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2008-09-01 NAND flash benefits multimedia phones
Today's multimedia phones require the density, cost and write performance advantages that NAND flash offers. Because of these, NAND flash has become mainstream within mobile phones through the growing use of additional high-density embedded storage chips card slots.
2008-05-01 MLC adds muscle to NAND
As solid-state drives change the way data is stored, several major memory chip vendors are applying their multilevel-cell technology prowess to this burgeoning market, helping to bring the NAND-based storage architecture forward, particularly for mobile electronics.
2009-10-28 MCU packs hardware vector engine
The TMPM370 MCU includes a hardware vector engine and offers simple interfacing to 5V logic.
2011-03-16 Japan quake raises concerns over electronics supply chain
According to analysts, the devastating earthquake that hit Japan, a key source of chips supporting CE devices, could lead to production decrease, phenomenal price swings and large near-term shortages.
2008-04-07 I/O expander adds more ports for handsets
TAEC's TC35892XBG flexible I/O expander provides additional I/O ports, allowing devices such as keypads, LEDs and rotator wheels to interface with a mobile handset
2007-06-19 Graphics SoC targets small TFT LCDs in cars
TAEC has expaned its family of automotive graphics and display controllers with a new SoC targeted at instrument-cluster applications ranging from back-up camera displays to full-size, reconfigurable instrument clusters.
2007-06-11 GaN HEMT targets radar, medical apps
TAEC has released the X-band TGI8596-50 transistor targeted for radar systems and medical applications.
2003-08-18 Embedded memories multiply in system-on-chips
The latest embedded memories are even bringing the added benefits of low-power operation to handheld systems.
2004-12-01 Digitalizing analog circuits cuts chip area, increases performance
By replacing analog functions with digital equivalents, you can achieve more predictable performance, simplify testing and reduce chip area.
2008-01-28 Device integrates power MOSFET, Schottky barrier diode
TAEC announced that it has expanded its line-up of MOSBD devices, which integrate a power MOSFET and a Schottky barrier diode onto a single die to save board space, increase power efficiency, and reduce wiring resistance and inductance.
2005-04-01 Designing for yield heats up
Two library announcements signal a sea change on how the chip industry thinks about design-for-yield issues.
2007-06-07 CMOS LDO regulators offer low quiescent current
The new TCR5SB series of CMOS LDO regulators from TAEC include a built-in control switch that features low-dropout voltage and low quiescent current.
2014-11-19 Chipset facilitates 4K experience in handheld devices
The chip employs both high-speed serial interface industry standards with low power operation capability, enabling UHD 4K resolution while maintaining handhelds' low power consumption requirements.
2007-09-14 Chip reduces blur in fast 1,080p HD video
The TC90240XBG chip from TAEC integrates a scan rate converter to upgrade standard 60Hz signals to 120Hz, improving the blurry motion sometimes seen during fast-paced action scenes in high-definition content.
2010-02-25 Camera bridge ICs enable high-speed interface to mobiles
TAEC is offering three new bridge chips for handsets that provide high-speed serial interfaces between a phone's baseband or application processor and the display or integrated camera.
2008-01-15 Audio amp improves in-car sound quality
TAEC has unveiled the latest member in its family of automotive ICs, the high-performance TB2932HQ audio amplifier.
2007-12-19 Anxiety high as race begins for high-k 32nm
While foundries are just beginning to ramp their 45nm processes, vendors are already eyeing the next big challengethe race to develop and ship high-k dielectrics and metal gates for the 32nm node.
2007-08-24 3D comb filter targets analog, digital TVs
TAEC has introduced a second-generation, high-performance 3D comb filter front-end processor targeted at advanced analog and digital TVs, A/V systems, STBs and other video processing systems.
2010-08-13 32nm DDR toggle mode NAND features faster interface
The device is offered in multi-level cell versions with densities of 64-, 128- and 256Gb; and single-level cell versions with densities of 32-, 64- and 128Gb.
2008-04-01 8bit MCUs take tiny steps to rule the market
Even as feature creep moves some applications to 16bit and beyond, continual increases in the processing capabilities and integration levels of 8bit devices are opening new applications to replace the old. The result is an expanding array of increasingly powerful 8bit MCUs for cost-conscious designs.
2010-01-21 Setting the stage for 3D TV
The consumer electronics industry is looking at its future through a pair of stereo 3D glasses. The left eye sees an opportunity to revive sagging TV and media revenues, the right eye sees a set of unresolved technical issues.
2006-02-03 Is there trouble ahead for the High Definition Disc?
The High-Definition Disc Consumer Advocacy Alliance called for a unified HD videodisc format, and commented on the possible negative effects of a format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray disc.
2011-11-08 IHS: Thai floods drown electronics sector
The Thailand flooding represents the second major natural disaster to affect the industry this year after the March 2011 Japan earthquake.
2009-03-25 Hitachi banks on new CEO for recovery
Seeking new growth strategy in a depressed economy and in the aftermath of previous failed attempts to revitalize its operations, Hitachi Ltd has turned to one of its oldest executives for a new direction.
2005-04-18 'Synergy' plan in play at Sony
Sony's recent executive shuffle has raised questions about the company's synergy and vertical integration.
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