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2010-03-01 TSMC takes on 40nm yields, high-k, litho issues
At the TSMC Japan Executive Forum in Yokohama, Shang-Yi Chiang, senior VP of R&D at TSMC, addressed several issues about the silicon foundry giant.
2014-10-07 TSMC takes lead over Samsung in FinFET race
TSMC's 16nm pilot line is gaining incremental confidence among prospective customers, leaving behind Samsung, whose foundry has experienced a setback with its 14nm FinFET project.
2002-09-30 TSMC supports Barcelona in 90nm node-based products
Barcelona Design Inc. intends to develop products at the 90nm technology node.
2015-02-09 TSMC sues ex-employee over 28nm tech leak to Samsung
Analysts say that given TSMC's technology leadership, they were surprised when Samsung came abreast of TSMC in FinFET chips, the first of which are expected to be commercially available this year.
2008-03-05 TSMC streamlines operations
Foundry giant TSMC has reorganized its operations amid the expected departure of its sales and service chief, Kenneth Kin.
2008-06-05 TSMC stirs IC designs using 40nm node
Paving the way for next-generation chips, TSMC is set to roll out its latest design methodology for IC production at the 40nm node.
2007-01-29 TSMC sticking with Crolles2
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said it will remain a member of the troubled Crolles2 Allianceat least in the short term.
2011-12-13 TSMC starts third phase of gigafab
TSMC's Fab 15, Phase 3 claims to be bigger than most other companies' whole fabs and the company's second gigafab equipped for 20nm process technology.
2006-01-23 TSMC starts 80nm process technology
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. has entered full production of its 80nm "half-node" process technology.
2006-05-22 TSMC speeds up 45nm intro
TSMC disclosed some of the first details of its new and advanced 45nm process, with plans to accelerate the introduction of the offering in 2007.
2013-06-20 TSMC Solar's champion module hits 15.7% efficiency mark
TSMC Solar's new champion module improves on the previous 15.1 per cent world record they set in January this year.
2012-03-21 TSMC Solar receives certifications
TSMC Solar Ltd, has received certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and International Electrotechnical Commission for a range of its copper indium gallium selenide PV modules.
2015-04-17 TSMC slashes $1B to 2015 capex
TSMC, which in January weighed in with the chip industry's largest planned layout for expansion this year, said that its revised 2015 capex will fall within a range of $10.5 billion and $11 billion.
2010-04-15 TSMC skips 22nm, leaps to 20nm half-node
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd announced plans to skip the 22nm "full node" after the 28nm node and move directly to the 20nm "half node."
2002-09-02 TSMC signs letter of intent for China fab
TSMC has confirmed that it has signed a letter of intent with an unnamed Chinese company to build a wafer fab in the Songjiang district of Shanghai.
2012-04-20 TSMC shifts from multiple to single-only process at 20nm
Shang-yi Chiang, EVP at TSMC, said the firm might also offer an 18nm or 16nm process node after 20nm if lithography technology is not available to make 14-nm devices cost effectively.
2006-05-09 TSMC shakes up foundry spin-off Vanguard
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd has moved to disband the board and executive team at its troubled foundry spin-off, Taiwan's Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp.
2004-06-10 TSMC selects Atrenta as Reference Flow 5.0 partner
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. (TSMC) has adopted Atrenta Inc.'s low power and ERC products as key enabling technologies in the company's latest Reference Flow 5.0. Both products from Atrenta include advanced solutions for clock domain analysis, DFT analysis, constraints analysis and automated functional analysis.
2015-10-21 TSMC sees zero growth in global chip industry
The company attributed the dismal performance to the sluggish smartphone market in China as well as the struggling global economy, which directly resulted in excess inventory.
2005-07-28 TSMC sees recovery amid strong Q2
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd (TSMC) projects a recovery in the lackluster foundry business in the second half of 2005, amid a jump in its own sales, profits and fab utilization rates for the second quarter.
2002-01-29 TSMC sees profits shrink, cuts capital spending
Profits slid 79 percent at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. in the fourth quarter compared to a year ago, but the foundry said business continues to improve.
2011-05-17 TSMC sees no wafer supply disruptions after March quake
Having secured the required prime wafer supply, TSMC maintains the Japan quake and tsunami will have no supply-side impact except on chipmaking equipment.
2005-04-29 TSMC sees low-power process as new technology driver
Changing its strategy in midstream, Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd (TSMC) this week made a major but overlooked announcement.
2006-11-15 TSMC sees flat sales in October
Foundry chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd saw its sales on an unconsolidated basis slip for the second month running in October.
2012-07-06 TSMC says no to Renesas buy
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd is not going to acquire a Renesas wafer fab, according to a news report.
2006-02-14 TSMC sales up 25% in January
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd posted sales revenue in January of about $807 million, down 4.5 percent sequentially but up 25.6 percent compared with December 2004.
2004-05-24 TSMC said to be seeking fab alliance with Macronix
Pinched for capacity, foundry giant Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. is reportedly striking an alliance with memory maker Macronix International, which runs an 8-inch wafer fab and is mulling a 12-inch wafer line.
2011-04-08 TSMC rolls first high-performance mobile process
TSMC introduces what could be the industry's first manufacturing process optimized for chips used in smartphones and tablets.
2009-05-06 TSMC resolves 40nm yield issues
Silicon foundry giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd posted better-than-expect results in Q1 09.
2006-07-12 TSMC reports net sales for June
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd has announced its net sales for June 2006.
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