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2004-09-20 Tek's new 4-channel portable scopes take to lab or field
Tektronix's new scopes give users the usual oscilloscope front panel, but with totally independent knobs and buttons for each channel.
2007-01-16 Tek suite expands support for IMS
Tektronix Inc.'s Dallas-based communications business is launching a comprehensive performance-monitoring and -testing suite for service providers moving to IP multimedia subsystems.
2005-08-29 Tek spins scope-like 3-in-1 function generators
The new arbitrary/function generators from Tektronix have big (5.6-inch) menu-display LCDs that look very much like oscilloscope screens.
2003-02-07 Tek rolls comms analyzers to streamline 2.5/3G test
Tektronix's WCA200A series of communication analyzers can be used in both production and R&D test for emerging 2.5/3G wireless apps.
2003-05-21 Tek oscilloscopes to be used in China's universities
Tektronix Inc. has received a high-volume order of oscilloscopes and options from China's Ministry of Education.
2011-06-09 Sono-Tek expands customer service with new labs
Sono-Tek has expanded its customer services and added new laboratory facilities across Asia and Europe.
2003-01-02 Laser Tek sets up new facility in Kunshan
Laser Tek Taiwan Co. Ltd has established its second offshore factory in Kunshan, China.
2004-03-04 Group-Tek voltage converters have 1mA leakage
Group-Tek Electronics' DC05U091S dc-dc converters feature 70 to 85 percent efficiency and 1 percent line regulation.
2003-10-24 Group-Tek switching power supply has overload protection
With built-in input surge current protection circuit, the FSPXXX series of switching power supply from Shenzhen Group-Tek Electronics has full load burn-in test.
2003-10-17 Group-Tek amplifier features high linearity, low noise
The CATV hybrid amplifier module from Shenzhen Group-Tek Electronics Technology Co. Ltd features high reliability, high linearity, and low noise.
2002-09-13 Gold-Tek USB connectors withstand 500Vac
The GTK-1287 series of A-type and B-type mini USB connectors from Gold-Tek Electric Co. Ltd offers a minimum insulation resistance of 100 megohms and withstands 500Vac for 1min.
2007-01-19 VXS RAID system operates at up to 2GSps
The VXS-based JazzStore UWB system is claimed by TEK Micro to be the first disk-based data recording system to enable realtime high-capacity record and playback of broadband-sampled analog data at rates up to 2GSps.
2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels.
2004-12-15 Spectrum analyzer spans time, frequency, modulation domains simultaneously
Tektronix's new RSA3408A spectrum analyzer debuts at a time when RF systems are racing up the curve in complexity and scope.
2003-07-02 K&S gets additional order from Nantong Fujitsu
Kulicke & Soffa Ind. Inc. has received another purchase order from Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co. Ltd.
2002-06-17 K&S ball bonder targets HDM, SO packages
Specifically designed to be used with high-density matrix and SOP casings, the Nu-Tek automatic ball bonder from K&S Ind. Inc. is claimed to deliver up to 30 percent more productivity than the company's 8028-S.
1999-11-24 Handling gallium arsenide die
Gallium arsenide die has physical properties that require special care in assembly to ensure high yields and good reliability. A few simple precautions in the die mounting and wire bonding operations will result in a smooth prototype or production flow. This application note discusses handling, assembly procedures, visual inspection criteria, and electrostatic discharge precautions.
2003-06-09 Fujitsu subsidiary deploys K&S ball bonders
Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co. Ltd has made an additional order of Nu-Tek ball bonders made by Kulicke & Soffa Ind. Inc.
2005-05-18 FPGA-equipped VME data-acq board leverages VXS standard
Billed as the first 6U-sized VXS board to combine five high-resolution A/D input channels with FPGA-based signal processing, the Quixilica Venus VXS-1 is for multi-channel high-end sensor data-acq and processing apps.
2003-09-25 Connectors available in FC, SC, ST versions
The bare fiber adapter and bare fiber adapter from Shenzhen Group-Tek Electronics Technology Co. Ltd have high environment stability and ow insertion loss.
2002-07-09 BivarOpto ships surface-mount LEDs with pixel lenses
The Pix-Tek surface-mount LEDs form BivarOpto come with pixel lenses, providing a wider viewing angle.
2002-02-28 Bivar UV LED boasts 500mcd luminous intensity
The UV LED series devices are claimed to be industry's first LEDs to offer a luminous intensity of 500mcd at 20mA and a stable wavelength of 400nm (typ.).
2002-11-28 ASI acquires Lam Research plasma etch line
Aspect Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of DND Technologies, has purchased the entire etch line of of Lam Research Corp.
2010-11-09 New wipe turns stencil "fluxophobic"
DEK's Nano-Pro Tek stencil surface wipe separates flux from apertures
2003-03-06 Nantong Fujitsu to install K&S equipment in China plant
Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co. Ltd has selected Kulicke & Soffa Ind. Inc.'s Nu-Tek wire bonders to be deployed in their newest facility in Nantong City, China.
2011-02-09 Logic analyzer offers digital info capture
GAO Tek Inc. has introduced a logic analyzer that is designed to sample up to 34 input channels while simultaneously being able to observe a sizeable amount of data and data flow direction control information.
2006-03-31 Windows software endows Tektronix spectrum analyzers with offline analysis
With Tektronix's RSAVu offline analysis software, users can acquire signals using a Tektronix real-time spectrum analyzer and then examine the captured information offline on their PC.
2006-08-01 UWB chips set for video IP nets
Tzero Technologies Inc. has launched a two-chip UWB set that dispenses with the serial wireless USB applications in favor of an IP-networking, point-to-multipoint approach to distributing broadband video in the home.
2005-05-20 Ultra-fast A/D board packs 2GHz silicon
Pentek continues to churn out DSP, SDR (software defined radio), and ultra-high-speed data acquisition boards and systems at a prodigious rate
2014-04-25 Testing as an art (Part 2)
It is vital to remember that the test equipment documentation is as important as the product itself.
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