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2016-02-22 Teledyne extends camera line-up for industrial imaging apps
The latest Genie Nano series GigE Vision cameras feature ON Semiconductor's 2MP and 5MP Python image sensors, as well as Teledyne DALSA's patent-pending TurboDrive technology.
2015-01-29 Teledyne DALSA unveils CMOS X-ray detector
The Rad-icon 3030 detector uses the company's advanced CMOS image sensing technology that claims to enable the delivery of higher image quality than a-Si flat panels and image intensifier devices.
2013-09-18 Smart camera carries 1.2GHz dual core processsor
The BOA 200 is packaged in a small rugged enclosure that fits easily into existing production lines and can deliver over four times the processing speed of the standard BOA camera.
2014-10-22 Multispectral camera offers independent RGB+NIR outputs
The Piranha4 2k quadlinear line scan camera from Teledyne DALSA is available in 2k resolution, with 14.08um pixel size and delivers a maximum line rate of 70kHz.
2015-09-17 GigE Vision cameras optimised for machine vision apps
The Genie Nano series from Teledyne DALSA targets applications such as intelligent traffic systems, entertainment, medical, food and beverage inspection, and electronics and PCB inspection.
2015-04-09 Compact line scan cameras come in GigE vision models
The recently released Linea GigE cameras from Teledyne DALSA promise to offer high speed and flexibility, and help minimise the cost of inspection for various applications.
2015-07-06 CMOS X-ray detector targets non-destructive testing
The Rad-icon 2022 CMOS X-ray from Teledyne DALSA targets scientific imaging and non-destructive testing, including weld inspection, wire bond and PCB inspection, and other industrial imaging applications.
2014-10-13 CMOS cameras focus on machine vision apps
The 8k line scan camera from Teledyne flaunts high responsivity in the visible and NIR wavelengths; multiple user coefficient and FFC calibration sets; and support of camera link cables up to 10m
2014-03-06 Actuator features four 16bit HV amplifiers
The electrostatic actuator from Teledyne DALSA provides high voltage output up to 240V using an external miniaturised surface mount coil.
2014-04-28 Sensors cross the megapixel threshold
The CMOS image sensor race in applications ranging from automotive to sports analytics and food inspections moves beyond the megapixel battle and is defined by a more complex criteria including frame rates, sensitivity, integration time, and light sources.
2015-06-05 MEMS innovation to spur IoT growth
The ramp of new MEMS designs to volume production may take too long and cost too much to meet IoT market expectations, unless the industry figures out ways to accelerate MEMS development.
2015-04-07 CCD image sensors have one foot in the grave
Sony is expected to discontinue the production of CCD sensors at its 200mm wafer line at the Kagoshima Technology Centre in March 2017 with a phase out lasting until 2020.
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