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2008-05-21 Wolfowitz named head of U.S.-Taiwan trade group
Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of the Iraq war and ousted head of the World Bank, has been named to head the board of an influential U.S.-Taiwan lobbying group
2004-11-02 China to rival Taiwan in chip making; Business Council reports
The U.S.-Taiwan Business Council has released the "Semiconductor Report - Third Quarter 2004," the latest in a series of quarterly reports analyzing emerging trends in the integrated relationship between the U.S., Taiwan, and mainland China in the semiconductor industry.
2006-11-17 Taiwan to loosen China chip investment restrictions
Taiwan is reportedly finalizing by a plan to relax restrictions on Taiwanese company investment in China, enabling firms to use 0.18?m chip manufacturing technology in China.
2007-01-31 Taiwan to become top equipment buyer
Taiwan is set to become the world's leader in semiconductor fab equipment spending in 2007, according to a report by the nonprofit U.S.-Taiwan Business Council.
2005-10-28 Taiwan seen relaxing chip policies toward China
Taiwan chip makers will likely gain even greater access to the mainland Chinese market with the expected adoption of new regulations governing cross-Strait trade, according to a business group
2007-04-24 Report: Taiwan should reassess chip regulation with China
The U.S.-Taiwan Business Council's semiconductor quarterly report for Q1 calls for Taiwan's reassessment of its chip regulation with China.
2005-08-11 Politicians hurting Taiwan's chip efforts in China
Taiwan's government is not likely to relax semiconductor industry investments or export control policies in China in the near term, because of political confusion on the island, according to the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council.
2008-12-18 Group supports Taiwan DRAM bailout plan
The U.S.-Taiwan Business Council Taiwan is backing a proposed government bailout of Taiwan's ailing DRAM industry.
2009-05-19 Trade group skeptical on Taiwan DRAM venture
The Taiwanese government plan to consolidate the island's DRAM industry around the state-backed Taiwan Memory Co. (TMC) remains unclear and could do more harm than good, according to a report released May 14 by a U.S.-Taiwan lobbying group
2009-08-19 Trade group remains dubious of Taiwan DRAM plans
Despite the launch of Taiwan Memory Co. (TMC) and its subsequent investment in Japan's Elpida Memory, broader issues of consolidation and high levels of debt among Taiwan's DRAM players remain unresolved.
2004-07-23 Taiwan influence over China IC industry growing
Taiwan's influence over the direction of China's nascent semiconductor is increasingly extending to design services as Taiwan leverages it deep pockets and ability to deliver production-ready chips, according to a study.
2009-08-18 Regulations may hinder UMC's China foundry buyout
United Microelectronics Corp.'s acquisition of Chinese foundry He Jian Technology Co. Ltd could be in jeopardy because of Taiwan government regulations.
2006-11-28 Private equity eyes Taiwan test house
Private equity firm Carlyle Group is making a move to acquire Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., a Taiwan test and assembly house, for $5.46 billion.
2004-06-22 Panel urges U.S. strategy to counter China's tech rise
A panel tracking Chinese technology developments and its implications for U.S. national security said the government needs a coordinated national strategy to meet China's challenge to U.S. scientific and technology leadership.
2011-04-29 Micron plans Inotera takeover, strengthens Taiwan ties
Micron could purchase Nanya's stake in Inotera to gain full ownership of the joint DRAM venture, a move that would serve to strengthen its alliances in Taiwan.
2005-05-30 Chinese banks agree to loan SMIC $600 million
A consortium of Chinese banks has agreed to loan $600 million to Shanghai-based foundry Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. to allow the company to expand its 300mm wafer operations in Beijing.
2010-05-26 Analysis: UMC needs new strategy
Despite the current upturn and renewed growth at UMC, many wonder if the foundry vendor will survive in the long run, as the company has fallen behind the technology curve.
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