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What does TFT-LCD stand for?
TFT-LCD stands for thin-film transistor - liquid crystal display. A TFT is a special kind of field effect transistor made by depositing thin films for the metallic contacts, semiconductor active layer and dielectric layer.
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2002-10-29 Samsung begins construction of new China TFT-LCD plant
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the construction of a new TFT-LCD module assembly plant at the Suzhou Industrial Park in China's Jiangsu Province.
2003-08-19 Samsung announces TFT-LCD panel technology advances
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed 1.8-inch, high-res, dual TFT-LCDs driven by a single driver IC and backlight.
2006-11-27 Sales of large TFT LCD panels to surge in 1H '07
Sales of large-sized TFT LCD panels in the first half of 2007 will post growth compared to sales in the second half of 2006, reported iSuppli Corp.
2006-04-24 S-LCD to increase 7G TFT LCD panel production
S-LCD disclosed its decision on an additional investment of about $238 million for existing 7th generation production facility expansion. The investment will be funded by S-LCD itself.
2008-03-10 Rugged TFT- LCD power supplies aim at car displays
Intersil has released the ISL78020 and ISL78022 automotive grade TFT-LCD DC/DC regulators with integrated amplifiers that incorporate multiple IC functions into a single, rugged solution.
2009-02-13 Report: Q4 08 large TFT LCD shipments slipped
Large-area (10 inches and larger) TFT LCD shipments reached 93.5 units in Q4 08, a decline of 19 percent q-on-q and 17 percent y-on-y, according to DisplaySearch's report.
2003-10-15 Renesas TFT LCD supports 132W132 pixels
Renesas Technology Corp. has announced the release of the HD66782 single-chip TFT color LCD driver that supports 132x132 pixels and 260K color display.
2003-06-03 Renasas TFT-LCD driver supports 260,000 colors
The HD66781 TFT-LCD driver of Renasas Technology Corp. supports up to 260,000 colors in QVGA size and is designed for use in camera-equipped mobile phones.
2002-05-10 Philips unveils 3.5mm-thick QVGA TFT-LCD
2002-10-24 Philips TFT-LCD simplifies video system design
Royal Philips' 7-inch active-matrix TFT-LCD employs a unique digital-signal interface scheme that eliminates the need for encoders and decoders.
2002-10-07 Philips TFT-LCD controller integrates RSDS interface
Royal Philips Electronics' SAA6740 TFT-LCD controller features a RSDS digital panel interface that enables the device to reduce bus interconnects.
2004-10-28 New TFT LCD monitor with 112,320-pixel resolution
Access Microsystems announced the release of its 7-inch ALM-70U6NS TFT LCD monitors that feature a resolution of 112,320 pixels and a brightness of 350cd/m?.
2005-08-10 New TFT LCD module from NEC
NEC LCD Technologies Ltd disclosed that it will begin shipping samples of its new 12.1-inch (31cm-diagonal) SVGA, amorphous silicon, thin film transistor liquid crystal display module, with part number NL8060BC31-32.
2006-11-09 New source/sink buffers reduce TFT-LCD flicker
The new fast high-current source/sink buffers from Maxim Integrated Products minimize display flicker for TFT-LCD panels with single-, dual- and quad-channel VCOM amplifiers.
2003-11-12 NEC, SVA put up TFT-LCD joint venture in China
NEC Corp. and China-based SVA (Group) Co. Ltd have announced the establishment of a TFT-LCD joint venture company in Shanghai, China.
2003-11-20 NEC, SVA integrate TFT-LCD production in China
NEC Corp. and SVA Co. Ltd have established a TFT-LCD joint venture company in Shanghai, China with an integrated production line for TFT-LCD panels.
2007-04-13 NEC unrolls 3.5-inch system-on-glass TFT LCD
NEC LCD Technologies announced it has begun sample shipment of a new 3.5-inch-diagonal VGA, system-on-glass TFT LCD module.
2002-04-22 NEC to transfer TFT-LCD production to China JV
NEC Corp. will transfer its production of amorphous TFT-LCDs to a joint venture in mainland China, having signed a letter of intent with Shanghai General Electronics (Group) Co. Ltd to establish a production venture in Shanghai by the end of this year.
2003-10-01 NEC TFT-LCD realizes 250cd/m? brightness
NEC LCD Technologies Ltd has developed a 21.3-inch TFT color LCD module that incorporates the company's SA-SFT, and realizes a viewing angle range of 170.
2007-09-17 NEC TFT LCD panels display vivid colors
NEC LCD Technologies has introduced two new 6.5-inch (17cm-diagonal) amorphous-silicon TFT LCD modules with high luminance and VGA resolution.
2007-03-16 NEC TFT LCD modules achieve vivid colors in strong light
NEC LCD Technologies has launched four new TFT LCD modules that achieves display of vivid colors in environments with high ambient light.
2002-04-22 NEC TFT LCD module has 170 viewing angle
NEC Corp. has announced the availability of the 7-inch NL4823HC37-03 amorphous silicon TFT color LCD module that features a viewing angle of 170 at a contrast ratio of over 10:1. The module is suited for use in mid-sized monitors of DVD players, car navigation systems, and industrial equipment.
2006-10-18 NEC ships samples of 12.1-inch SVGA TFT LCD
NEC LCD Technologies recently announced it is shipping samples of its 12.1-inch SVGA, amorphous silicon TFT LCD module, part number NL8060BC31-36.
2003-07-30 NEC releases 8.4-inch XGA TFT LCD modules
NEC Electronics America Inc. has developed the 8.4-inch XGA TFT color LCD module that incorporates the company's SFT and IPS technology.
2005-04-13 NEC LCD ships 5.5-inch QVGA TFT-LCD module
NEC LCD Technologies Ltd announced that sample shipments of its new 5.5-inch (14cm-diagonal), quarter video graphics array (QVGA), amorphous silicon, thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) module, part number NL3224BC35-22, will commence in June 2005.
2002-11-06 NEC Electronics TFT-LCD offers 170 viewing angle
The NL6448BC33-53 10.4-inch TFT-LCD module features horizontal and vertical view angles of 170 at a contrast ratio >10:1.
2002-04-04 NEC 3.5-inch TFT LCD displays up to 260,000 colors
Designed for mobile terminals, the 3.5-inch NL2432HC22-20 transflective TFT color LCD module from NEC corp. displays up to 260,000 colors at a resolution of 240x320 pixels, and comes complete with a driver and backlight system with six LEDs.
2002-12-18 National Semi power management IC eyes TFT-LCD apps
National Semiconductor has announced three power management ICs that feature boost converters with integrated buffers.
2002-07-16 Maxim TFT-LCD power supply has 1mm profile
The MAX1889 TFT-LCD power supply from Maxim Integrated Products combines a step-up regulator with two linear-regulator controllers and multiple levels of protection circuitry.
2005-05-12 Maxim IC suits TFT LCD apps
The MAX8758 IC from Maxim includes a high-performance step-up regulator, a high-speed operational amplifier, and a logic-controlled, high-voltage switch-control block with programmable delay.
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