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2008-03-26 Google pitches 'white space' for wireless Internet
After losing in the latest in the 700MHz auction, Google Inc. has started laid out plan to use TV "white space"unlicensed and unused airwaves"to provide wireless Internet.
2008-11-07 Analysis: Emergence of wireless TV spectrum set
The FCC decided to list new rules to allow sophisticated wireless devices to operate in broadcast TV spectrum on a secondary basis at locations where the spectrum is open
2011-09-05 U.K. to use white-space technology by 2013
Ofcom has announced it plans to tap white space technology for its WiFi and broadband services as well as machine-to-machine communications in 2013
2007-03-20 Tech firms push delivery of Web service over 'white space
Six technology companies are pushing for the delivery of high-speed Internet service in a new wayover unused TV airwaves, according to a report by The Associated Press
2011-06-22 Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung back white-space radio launch
Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and eight others will join Neul's launch of white-space radio, which exists around digital TV broadcast channels and is used for radio networks to support M2M communications.
2011-07-04 Neul's $12.8M fund to support M2M radio trials
Neul has raised $12.8 million from a venture capital syndicate, an amount that would support ongoing wireless data trials to assess the viability of the TV white-space spectrum for M2M communications.
2012-01-31 Neul pushes for M2M radio innovation
Standards bodies are not addressing the need for innovation at the RF level for machine-to-machine communications and the Internet of Things, says Neul.
2013-02-14 M2M transceiver chip running Weightless spec debuts
Developed by Weightless SIG member Neul, the chip is capable of tuning across the entire UHF TV white space spectrum and draws very little power while delivering long range wireless connectivity.
2013-01-28 IEEE 802.22-based TVWS base station prototype unveiled
The development for the first prototypes of base station and consumer premise equipment based on the IEEE 802.22 standard has been completed.
2014-02-27 Facebook: a home run in the Philippines
Mark Zuckerberg's project selected the Philippines as test bed in making the Internet and the different parts of it more efficient across the world.
2004-11-16 Cognitive radio: An opportunity lost?
CR technology offers the opportunity to recover a large spectrum of network environments and puts it to good use.
2013-01-11 ARM mulls RF IP for IoT
CEO Warren East talks about what part ARM will play in making the "Internet of Things" a widespread success as well as the significant changes in the smart TV market
2008-10-16 White spaces marked off as wireless arena
When the U.S. DTV switchover takes place, white spaces scattered throughout the 54MHz to 698MHz region of the RF spectrum will be available for use. A range war is raging over how this should be done. Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Motorola and public-interest groups and media companies have created the Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) to sort it out.
2013-02-27 Broadcom debuts small cell SoC
Broadcom became the latest player competing for the emerging market of small cell base stations when it rolled out its first femtocell chip to integrate RF and baseband modem.
2014-02-14 Taking a look at the field-programmable RF chip
Developed in the US for UK's Lime Microsystems, the FPRF transmitter takes a digital data stream and converts it into wireless signals, while the receiver performs the inverse operation.
2011-05-23 M2M wireless firm set up by CSR co-founders
Founders of the new M2M wireless company claim its terminals will be very low-power and low-cost, while its network will be able to scale to support billions of devices simultaneously.
2011-07-29 IEEE launches 802.22 WRAN standard
The 802.22 WRAN standard by IEEE can get deliver up to 22Mbit/s per channel and can reach over 100km without any disturbances.
2014-03-12 Examining field-programmable RF chip
Here's a look at a chip that comes from the wireless domain and is touted to bring exciting new possibilities.
2009-01-01 Commentary: DSPs seek good fortune in '09
A lot of DSP products are well-positioned to ride out the storm. In fact, some products could even see growth during the next year.
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