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What does TFT-LCD stand for?
TFT-LCD stands for thin-film transistor - liquid crystal display. A TFT is a special kind of field effect transistor made by depositing thin films for the metallic contacts, semiconductor active layer and dielectric layer.
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2006-06-27 Epson unrolls super-slim color TFT LCD drivers
Seiko Epson Corp. has announced the new S1D19501 series of driver ICs for 176 x 220-dot TFT LCDs, the mainstream display for mobile phones.
2009-12-07 Epson Imaging shifts TFT LCD sales to Sony
Epson transfers assets of its small- and medium-sized TFT LCD business to the Sony Group as agreed upon in June this year.
2004-10-28 Epson begins pilot production of HTPS TFT-LCD
Seiko Epson Corp. (Epson) has commenced pilot fabrication of high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT-LCDs at its newly built plant in the Chitose Bibi in Hokkaido, Japan.
2007-04-11 DVI translator board enables slim TFT LCD
The DV-SLIM from Apollo Display Technologies is a DVI translator board that provides a slim design for connecting TFT LCDs to standard video interfaces.
2007-07-06 DisplaySearch: Strong TFT LCD market spurs FPD revenues
The strengthening price of TFT LCD prompted DisplaySearch to raise its 2007-2008 FPD revenue forecast by 6 percent.
2008-02-25 DisplaySearch warns of tight TFT-LCD materials supply in '08
A new report form DisplaySearch forecasts that TFT-LCD materials and components will grow 6 percent this year but warns of a tight supply of some key components.
2005-07-13 DisplaySearch reports TFT-LCD market undersized in Q2'05
The TFT-LCD market was in shortage during Q2'05, according to DisplaySearch in its quarterly TFT-LCD supply/demand and capital spending report.
2004-01-28 DisplaySearch raises 2004 TFT-LCD equipment spending forecast
According to DisplaySearch's latest
2004-06-03 CPT to build 7.5G TFT-LCD plant
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd (CPT) plans to set up its 7.5G TFT-LCD plant in Yangmei of the northern Taiwan county of Taoyuan.
2004-11-26 CPT predicts 9 percent TFT-LCD
Taiwan-based panel maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd (CPT) expects supply of large-size TFT-LCD panels to surpass demand next year.
2004-06-04 Coretronic boosts TFT-LCD module shipment
Coretronic Corp. is targeting a shipment of 14.7 million TFT-LCD backlight modules this year.
2005-02-24 Color TFT LCD driver targets 2.5G, 3G mobile phones
Epson announces the S1D19105, the latest addition to its line-up of color TFT LCD driver ICs for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones.
2006-09-14 China's TFT LCD capacity to see huge growth
China's manufacturing capacity for TFT LCDs is expected to grow by 35 percent and 50 percent in 2007 and 2008, respectively, according to SEMI.
2004-09-23 China to experience surge in TFT-LCD lines by 2008
According to the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), a minimum of three 5G and three to four 3.5G TFT-LCD plants will be constructed in China by 2008.
2006-08-31 China TFT-LCD manufacturing capacity to jump in two years
TFT LCD manufacturing capacity in China is forecasted to experience 35 percent growth in 2007 and 50 percent growth in 2008, as new fab capacity begins to come online.
2004-08-24 China makers focus on 3.5G, 4.5G TFT-LCD
Manufacturers from China are planning to invest in lower-generation TFT-LCD technology.
2006-04-25 China forms new TFT-LCD consortium
Four China TV makers announced that they would partner with Shenzhen Shenchao Investment to establish a TFT-LCD consortium called Shenzhen Julong Optical-Electronic.
2007-10-15 China firms set up new 4.5G TFT-LCD company
BOE Technology has entered into a shareholder agreement with Chengdu Industry and Chengdu Hi-tech to jointly set up a company for 4.5-generation TFT-LCD production lines.
2003-05-13 Chi Mei to commence production of 5G TFT-LCD panels
Chi Mei Electronics Corp. will commence mass production of 5G TFT-LCD panels in Q4 of this year, with a monthly output of 30,000 glass substrates.
2007-10-09 Calibrator chip removes flicker in TFT-LCD panels
STMicroelectronics has released a programmable Vcom calibrator chip, with I?C serial interface, that simplifies the process of removing flicker from TFT-LCD panels during manufacture.
2004-10-26 BOE to start 5G TFT-LCD production in early 2005
Mainland China-based manufacturer BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd will push through production of fifth-generation (5G) TFT-LCDs in the first quarter of next year.
2003-12-18 BOE TFT-LCD module production line commences operations
2004-10-13 Boe Hydis, Samsung adjust TFT-LCD capacity
South Korea-based TFT-LCD makers Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Boe Hydis Technology Co. Ltd are reallocating their production capacities to pull up company profits.
2006-03-31 AUO, Sharp expand TFT LCD licensing agreement
AU Optronics and Sharp Corp. will expand their cross-licensing agreements on patents involving TFT LCDs, following Sharp's resolution of its lawsuit with Teco Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd.
2002-02-19 Au Optronics to buy equipment for 5G TFT-LCD panel production
Taiwan TFT-LCD maker Au Optronics Corp. has signed an agreement with Japan-based Canon Inc. and U.S.-based AKT to purchase equipment for used in 5G TFT-LCD panel production.
2002-05-22 Au Optronics establishes Suzhou factory for TFT-LCD modules
Au Optronics Corp., a manufacturer of TFT-LCD panels, has started the installation of six to seven production lines in their offshore factory in Suzhou, China.
2002-08-22 Asahi Glass to up TFT-LCD substrate capacity
Asahi Glass Co. Ltd has decided to increase its manufacturing capacity of glass substrates used for TFT-LCD.
2008-03-12 5.6-inch TFT-LCD module touts programmability
An intelligent 5.6-inch TFT LCD module has been added to the ezLCD family of EarthLCD. The ezLCD-004-EDK offers programmability that provides a quick GUI to new products, eliminating the time typically required for designing customized hardware or software.
2006-09-27 3.5-inch TFT-LCD targets consumer, industrial handhelds
One Stop Displays has expanded its line of active matrix TFT-LCDs for handheld consumer and industrial applications with the addition of a low-cost 3.5-inch transflective TFT module.
2005-10-27 3.5-inch TFT-LCD packs performance for next-gen mobile devices
Sharp Microelectronics rolled out a 3.5-inch QVGA TFT-LCD with an integrated touch screen for next-generation handheld apps.
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