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2011-12-09 Weighing in on Japan quake vs. Thai flood
HDD makers in Thailand could look into and learn disaster recovery strategies from NAND manufacturers in Japan, says IHS.
2012-02-03 STATS ChipPAC closes Thai plant
Damages to the facility was so extensive that economic restoration is no longer possible.
2011-12-12 Sanyo Semiconductor shuts down Thai factory
The cost of renovations of Sanyo's semiconductor business in Thailand will be too high to bear and the company has decided to close down its facility.
2012-01-11 Nikon resumes Thai fab operations
Nikon's manufacturing subsidiary in Thailand has resumed partial operations since early January.
2012-08-30 After Thai flood setback, WD back on top of HDD market
Western Digital has fully recovered from the thai flooding disaster, allowing the company to sharply increase its HDD shipments
2012-04-26 Toshiba to relocate Thai assembly plant
The new facility will replace facilities at the Bangkadi Industrial Park in Pathumthani and will be located at the Industrial Park in Prachinburi about 90 miles northeast of Bangkok.
2011-10-26 Thai floods cause chain reaction in market supply
Thailand's floods have forced some HDD manufacturers to temporarily cease their operations. This is seen to affect not only the HDD market supply but the PC market as well.
2011-10-27 Thai cabinet approves financial aid
Thailand's cabinet has approved a financial package to help out manufacturers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and independent business operators who have been affected by the floods
2011-11-08 IHS: Thai floods drown electronics sector
The Thailand flooding represents the second major natural disaster to affect the industry this year after the March 2011 Japan earthquake.
2011-11-08 Closed Thai fabs to open early next year
The seven industrial estates in Thailand that were inundated by the massive floods are expected to resume operations early next year.
2011-11-14 Shift to SSDs fueled by Thai floods
The shortage of HDDs due to floods in Thailand is seen to benefit the SSD market despite the expensive price tag.
2011-11-23 Thailand needs $64M to restore HDD industry
The country supplies 40 to 45 percent of the global HDD market and the flooding crisis will cause severe contraction on electronics export shipments.
2011-11-18 Japan to shift investments to Vietnam, Indonesia
Recognizing the concentration risk after the floods, Japanese investors may possibly shift their investments from Thailand to other neigboring countries.
2012-03-27 Toshiba Thailand to build $33B factory
Even though a dyke is being built around Bangkadi Industrial Park in Pathum Thani province where Toshiba's former factory was located, the company plans to build its new factory in a different location to lessen its flood risks
2011-11-30 Seagate sees HDD shortage to last several quarters
Seagate said it believes the industry's ability to manufacture and ship HDDs will gradually improve throughout 2012.
2011-12-14 HDD undersupply slumps Intel revenue forecast
Due to the Thailand flood, Intel's initial $14.7 billion revenue forecast for Q4 has been downgraded to $13.7 billion
2011-10-28 WD ramps Malaysia operations
WD is preparing to ramp up operations in its Malaysia sites to be able to address supply shortages due to the floods in Thailand.
2013-08-30 Toshiba's new Thailand site operating at target capacity
Making a full recovery from the flooding of 2011, Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand recently completed its relocation to a new semiconductor manufacturing facility in Prachinburi.
2012-11-16 Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand back in business
Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand has started shipping components manufactured at its Bangkadi facility a year after catastrophic floods.
2011-10-28 Flooded industrial areas aim to reopen within the year
The government of Thailand has come up with a contingency plan that will provide financial support for the rehabilitation of seven industrial estates in the country.
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