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2014-10-21 Toshiba, UTC ink deal to develop overseas manufacturing
The latest arrangement between Toshiba and UTC will centre on doubling the companies' profits by eyeing overseas manufacturing and targeting smart cities
2011-07-15 Toshiba, Hynix develop MRAM
Hynix and Toshiba are working together to develop spin-transfer torque magnetoresistance random access memory (MRAM
2013-08-30 Toshiba's new Thailand site operating at target capacity
Making a full recovery from the flooding of 2011, Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand recently completed its relocation to a new semiconductor manufacturing facility in Prachinburi
2014-06-02 Toshiba upgrades 650W SiC shottky diodes with up to 12A
The additional devices make up the 6A, 8A, 10A and 12A line-up. They are built using silicon carbide (SiC), a wide-bandgap semiconductor that gives schottky barrier diodes with high breakdown voltage.
2010-11-30 Toshiba unfolds TV business strategies, new products for ASEAN
Toshiba Corp. has just unveiled its strategy and product line-up for the ASEAN. For the incoming year, Toshiba shall enhance its presence throughout ASEAN by deploying a new line-up of LCD TVs specifically designed for the region
2012-11-29 Toshiba to build renewable power engineering centre
Toshiba has announced this week that it will start construction of a thermal, hydro and renewable power engineering centre which is slated to begin operations by January 2014
2014-03-28 Toshiba sets up in-house company to bolster healthcare
Toshiba consolidates its healthcare businesses in the soon to be established Healthcare Co., which signals along its 2015 sales target of $6B
2014-04-21 Toshiba samples industry's fastest microSD memory cards
Compared to Toshiba's current 32GB microSD UHS-I cards, the write speed is improved approximately eight times, while the read speed is improved approximately 2.7 times
2013-03-08 Toshiba rolls out low ON-Resistance N-ch power MOSFET
The TK55S10N1 achieves low ON-resistance with a combination of a chip in the "U-MOS VIII-H series" fabricated with the latest 8th generation trench MOS process and a "DPAK+" package.
2005-09-22 Toshiba readies Cell processor design platform
Toshiba Corporation is readying a hardware development platform for applications based on the Cell processor that it co-developed with Sony and IBM.
2013-07-30 Toshiba launches low power 15Mbit/s photocouplers
Toshiba's latest photocouplers are fabricated with Bi-CMOS process and supply current per channel is lowered to 1mA
2005-11-25 Toshiba denies OneNAND plans, backs M-Systems
Toshiba Corp. has denied that is considering or has any plans to license OneNAND flash memory technology from South Korean chipmaker Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and has reiterated its support for M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd
2012-07-25 Toshiba adjusts NAND flash memory production at Yokkaichi
Toshiba has adjusted its NAND flash memory production, cutting the company's production by 30 percent
2005-03-10 Toshiba acquires embedded software firm in Bangalore
Japanese electronics company Toshiba Corp. has acquired Socrates Software India, an embedded software and reusable software component developer for digital consumer and personal communication applications
2009-07-23 Cadence, Toshiba work on next-gen SoC designs
Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Co. have partnered to address the challenges of existing and next-generation SoC designs.
2013-08-01 Amkor buys Toshiba Electronics Malaysia
Amkor announced it has completed its purchase of Toshiba's Malaysian semiconductor packaging and test operations
2008-02-22 Toshiba, Sony enter high-performance IC joint venture
Toshiba, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment have entered a definitive agreement to form a new joint venture for the production of high-performance semiconductors
2015-10-29 Toshiba, Sony confirm transfer of image sensor facilities
Sony and Toshiba aim to execute legally binding definitive agreements by the end of 2015. Afterward, the two Japanese companies will complete the transfer by March 31, 2016
2011-12-01 Toshiba to shutdown three fabs
Toshiba is closing three manufacturing facilities and cutting down production at some of its semiconductor fabs due to a fall down in consumer product demands
2011-09-02 Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba team up for LCD
Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba are merging to integrate their small- and medium-sized display businesses to fend off the growing competition from its South Korean and Taiwan rivals
2014-07-22 1.1B suit claims SK Hynix stole Toshiba's NAND flash tech
In the regulatory filing, Toshiba also seeks to have SK Hynix destroy all information about the technology in question and cease production and sales of NAND memory products using that technology
2013-10-21 SPDT bus switch IC lowers switch terminal capacitance
Toshiba's TC7SB3157DL6X switch IC lowers switch terminal capacitance to reduce dullness at the rising and falling edge of signals, enabling their use in high-speed two-way communication
2013-07-02 Motor driver IC cuts current to zero in standby mode
Toshiba Corporation's TB67H301FTG full-bridge DC motor driver IC comes in a WQFN24 package, providing good thermal conductivity. The small and leadless package reduces the mounting area
2013-09-03 Leadless package one-gate logic IC for mobile devices
The TC7SZ32MX one-gate logic IC operates at a voltage range of 1.65V to 5.5V and is aimed at laptop PCs, digital cameras and smart phones.
2013-06-18 Interface-converter bridge LSIs expanded for LCD displays
With the expansion, Toshiba has optimised the pin assignment for layout without high cost PCB with more than 4 layers
2013-09-05 Interface bridge IC fuses de-interlacing, video scaling
The T358749XBG integrated video preprocessing functions replace software processing and significantly reduce memory bandwidth and video processing requirements on the host processors.
2013-08-28 Image processing IC for LCD TVs support Full HD, WXGA
Toshiba's TC90232XBG image processing IC LCD TVs boasts a built-in noise reduction function reduces random noise and mosquito noise and its highlight enhancer emphasizes image brightness
2013-04-08 High-speed diode series reduces 30% RON-A
High-speed parasitic diodes achieve a reverse recovery time of approximately one-third that of existing products, reducing loss and contributing to improved power efficiency.
2013-03-05 Dual N-ch MOSFET for mobile device DC-DC converters
The SSM6N58NU is designed for high speed switches in the high-current charging circuits of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
2010-08-18 Self-encrypting HDDs wipe out sensitive data
Toshiba's new "Wipe" technology enhances data security and lessens risk of data leakage inherent in document image data stored on copier and printer systems
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