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2002-06-26 TDK LIUs integrate programmable jitter attenuator
TDK Semiconductor Corp.'s family of single-chip, multichannel DS3/E3/STS-1 LIUs integrates a programmable jitter attenuator that enables the devices to meet E3/T3 jitter standards.
2002-04-18 TDK LIU hits 155.52Mbps
A SONET/SDH LIU from TDK Semiconductor Corp. operates at 155.52 Mbps (STS-3 or STM-1) and provides a synchronized clock that can be used for backplanes running at 311MHz.
2005-05-31 TDK launches UWB test system for device evaluation, measurement
TDK Corp. has disclosed the availability of a total solution integrated UWB evaluation and measurement system. Sales of the new system will start in both Japan and the U.S. in June 2005.
2004-05-26 TDK launches Flash memory controller
TDK has developed the GBDriverXR NAND Flash memory controller IC that can manage at least eight NAND Flash memory chips from 64Mb to 16Gb.
2004-03-24 TDK joins Blu-ray bandwagon
TDK Corp. has joined the Blu-ray Disk Founders group, creating the possibility that BD disks could eliminate cartridges and make it easy to use both DVD and BD disks in the same system.
2003-11-14 TDK interface chips suit identification environments
TDK Semiconductor Corp. has released three low-cost smart card interface ICs that are designed for use in payment and identification environments.
2003-02-17 TDK ferrite material has high inductance
The DN45 ferrite material from TDK Corp. is designed for use in pulse transformers for 100Base-T systems.
2003-07-16 TDK ferrite material eyes transformer LAN systems
TDK Corp. has announced that it has completed the development of DNW45, an industry-leading ferrite material designed for networking apps.
2002-09-12 TDK ferrite material eyes ADSL, xDSL transformer apps
TDK Corp. has developed the DN70 ferrite material that offers lower total harmonic distortion and is targeted for use in ADSL and xDSL modem line transformers.
2012-07-18 TDK expands MKP high density series
TDK adds two new voltage classes to EPCOS MKP film capacitors
2004-05-05 TDK embedded modem offers cost, footprint reduction
TDK's latest embedded modem solution offers a 25 percent cost and 35 percent footprint reduction compared to other transformer or silicon DAA solutions.
2003-07-08 TDK display suits car audio, nav systems
TDK Corp. has released what it claims to be the industry's first color-filter type RGB 16-gray scale display that is suitable for use in car audio and navigation systems.
2008-01-28 TDK debuts automotive clamp filter
TDK Corp. has developed what it claims as the industry's first automotive clamp filter, the ZCAT08V-BK, ZCAT12V-BK.
2004-04-23 TDK dc/dc converters with 95 percent efficiency
TDK has rolled out a new generation of distributed power, insulated type, dc/dc converter that offers an efficiency of 95 percent.
2004-10-28 TDK data cartridge complies to LTO Ultrium format
TDK developed a third-generation LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge that is in full compliance with the LTO Ultrium format.
2008-09-16 TDK churns out low-profile, low ESL multilayer capacitor
TDK Corp. has developed and started mass production of three low-profile, low ESL multilayer ceramic chip capacitors that are just 0.3mm high (0.35mm max.), about 40 percent slimmer than earlier products.
2003-07-30 TDK chip varistor has 78 percent less volume
The company's 0603 type of multilayer chip varistor is claimed to be the first of its kind in the industry.
2002-04-23 TDK chip inductors have 40 percent less dc resistance
The MLZ2012 series of multilayer chip inductors from TDK Corp. has a dc resistance ranging from 0.12 ohms to 0.4 ohms40 percent lower than that of the company's previous products.
2002-08-27 TDK chip inductor is 80 percent smaller
The MLK0603 series of multilayer chip inductor from TDK Corp. is 80 percent smaller than the company's MLK1005 series, and is suited for use in high frequency mobile communication devices.
2004-03-29 TDK chip beads provide enhanced noise reduction effects
TDK has developed a series of 0603 type multilayer chip beads that achieves higher impedance and enhanced noise reduction effects than its MMZ0603 series.
2005-08-23 TDK changes corporate name to Teridian Semiconductor
Mixed-signal IC provider TDK Semiconductor Corp. has changed its name to Teridian Semiconductor Corp., which is effective immediately.
2014-03-13 TDK boasts industry's smallest multilayer diplexer
The DPX105950DT-6010B1 diplexer is touted by the company as the smallest in the industry available in case size IEC 1005 with a 1 x 0.5 x 0.4mm footprint.
2006-09-04 TDK blue laser disc packs 200Gbytes
TDK has developed a single-sided recordable blue laser disc with a capacity of 200Gbytes, surpassing the current 25Gbyte capacity for single-layer Blu-ray discs and 50Gbytes for dual-layer discs.
2005-04-05 TDK AFE supports software selectable PSTN terminations
TDK's 73M1903C is targeted at the emerging MFP/Fax architectures and features worldwide PSTN compliance with programmable line terminations.
2005-06-03 TDK acquires Hong Kong battery maker
Japan-based TDK Corp. has acquired Amperex Technology Ltd, a Hong Kong-based supplier of lithium polymer batteries, for $100 million
2003-08-29 TDK 73M223 to FX604 or MX604 Migration Document
This application note discusses the use of the MX604 and FX604 modem ICs may be used as replacements for the TDK 73M223.
2002-11-14 TDK 73M223 to FX604 or MX604 migration document
This application note shows how the X604 could be used as a replacement modem device.
2001-04-10 Replacing the TDK 78P7200/2241 with the DS3150
This application note illustrates how to replace the TDK devices with Dallas Semiconductor's DS3150 in an existing design and how to set up a design to use either the TDK78P2241 or the DS3150.
2003-06-28 Replacing the TDK 78P7200/2241 with the DS3150
This application note discusses the procedure to replace the TDK devices with the DS3150 in existing designs.
2015-12-02 Renesas inks deal to transfer wafer fab to TDK
TDK is intensely focused on efforts to expand its businesses and their profitability through a concentration on the electronic components business targeted at its core markets.
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