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2008-01-10 Central role awaits DRM in future TV
Whether for putting Internet TV content onto TV, or putting TV content on the Internet, DRM issues are central to how the future will unfold
2007-10-03 CCID: Address four issues to drive mobile TV growth in China
CCID Consulting in its latest report identified four key difficulties that must be overcome to propel the development of mobile TV in China
2006-09-13 Canon, Toshiba to start construction of SED TV production line
Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. plan to begin constructing a mass production line for surface conduction electron emitter display (SED) flat-panel televisions as early as this year.
2004-06-23 austriamicro digital pot eyes TV receivers, audio systems
austriamicro unveiled its AS1500 family of digital pots that is designed for use in apps where a resistor value must be changed automatically by a microprocessor.
2013-08-28 AUO to showcase UHD 4K TV panels at Touch Taiwan 2013
The company has successfully developed UHD 4K technology and will demonstrate 65 and 55-inch next-generation UHD 4K Wide Colour Gamut TV Panels at Touch Taiwan 2013
2007-06-08 Apple TV animates living room experience
The Apple TV marches on toward the living room with one goal: to move digital media from the "lean forward" world of the computer to the "lean back" environment of the home television
2003-09-15 Analog TV turn-off: Don't hold your breath
When it comes to the adoption of DTT, the European Union is no union, a fact reinforced in presentations at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC).
2003-12-15 AlphaData converter suits business presentation apps
Designed for business presentation applications, the SmartDVD viewer AD-DSC from Alpha-Data is a down-scan converter for sending PC images to a TV screen at a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels.
2007-04-02 Adding mobile TV to handsets
The future of mobile TV is bright, and tuner and demodulator manufacturers with broadband experience are carefully developing the devices to ensure its success
2008-02-15 65nm mobile TV SoC supports all standards
Samsung's S3C4F60, a 65nm mobile TV SoC, supports all worldwide TV standards with respect to frequency range and channel bandwidth
2009-11-03 3D TV: Sure win or long shot
Participants at the FPD International 2009 panel stressed key reasons why they must seize the moment now to push 3D into the home and a list of reasons why it remains a long shot.
2010-03-03 3D TV launch rouses eyestrain concern
Experts in human perception are raising concerns that stereo 3D TVs could cause eye strain and related health problems.
2005-03-28 TI executive believes mobile DTV represents business opportunity
Mobile digital broadcast TV (DTV) represents an enormous yet largely untapped opportunity for the wireless ecosystem, said Doug Rasor, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) VP and manager for worldwide strategic marketing, at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Futures Summit
2004-02-06 Pioneer to get hold of NEC PDP business
Pioneer and NEC have formed a MoU, by which NEC is to transfer to Pioneer all the shares NEC holds in its subsidiary, NEC Plasma Display Corp.
2003-01-29 NEC unveils plans for broadcasting systems, video business
NEC Corp. has announced its plans to outsource the manufacturing functions of NEC Gotemba Ltd to an electronics manufacturing service provider.
2005-01-10 Maxim, ViXS to bring wireless TV to home entertainment market
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. and ViXS Systems have entered into a development partnership.
2005-03-08 LG.Philips Displays to close U.K. TV tube factory
LG.Philips Displays said Wednesday (Mar. 2) that it would close its CRT plant in Durham, in the northeast of England, because of &quote;crippling price erosion,&quote; and a shift of demand from Europe to Asia-Pacific.
2002-12-24 LG Chem expands display business
LG Chem Ltd has announced its long-term plan of boosting its display operations.
2008-08-18 Chengdu: back to business after quake
While the May 12 Wenchuan 8 earthquake in Sichuan province caused innumerable injuries and deaths as well as enormous loss of property, Chengduthe capital city of Sichuan province and the center of the electronics industry in western Chinaremained unscathed.
2008-08-01 Will AMD sell its consumer, handset lines?
Amid a possible plan to spin-off its manufacturing unit, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. may sell its consumer and handset chip lines from its ATI Technologies subsidiary, according to an analyst.
2011-10-19 What's next for Intel after DTV?
The Envisioneering Group's Rick Doherty identifies the victims of Intel's decision to leave the Smart TV chip space and discusses what the future holds for Intel
2012-02-10 Uphill climb for Sony's new CEO
Hirai needs to recapture the innovative spirit Sony once had and regain lost ground from competitors, such as Apple and Samsung, whose mobile phones and tablet offerings are dominating the market.
2014-01-28 Ultra-HD TVs must realize market outside China, and fast!
The TV arms race has implications for the entire electronic supply chain as screens consolidate their position as the focus of device design across the industry
2009-09-03 Sony, Hon Hai ink LCD alliance
Sony will sell to Hon Hai 90 percent of its shares in Sony Baja California which manufactures LCD TVs.
2012-04-18 Sony details "One Sony" strategy
Part of Hirai's game plan to bring Sony back on track is to focus on strengthening three of the company's core businesses: digital imaging, gaming and mobile products.
2012-02-03 Sony CEO steps down
Sony's CEO Howard Stringer will hand over the reins to Kazuo Hirai, a games and music veteran in the company.
2005-09-27 Sharp tunes in full HD for flat TVs
Sharp Corp. said it intends to equip all its large LCD TVs with full HD resolution.
2012-08-03 Sharp to shave off 5,000 jobs as earnings dip continues
Sharp is forced to let go of almost ten percent of its current employees in hopes of curbing profit decline.
2008-12-11 Samsung readies Wi-Fi variant for DTVs
Samsung Electronics is working on its own variation of Wi-Fi for its digital TVs and could release the technology as early as next year.
2012-05-17 Report: Sony, Panasonic team up in OEL tech
According to the report, the companies hope that the tie-up will help them accelerate the development of large organic electroluminescence (OEL) TVs that consumes less power and offer sharper images.
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