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2005-07-01 DSC is an SoC innovation
A digital signal oscillator is an SoC architecture that combines the control features of a 16bit MCU with the DSP's extensive functionality
2003-07-01 Designing at the network edge
The push is on for building the on-ramps and off-ramps and widening and improving the complex of routes by which traffic is funneled onto and off the high-speed network core.
2005-07-01 Cores ace networking benchmarks
Tensilica tops the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium suites for network processors.
2002-06-05 Consortium addresses memory bandwidth, CPU demands
Adaptec, Broadcom, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Network Appliance have formed the RDMA Consortium, an independent consortium that will develop the architectural specifications necessary to implement products that provide RDMA over TCP/IP networks.
2007-10-16 Configurable chips improve FPGA flexibility
Embedded system designers are leveraging FPGA-based configurable processing solutions because they can be tailored to their specific application or product requirements.
2002-11-12 CDPD solutions from CML
This article provides cellular digital packet data design examples as well as solutions
2008-08-25 ARM offers free download of SoC Designer v7.1
ARM announces the availability of SoC Designer version 7.1 that provides several new benefits and enhancements from previous generations.
2004-05-03 Anatomy of a Bluetooth protocol analyzer
Users look for various features of Bluetooth protocol analyzers such as real-time operation, portability, and enhanced support for low-power modes.
2003-06-16 An informal introduction to embedded Internet
Internet connectivity is happening right now; and Internet-connected embedded applications are set to replicate the huge success of online shopping for all the same reasons.
2007-10-29 Agilent VEE programming tool supports Vista
Agilent Technologies has added Windows Vista support to the Agilent VEE 8.5 graphical programming software for test and measurement.
2014-12-08 Aggregating data protocols from Internet of Things
The goals of industrial IoT will not be the same as that of the consumer realm's. To achieve those, industrial IoT will need to accommodate disparate technologies, some of which are decades old.
2002-04-10 1394TA chief notes increased adoption of 1394 technology
1394 technology has been experiencing rapid development in recent years and is now expanding into automotive electronics and industrial applications.
2002-04-12 WIZnet releases serial-to-Ethernet gateway module
The IGM7100 serial-to-Ethernet converter from WIZnet Inc., enables legacy systems with serial ports to share and transfer data to devices using the Internet via TCP/IP.
2005-01-10 Tehuti finds middle ground for network offloading
There are generally two approaches to hardware design for Internet connections: Either you send raw packets from the media access controller into main memory and let the CPU deal with the TCP/IP protocol stack, or you handle almost the entire stack in a TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) and send completed messages into main memory.
2009-08-03 Serial-to-Ethernet bridge using MCF51CN Family and FreeRTOS
This application note describes a serial-to-Ethernet bridge using the MCF51CN128, the open-source RTOS FreeRTOS v5.3.0 and the TCP/IP stack LwIP v1.3.0.
2003-08-05 Seiko Epson releases home network controllers
Seiko Epson has enhanced its line of embedded TCP/IP network device products that allow users to make their digital home electronics network-ready.
2008-06-25 PowerPC processor responds to multiple net demands
Applied Micro's PowerPC 460GTx offers advanced features such as 4Gbit Ethernet ports with TCP/IP assist, 801.p- and q-compatible QoS, encryption/decryption engine, high-performance memory controller and high-speed I/O subsystem.
2002-03-26 Novel low-cost web appliances emerge
This news article describes how the TCP/IP standard can serve as the core for Internet communications and embedded Web apps to increase its already distinguished service flexibility.
2008-02-22 IPv4/IPv6 dual stack tipped for embedded networking
Express Logic has announced the availability of NetX Duo, an IPv4 and IPv6 dual TCP/IP stack that works with both protocols.
2009-11-23 Internet MCU eases networking implementation
WIZnet combines a TCP/IP stack with and 8051 MCU and 64Kbyte SRAM and 32Kbyte internal buffer to create a one-chip solution.
2001-03-27 Implementing High-Speed Physical Interfaces And Internet Protocols In Software
This paper discusses the benefits of software physical interfaces and presents the implementation of 10Base-T (IEEE 802.3) Ethernet physical interface combined with TCP/IP protocol stack.
2005-07-28 IBM, QLogic collaborate on iSCSI blade server
QLogic Corp. will supply iSCSI expansion cards for IBM eServer BladeCenter servers, creating the industry's first iSCSI blade server platform. The iSCSI adapter, shipping today, is powered by a single-chip TCP/IP and iSCSI offload engine designed to deliver user-friendly, high-performance storage networking while preserving CPU resources, according to QLogic.
2002-02-27 Hitachi invests in wireless chipset developer
Hitachi Ltd is investing in Magis Networks Inc., a developer of 802.11a wireless chipsets. Magis develops chipsets that enable wireless communications of TCP/IP data, video, and audio throughout the home and office under the Air5 brand name.
2004-05-04 Flash loader utility using ZTP
This app note describes a Flash loader utility that can be used to upload a Zilog TCP/IP stack (ZTP)-based user application (firmware) to the eZ80F91 MCU's external Flash memory via the Internet.
2010-08-30 Ada Web Server now available for VxWorks RTOS
AdaCore has just announced the release of Ada Web Server (AWS) for Wind River's VxWorks Real-Time Operating System. With AWS for VxWorks, users can connect through a direct TCP/IP link to board-level applications for system control, configuration, maintenance and other purposes.
2007-05-24 10G Ethernet IC has congestion management option
Jumping on a growing bandwagon of companies fielding chips for 10Gbps Ethernet, Mellanox claims its dual-port ConnectX EN delivers up to 17.6Gbps in bi-directional bandwidth and 6.9?s latency on standard TCP/IP flows.
2004-09-29 Xilinx tool suite targets system-level design
Xilinx introduced v6.3i of the Platform Studio for system-level embedded processing design on Xilinx Platform FPGAs.
2005-01-11 Xilinx rolls out first Virtex-4 device with PowerPC processor
Xilinx introduced its new FX12 FPGAs, which are the first Virtex-4 devices with embedded PowerPC processor.
2008-05-26 WLAN modules simplify Wi-Fi transition for M2Ms
Laird Technologies released a new range of 802.11 WLAN processor modules that provide a wide range of AT commands and web configuration to make the Wi-Fi transition simple for M2M designers.
2010-04-30 WLAN module delivers 12Mbit/s real data throughput
Laird Technologies has released enhanced versions of its WLM400/402 802.11b/g WLAN modules that deliver a new level of performance to streaming video and high data rate applications.
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