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2014-08-18 The lowdown on batteries: Lithium sulphur dioxide
Constructed with sulphur dioxide on carbon bonded with Teflon, this battery technology is known for its wide operating temperature range, flat voltage-discharge curve, and high energy density.
2000-05-06 Low-power op amp reduces cable costs
This application note describes a technique to buffer the extremely high source impedance of a pH probe.
2015-05-13 Multi-gigabit comm network made possible by plastic fibres
KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS researchers said the link consists of 120GHz transmitter and receiver chips with on-chip antenna and a Teflon tube that guides the signal from the transmitter to the receiver.
2003-02-21 CCE 7/16 coax connectors are waterproof
The WN series of 7/16 coaxial cable connectors features Teflon insulation as well as coppery alloy for interior and exterior conductors.
2015-05-20 Using plastic waveguides for future comm networks
Here's a look at a multi-gigabit communication link using a plastic fibre as transmission channel. It is developed by the KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS research group in Belgium.
2008-05-30 Type N connector supports outdoor RF apps
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. has added a sealed female Type N connector to its proprietary line of RoHS-compliant V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors.
2005-08-18 Trompeter's mini BNC connector delivers 40% greater density
Trompeter Electronics has developed a new 90, miniature BNC connector that is said to deliver 40 percent greater density.
2015-04-23 Trickle-down tech: It's not just the Pi
.The Raspberry Pi may be the most visible example of trickle-down technology, but there are over 100 board vendors embracing semiconductor innovation and bringing it to the wider world of embedded boards for diverse, long-life, and ruggedised applications.
2006-07-17 Stencil, squeegee blades affect aperture fill sub-process
This article reviews the impact of the stencil and squeegee blade on the aperture fill sub-process of Pb-free printing.
2004-05-26 SMK coaxial connector with 1.4mm height
The TC-5 series of surface-mount coaxial connectors from SMK is claimed by the company to have the industry's lowest profile, smallest size and lightest weight.
2002-05-02 RFC SMA connectors operates up 18GHz
RF Connectors has expanded its SMA connector product line with the addition of the RS-3232-1 male and RSA-3279-10 female connectors that operate up to 18GHz.
2002-10-22 RFC bulkhead connector operates to 11GHz
The RFS-2030 N female bulkhead connector from RF Connectors is designed for use in board to panel feed-through OEM applications with a frequency range from 0Hz to 11GHz.
2005-09-05 Resistor manufacturer announces breakthrough in resistor tech
Billed as the first "true" power surface-mount resistor device in the industry, Stackpole Electronics has introduced a new surface-mount power resistor capable of handling up to 12W at 85�C.
2013-07-08 Researcher adds glass microfluidics into lab-on-a-chip
Glass is seen as an attractive alternative because it is chemically resistant, transparent and can withstand higher fluid pressures than polydimethylsiloxane, which is usually used in lab-on-a-chips.
2015-10-22 Ramping up the bandwidth
We are currently at a crossroads. There may not be an exact concurrence as to where we as a hardware industry stand relative to high-speed data transfer rates, but there are some givens.
2006-05-29 Position sensors operate in harsh environments
Macro Sensors offers a family of rugged, hermetically-sealed, DC-operated LVDT position sensors for general industrial use.
2013-02-04 Panasonic's Megtron-6 shows potential for 25G boards
Several companies, such as Sanmina Corp., are just waiting on news of Megtron-6's success to start building 25G systems.
2013-01-15 Omnetics unveils nanosized connectors
The PZN series connector touts military style pin and socket designs to offer uninterrupted electrical connections for portable applications that are exposed to high shock and vibration.
2005-08-16 Microwave cables resist temperatures in excess of 900C
Precision Measurements disclosed that they have developed metal jacketed microwave cables using high purity silicon dioxide, which resists temperatures in excess of 900c.
2007-09-17 MEMS finds niche in space exploration
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has started a program to develop MEMS technologies that reduce the size, weight and power of its radio transceivers.
2006-01-31 Linear actuators simplify assembly
Del-Tron has introduced the DL series of linear actuators that offer a compact design, simple assembly and long life.
2012-08-28 How to optimize low-current and high-resistance measurements (Part 2)
Learn how to determine the offset current of a low-current measurement system, and understand the sources of measurement error in such systems.
2013-09-13 How to avoid PCB engineering change orders
Prevent engineering change orders in printed circuit board designs by paying attention to seven key areas where problems are likely to occur.
2006-06-30 End effectors tout strength, stiffness of steel
CPS Corp. has developed AlSiC end effectors that tout the strength and stiffness of steel at one third the density.
2006-10-09 DC-LVDTs enable frictionless operation
Using built-in electronics, Macro Sensors' SE 750 series of general purpose DC-LVDTs provide frictionless operation and dynamic response, but with the convenience of DC input and precalibrated output.
2002-12-13 Da Koang RCA jacks handle 2A
Da Koang Co. Ltd 's line of RCA jacks are rated at 250Vac, 2A and offers an insulation resistance of at least 100 megohms.
2010-09-21 Cold-active plasma technology optimizes material deposition process
Reinhausen uses plasma gas to layer nanopowders on plastics
2002-11-28 Chin Nan coaxial connectors operate to 165C
The company's MCX series of miniature coaxial connectors is screened for operation over the -65C to 165C temperature range.
2007-11-09 'Ion-mask' tech keeps moisture off electronics
U.K. startup P21 has announced a technology that it claims be the latest weapon for electronics companies to prevent moisture ingress from high humidity, rain or accidental immersion in water.
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