26518 T1/E1/J1 transceiver contains precise methods for making minor or major changes to the output pulse.
2002-06-06 Transition Networks ships stand-alone T1/E1 media converter
Transition Networks Inc.'s first stand-alone T1/E1 media converter has remote management capability that allows transmission of T1 signaling over single-mode fiber-optic cable up to distances of 80km.
2001-09-18 Testing VF circuits at T1 access points with the T-BERD 224
This application note discusses the issues concerned with the maintenance and troubleshooting of combined analog/digital networks. It provides solutions and troubleshooting techniques using the TTC T-BERD 224 PCM analyzer.
2001-09-13 T1/FT1 testing with the FIREBERD 4000 and FIREBERD 6000
This application note describes various T1 and Fractional T1 (FT1) fundamentals, and the impairments that can degrade transmission service. It also details how to use the FIREBERD communications analyzer for in-service monitoring and out-of-service testing.
2005-02-17 T1/E1/J1 transceiver includes cell/packet/TDM interface
Dallas Semiconductor released what it claims as the only multiport T1/E1/J1 transceiver available with a cell/packet/TDM interface.
2002-11-26 T1/E1/J1 Dual Connector Interface
This application note list down the cable and connector types that can be used for T1, J1, and E1 systems.
2004-11-24 T1/E1 loopback operation for Dallas Semiconductor T1/E1/J1 transceivers
This app note contains an overview of the loopback functions for Dallas Semiconductor T1/E1/J1 transceivers.
2004-06-21 Switching frame mode in live T1 systems
This app note shows how to use or test T1 systems.
2004-06-21 Selecting a T1/E1/J1 single-chip transceiver
This app notes highlights some of the important features that have been integrated into the T1/E1/J1 single-chip transceiver.
2001-04-17 Secondary line protection for T1 and E1 line cards
This application note details the secondary line protection circuitry necessary for the broader deployment of T1 and E1 line cards.
2002-05-06 Pulse Engineering transformer protection unit eyes T1/E1
Pulse Engineering Inc. and Intel Corp. have jointly developed a dual surface-mount transformer protection module for T1/E1 applications.
2002-06-16 Low-end NPU takes on T1, T3 duties
Motorola is aiming its low-end C-3e network processor and companion Q-3 traffic manager for aggregating T1/T3 services.
2004-12-13 Interfacing T1/E1 transceivers/framers to Blackfin processors via the serial port
This app note describes how to interface Blackfin processors to standard T1 or E1 encoded signals.
2002-07-17 Infineon T1/J1/E1 LIU is 30 percent smaller
2008-03-14 FCI tips custom solutions for E1/T1, VDSL apps
FCI has developed several customized I/O connector solutions for E1/T1 and xDSL applications, including a cable connector and a board connector solution.
2002-01-08 Exar rolls out highly integrated octal T1/E1/J1 framer
The XRT84L38 offers eight integrated T1/E1/J1 framers, which provide framing, error-detection and performance-monitoring functions in accordance with ANSI/ITU-T specifications.
2003-04-14 Exar LIUs support common T1/E1/J1 line impedances
Two 14-channel T1/E1/J1 PHY line-interface units from Exar Corp. are reconfigurable and support all common T1/E1/J1 line impedances.
2002-10-11 Exar adds T1 interface device for multichannel apps
Exar Corp. has added a seven-channel T1 physical interface device to its T/E product portfolio and is targeted at multichannel devices.
2005-06-06 DS33Z11-Ethernet LAN to unframed T1/E1 WAN bridge
This app note presents a design based on the ELITE product line and demonstrates the use of a DS33Z11 to bridge Ethernet traffic over an unframed T1 or E1 connection.
2004-05-04 Dallas transceivers connect four T1, E1, J1 lines
Dallas has disclosed that its 4-port transceivers are the only devices that do not require external component changes to switch among T1, E1, and J1 standards.
2004-05-04 Dallas transceivers connect four T1, E1, J1 lines
Dallas has disclosed that its 4-port transceivers are the only devices that do not require external component changes to switch among T1, E1, and J1 standards.
2003-08-15 Applications of the MT90220/221 Support for ATM over Fractional T1/E1
This application note discusses how the MT90220/221 can support ATM over fractional T1/E1 with external circuitry.
2007-07-25 16-port T1/E1/J1 transceiver debuts
At 16 ports, the DS26519 single-chip transceiver from Dallas Semiconductor is said to offer the highest integration and lowest cost per port in the industry.
2004-02-02 ZTT devices offer rapid wire connection
Zhejiang Tiandi Telecommunication Equipment Co. Ltd has released its TD-T1/T2/T3/T4/T5/T6 UY, UB, UR and UCC connectors that offer solid and rapid connection of wires.
2015-05-29 Warrior MIPS-based SoC targets routers, gateways
The T1 aims to go head-to-head with similar chips from companies such as Broadcom, Freescale and Mediatek. It hopes its high performance-per-watt and low price give it an edge.
2003-12-10 Tool set eyes process test-chip design
Silicon Canvas Inc. will release a platform for process test-chip development that the company calls the first commercial product of its kind. The Laker T1 platform is designed to help foundries and integrated device manufacturers create test chips to verify, optimize and calibrate new silicon processes.
2002-09-05 StockerYale fibers eye C-band EDFAs
StockerYale Inc. has announced the availability of its EDF-980-T1 and EDF-RC-980-T1 erbium-doped fibers, specifically designed to boost the performance of C-band EDFAs.
2000-08-01 Simplifying interface for multichannel telephony
Physical interfaces between processors are vital in modern digital telecommunications. The application report details the modules for serial and parallel links, as well as timing, register and other functional requirements.
2005-07-12 New BI Tech line card protection modules protect up to 12 lines
TT Electronics BI Technologies developed new telecom line protection modules designed for T1/E1 line card circuits in central office and customer premises equipment apps that protect up to 12 signal lines in a space-saving package.
2003-08-15 MT9076B Line protection circuitry
This application note describes the recommended line protection circuitry for the MT9076B.
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