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What does TFT-LCD stand for?
TFT-LCD stands for thin-film transistor - liquid crystal display. A TFT is a special kind of field effect transistor made by depositing thin films for the metallic contacts, semiconductor active layer and dielectric layer.
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2002-01-16 Sharp orders AOI systems for LCD production
Orbotech Ltd has received an order from Sharp Co. Ltd for multiple FPI-6030 automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.
2003-10-14 Sharp LCD module suits mobile devices
Sharp Corp. has announced the development of an LCD module that features ultra-wide viewing to enable clear display of images visible from all angles.
2004-08-24 Sharp IC reduces component count by 20 percent
Sharp's new video interface IC is for small- to medium-format TFT-LCDs equipped with a function that automatically sense and switch between PAL and NTSC formats.
2002-05-24 SEMI FPD Expo Taiwan to highlight display, production trends
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Int. is set to host the SEMI FPD Expo Taiwan 2002 at Hall II of the Taipei World Trade Center from May 27 to 29, 2002.
2007-02-26 Schott launches LCD JV in South Korea
Schott AG said last week it is launching a JV plant with Japan's Kuramoto to process TFT-LCD glass substrates in South Korea.
2005-11-22 Sanyo downgrades forecast after steep loss
Sanyo has reported a huge loss in the first half of its fiscal year and has reduced its full year guidance, projecting a loss reaching 10 percent of its estimated sales.
2006-04-13 Samsung, Sony sign to spend $2B at S-LCD
Samsung Electronics and Sony have signed a Letter Of Intent saying they intend to spend $2 billion to manufacture large amorphous TFT LCD panels at their joint venture, S-LCD.
2006-07-18 Samsung, Sony forge ahead on Gen 8 line
A slumping display market did not stop Samsung Electronics from finalizing a deal with Sony to jointly invest $1.9 billion to build a Gen 8 TFT-LCD fab for their joint venture LCD company S-LCD Corp.
2004-03-11 Samsung, Sony complete LCD joint venture deal
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Sony Corp. have completed a deal to establish a joint LCD manufacturing company named S-LCD Corp. by the end of April 2004.
2005-01-13 Samsung yields 5-inch transmissive plastic LCD panel
TFT-LCD provider Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed what it claims as the largest 5-inch transmissive plastic TFT-LCD display for portable applications such as mobile phones and notebook computers.
2005-10-13 Samsung unveils world's largest LCD panel without color filter
Samsung revealed the development of the largest thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel that does not require the use of color filter. The 32-inch LCD panel uses a sequential color processing method that rapidly determines accurate color tones based on how long red, green and blue (RGB) lights are from the LED backlight.
2005-11-30 Samsung unveils 7-inch LCD
Samsung Electronics said it has developed a flexible seven-inch diagonal thin-film transistor LCD on which uses plastic substrate to display 640 x 480 pixel resolution television video pictures.
2005-07-12 Samsung to launch 8G, 9G LCD operations in 2007, 2009
Leading electronics maker Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced its plans to begin operation at its 8G TFT-LCD facility by the second half of 2007 while its 9G plant is slated to begin volume production by 2009.
2005-11-08 Samsung to bolster LCD marketing in U.S
As part of an effort to regain market-leading status in the global liquid crystal display (LCD) market, Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, announced it is intensifying the marketing activities of its LCD Business within the Americas
2004-11-12 Samsung looking to expand in mobile handset LCD market
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, projecting $9 billion revenue from its LCD business in 2004, is setting its sight on becoming the number one supplier of LCD screens for mobile handsets in 2005, seeking to take market share from rivals such as Sharp Electronics.
2004-06-15 Samsung invests $3B in 8G plant
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to invest $3 billion in an 8G TFT-LCD plant in 2006.
2006-03-07 Samsung India aims 200% growth in monitor sales
Samsung India Electronics announced that its goal for 2006 is to triple its sales for TFT LCD monitors, indicating plans to focus on the corporate segment. The company intends to increase its LCD monitor market share to 50 percent this year from 33 percent in 2005.
2003-07-09 Samsung establishes manufacturing plant in Slovakia
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the completion of a 140,000 square-meter production plant (SESK) in Slovakia.
2004-08-13 Samsung display uses amorphous Si for VGA quality
A 2.6-inch TFT-LCD unveiled by Samsung Electronics uses amorphous silicon technology to provide VGA image quality.
2004-10-07 Samsung develops handset panels with SLS tech
South Korean electronic components maker Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has recently announced the development of its latest handset panels.
2005-09-29 Samsung CEO says choice will help company prosper
Banking on the company's core component strengths and leading supplier status, Samsung CEO Jong-Yong Yun said giving consumers myriad choices for next-generation electronic products would ensure company's continued growth.
2007-11-19 QVGA solution adds GUI to any design
Microchip Technology Inc. has unveiled a QVGA graphics solution for implementing graphics display and control into cost-sensitive GUI applications.
2006-05-15 QVGA display targets indoor and outdoor apps
OSD has introduced a 3.5-inch transmissive landscape mode 320 x RGB x 240 QVGA TFT module for indoor and outdoor applications.
2005-06-20 Quanta targets shipment of 14M TFT-LCDs this year
Quanta Display Inc. is targeting to achieve a total shipment of 14 million TFT-LCD panels this year.
2005-06-28 Quanta begins test production of LCD panels at 6G plant
Quanta Display Inc. stated that it has commenced test production of LCD monitor panels at its 6G plant, while simultaneously boosting capacity at its 5G facility.
2009-07-10 Q2 demand growth seen in backlight optical film
Demand for large-area TFT LCD backlight optical film in Q2 09 grew by more than 22 percent quarter-on-quarter, according to DisplaySearch's latest Quarterly Display Optical Film Report.
2004-11-09 PVI predicts 7-inch panel prices to fall 10% by year-end
Prime View International Ltd (PVI) announced that the prices for 7-inch panels used in automobile applications are expected to decline by 10 percent before year-end.
2008-02-08 Programmable LCD modules fast track development cycles
EarthLCD offers the ezLCD series of programmable color TFT LCD modules with touchscreens for use in a wide variety of markets, including medical, industrial control, embedded applications, status monitor, avionics/nautical, home appliances, automotive and digital signage.
2004-10-07 Prime View expects rise in September panel sales
Due to strong orders of panels used in consumer electronics, panel maker Prime View Int. Ltd (PVI) might see an increase in panel sales, with its sales from $37.95 million (NT$1.29 billion at $1:NT33.98) in August up by $44.13 million (NT$1.5 billion) in September.
2004-09-24 PIDA forecasts 22 percent growth for FPD demands
Taiwan's Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) said that the global demand for flat panel displays (FPD) will accomplish a 22.7 percent growth this year resulting to $51.4 billion in revenue, a leap from last year's $41.9 billion.
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