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2006-11-17 Taiwan to loosen China chip investment restrictions
Taiwan is reportedly finalizing by a plan to relax restrictions on Taiwanese company investment in China, enabling firms to use 0.18?m chip manufacturing technology in China.
2009-10-01 What's behind Taiwan's relaxed investment rules
Share prices of TSMC and UMC shot up with reports of Taiwan's easing of investment restrictions with regard to mainland China.
2005-02-22 UMC chairman denies doing wrong in letter to Taiwan prosecutor
A Taiwan government investigation into local foundry chipmaker United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) took a dramatic twist on Friday (Feb. 18) with the company's chairman admitted he helped set up a Chinese foundry, an act that could lead to criminal charges, but denied wrong-doing in an open letter to the Taiwan prosecutor
2010-03-10 Taiwan relaxes China panel investment restrictions
After evaluating the international competition, labor/employment, technological control and market distribution, Taiwan's Executive Yuan approved the liberalization of restrictions for panel and other industry investment in China.
2015-07-09 Taiwan power shortage could cripple chip foundries
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) pressed the Taiwan government to solve a long-term power supply in the country, which could land a serious blow to TSMC as soon as 2020
2008-08-04 Taiwan ponders on 300mm fabs in China
The Taiwan government is mulling over a plan to relax its IC export control laws in China, according to a report from Forbes
2006-03-31 Taiwan plans extra scrutiny on China investments
Taiwan plans to require additional scrutiny of local companies' investments in mainland China where they are valued at more than $100 million or considered sensitive to the island's interests
2009-06-10 Taiwan muses on allowing 12-inch fabs in China
Taiwan is mulling loosening its restrictions on Taiwan semiconductor investment in China, a move that would boost economic ties with the mainland.
2015-11-25 Taiwan mulls lifting ban on Chinese investment
Chinese investments in other parts of the semiconductor ecosystem, such as test and assembly are allowed, but chip design and manufacturing are given protection as the jewel in Taiwan's economy
2006-02-20 Taiwan fines UMC $155,000, says report
Taiwan's economics ministry has set a fine of about $155,000 to be paid by UMC for violating restrictions on investment in He Jian Technology, a wafer fab in mainland China.
2007-10-31 Taiwan fabs appeal for softer policy on China investment
Taiwan's top two foundries have appealed to the government to loosen the restrictions on chip investments in China, according to a report from the Associated Press.
2009-10-20 Taiwan ensures employment despite relaxed China rules
Manufacturing in Taiwan will focus on upgrading technology and higher value-added manufacturing services
2011-03-07 Taiwan accepts investments from China
China can now invest in Taiwan's various sectors, including IC manufacturing, IC packaging, IC testing, LCDs, metal cutting machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing machinery
2005-09-16 Seeing Taiwan at center of new IC world
Nicky Lu envisions a pan-Pacific IC circle replacing the pan-Atlantic circle as more consumers emerge in the Asia region.
2006-11-28 Private equity eyes Taiwan test house
Private equity firm Carlyle Group is making a move to acquire Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., a Taiwan test and assembly house, for $5.46 billion
2015-01-28 Is Taiwan's water shortage affecting TSMC, UMC
Rainfall in Taiwan is at the lowest level since 1947, which in November last year started restrictions on water use in two parts of the island where most of the fabs run by TSMC and UMC are located.
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