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2009-03-25 Mounting layoffs fire up offshoring debate
The offshoring debate heats up with labor groups slamming companies for shipping jobs overseas at a time of spiraling U.S. high-tech unemployment.
2007-01-01 U.S. engineers battle globalization impact
As the U.S. engineering community works to document the extent of offshoring, experts are trying to get their arms around globalization's implications for the engineering profession.
2007-10-18 Study: U.S. loses global R&D dominance
A new study by the Battelle Memorial Institute found that American dominance of global R&D could begin to wane in the next decade as the focus shifts to India and China.
2014-04-03 Onshoring grows popularity in the U.S
There are a number of factors that could prompt companies to bring their businesses back home such as risk management, labour costs, and intellectual property protection, to name a few.
2006-09-18 Design offshoring troubles U.S. engineers
There's growing evidence showing that U.S. chip design is becoming more vulnerable to offshoring in places like China and India a scenario that has long troubled the minds of U.S. engineers.
2009-05-08 Comment: IBM should come clean on layoffs, offshoring
Perhaps more than any other U.S. high-technology company, IBM Corp. has been subjected to intense media scrutiny following a string of recent under-the-radar layoffs
2006-11-14 China engineers too busy for offshoring
Most of the 250,000 engineers graduating from universities in China each year pose little threat to U.S. electrical and electronics engineers, according to the head of an industry group
2009-05-04 Update: IBM faces union ire
Sparks were expected to fly at IBM Corp.'s shareholders last week, as a union is expected to urge the company to stop cutting and offshoring U.S. jobs.
2009-01-30 IBM faces workers' fury over more job cuts
IBM Corp. has cut more workers, including within its chip, research and other units, causing anger and friction inside the computer giant.
2004-10-29 Consumers may feed robust IC growth
LSI Logic's chief believes that single-growth rate projections is not a clear indication that the industry has fully recovered from the downturn.
2004-04-02 Trade barriers a slippery slope, analyst warns
A leading industry forecaster warned that erecting trade barriers in North America as a response to high-tech offshoring would cripple the global semiconductor industry
2006-04-11 Sumpraxix opens new office in Shenyang
Sumpraxis LLC, a provider of offshoring services to small and mid-sized businesses, announced the opening of a wholly owned office in Shenyang, China
2004-11-09 Indian software industry relieved at Bush's re-election
India's software industry expressed relief over the re-election of President George W. Bush, saying it lessened the likelihood of U.S. restrictions on the outsourcing of U.S. technology projects to India
2007-06-29 Indian firms figure in top 20 L-1 visa users list
U.S. senators pushing for bipartisan legislation to close loopholes for alleged abuse of visa programs to bring foreign tech workers in the country released a list of the top 20 employers of L-1 workers
2006-12-28 India edges China, Taiwan as SoC destinations
Study finds India's design service culture, fewer cultural differences with the U.S. and Europe based on the prevalence of English-speaking engineers, and cheaper costs both now and in the foreseeable future make it a favorable destination
2004-04-05 CEOs defend outsourcing
As offshoring increasingly infects the political debate in the U.S., especially in electronics, a handful of chief executives defended the practice on Wednesday during a forum at electronicaUSA with the Embedded Systems Conference.
2008-12-17 Survey: Engineers brave job, economic panic
Engineers weren't supposed to be this fearful of the future but the increasing panic in once-stellar sectors is reminding even the best minds in the world of communication, electronics, IT and manufacturing that they, too, are mere mortals.
2005-08-04 Supply chain contrarian
For the record, Bob Swanson, chairman and founder of analog chip maker Linear Technology Corp., doesn't want to give the impression that he's calling his customers idiots.
2010-02-08 Panel tackles outsourcing tradeoffs
A panel discussion at the DesignCon 2010 conference centered on the evolution of the IC outsourcing modeland its implications.
2006-02-16 Outsourcing: Navigating a maze of decisions
Successfully outsourcing IC design takes careful planning, strong project management and a realistic set of expectations.
2004-02-09 NanoMuscle expands with new Hong Kong office
In a bid to expand operations in Asia, NanoMuscle Inc. has opened a headquarters in Hong Kong.
2015-02-12 IESA Vision Summit: India's electronics now and beyond
The 10th annual India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) Vision Summit brought to light the current and future state of the country's electronic & semiconductor devices manufacturing sector.
2015-11-09 Apple's investments prove to be unsustainable
Good Electronics Network revealed that some investments large electronic goods corporations are making turn out to be unproductive and may have adverse societal impact.
2006-09-28 ADI exec sounds off on global engineering talent
ADI's R&D chief says its engineering recruitment program at universities worldwide typically brings in about half of the company's new engineering hires from North America and half from Europe and Asia.
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