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2003-05-11 TIA/EIA-422-B Overview
This application note covers topics associated with concerns for implementing a balanced interface circuit utilizing the TIA/EIA-422-B electrical interface standard
2000-11-30 TIA/EIA-422-B overview
This application note covers topics associated with concerns for implementing a balanced interface circuit utilizing the TIA/EIA-422-B (formerly RS-422-A) electrical interface standard.
2007-05-04 Interface circuits for TIA/EIA-485 (RS-485)
This article provides information concerning the design of TIA/EIA-485 interface circuits. The document discusses the need for balanced transmission-line standards and gives an example for a process-control design. Line loading is discussed with subtopics of signal attenuation, fault protection and galvanic isolation. Finally, setting up and measuring using eye patterns is documented. Eye patterns are used to measure the effects of signal distortion, noise, signal attenuation, and the resultant intersymbol interference in a data transmission system.
2003-05-26 Summary of Well-Known Interface Standards
This application note provides a short summary of Popular Interface Standards.
2002-05-29 Krone offers 10Gbps multimode fiber-optic cables
Krone Inc. has introduced the 505m Ultra multimode fiber-optic cable specifically designed for enterprise networks.
1999-12-04 Increasing system ESD tolerance for line drivers and receivers used in RS-232 interfaces
In order to identify the source and type of EOS, a number of DS14C88 and DS14C89A devices were subjected to controlled Electrostatic Discharge - ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) events in the lab using a KeyTek Human Body ESD Simulator. Additional units were tested with PolyClamp ESD protection devices to determine their effectiveness and to demonstrate a possible solution for providing greater system ESD tolerance.
2003-04-28 TI RS-485 transceivers stretch voltage range
A line of RS-485 transceivers from Texas Instruments offers a common-mode voltage range of -20V to 25V or more than double the range in TIA/EIA-485.
2002-10-28 Generating and analyzing cdma2000 signals
This application note describes measurements compliant with the cdma2000 standard described in TIA/EIA-97-C and TIA/EIA-98-C.
2010-05-17 A closer look at LVDS
Defined in the ANSI/TIA/EIA-644 specification, LVDS is the most common differential interface.
2002-12-13 Zarlink radio module integrates receiver, transmit functions
The ZL20200 radio transceiver is touted to be the first commercial device to successfully integrate call receiver and call transmit circuitry in a single chip.
2004-01-08 We Net plugs offer 500V dielectric withstanding voltage
The RJ-45 plugs from We Net Co. Ltd are housed in polycarbonate material with copper alloy contacts and 50?inches of gold plating over nickel.
2012-11-29 Using JESD204B for wideband data converter apps
The JESD204A/B interface minimises the number of digital inputs/outputs between data converters and other devices, such as FPGAs and SoCs.
2010-07-29 UL warns of unauthorized CAT5 cable
Underwriters Laboratories issued a notification that a CAT5 cable is falsely using the UL mark, and that it does not comply with the standard for safety for the United States and Canada.
2004-11-17 Tyco cabling solution supports 10G Ethernet to 100m
Tyco Electronics recently introduced its AMP NETCONNECT XG copper cabling system solution for 10GbE apps.
2005-11-23 TI's new RS-485 transceivers provide optimum AC performance
TI's new full-featured, full-duplex RS-485 transceivers promise to conserve power, provide optimum AC performance for key operating speeds, and allow up to 256 devices on a single RS-485 bus.
2004-07-01 TI transceivers provide 15kV of ESD protection
TI's three new full-featured, low-power 5V half-duplex RS-485 transceivers offer a bus-pin electrostatic discharge protection of 15kV.
2003-06-17 TI transceiver suits industrial apps
The HVD3082E low-power RS-485 transceiver from Texas Instruments features a 16-kV HBM ESD protection levels that are suitable for apps in noisy environments.
2002-01-31 TI releases M-LVDS line circuits for multipoint data buses
The SN65MLVD20x series of multipoint-LVDS (M-LVDS) line circuits provides up to 200Mbps LVDS speeds between up to 32 devices over typical distances of 30m.
2004-10-07 TI line drivers provide high performance
TI introduced what it claims as the industry's first multipoint-LVDS line drivers for clock distribution.
2002-10-17 Teradyne bus test system emulates multiple protocols
Teradyne's Bi4-Series of serial bus test instruments is capable of emulating a wide range of bus protocols used in military and aerospace environments.
2008-01-02 Tap AC-coupling for LVDS signals
Using capacitors to AC-couple an LVDS data link provides many benefits, such as level shifting, removing common-mode errors, and protecting against input-voltage fault conditions. This article will help designers select the proper capacitor and the termination topology for this design approach. Common troubleshooting issues are also discussed.
2012-04-18 Survival guide to high-speed ADC digital outputs
Learn about the key attributes of CMOS, LVDS, and CML outputs, and their performance tradeoffs.
2003-08-01 Specification targets clock distribution
Multipoint low-voltage differential signaling technology will fill this need to support clock distribution for future infrastructure equipment.
2005-11-28 Serial board is RoHS-compliant
Sealevel Systems announced that it has developed the industry's first RoHS-compliant multi-interface PCI serial I/O card. The product is the first in a series of forthcoming RoHS-compliant product rollouts from Sealevel.
2005-07-20 SERDES cuts system cost
The new 14-bit low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) serializer/deserializer from Texas Instruments promises to save system cost and board space in consumer electronics products
2003-12-17 RFMD device suits CDMA, JCDMA apps
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has announced the availability of the RF2890 dual-band cellular/GPS LNA/mixer for CDMA and JCDMA applications.
2007-03-20 Profibus transceiver features 1/8th load capability
Sipex Corp.'s new Profibus transceiver features a 1/8th load capability that allows up to 256 transceivers on the communication bus without violating the Profibus spec.
2003-03-03 Pericom LVDS drivers support 660Mbps signaling
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has announced the availability of a line of LVDS devices that support signaling rates of up to 660Mbps.
2006-05-29 Networking industry accelerates 10GbE implementation
With the scheduled ratification of the IEEE802.3an 10GBase-T standards by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers this July, the 10GbE adoption is expected to gain acceleration.
2006-07-01 Net industry accelerates 10GbE implementation
The adoption of 10GbE is expected to gain momentum with the scheduled ratification of the 802.3an 10GBase-T standards by the IEEE this month.
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