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2006-06-08 Wireless USB SiP includes development kit
Staccato Communications is debuting a reference design kit for developers of Certified Wireless USB HWA and DWA designs
2008-04-01 Using a USB flash drive with an embedded host
This application note demonstrates a data logger application that can run on the Explorer 16 Demo Board with the USB PICtail Plus Daughter Board
2006-09-11 UFDA promotes new gen USB smart drives
The USB Flash Drive Alliance announced it will endorse a new generation of USB smart drives, which allow users to run active programs from USB flash drives.
2002-06-22 Transcend equips USB Flash drives with security features
Transcend Information Inc. has announced that it has equipped its line of JetFlash USB Flash drives with password protection and a write protect switch to ensure the privacy and retention of sensitive information
2002-07-15 Taiwan's ICSI integrates Flash disk with MP3 controller
Hoping to cash in on the growing popularity of portable Flash-based drives, IC design house Integrated Circuit Solution Inc. is releasing an integrated USB Flash disk and MP3 player controller chip
2005-06-03 ST's new USB 2.0 flash drive controller provides design flexibility
With the demand for flash continuously increasing, a USB 2.0 flash drive controller that promises exceptional design flexibility and a low-cost turnkey solution is what flash-drive manufacturers might just be interested in
2014-01-23 Some companies still see potential in USB flash drives
Increasing use of Wi-Fi and cloud services has led to reduced use of USB flash drives, but some companies still see potential in the devices
2002-11-22 SMSC samples 14-by-14mm USB flash drive controller
Standard Microsystems Corp. has announced that it is sampling its USB97C242 single-chip Hi-Speed USB flash drive controller in a 100-pin STQFP.
2006-03-07 Silicon Motion flash disk controllers to power new UFD products
Silicon Motion announced that it has achieved successful customer implementation of the world's fastest USB 2.0 flash disk controller
2008-05-15 SanDisk reigns in flash card, USB drive market
SanDisk took the top spot among global vendors in the $11.5 billion memory card and USB flash drive market last year, according to a report by DRAMeXchange.
2005-01-06 SanDisk acquires Israeli flash card content provider
SanDisk Corp. has acquired MDRM, a privately-held Israeli company focused on developing products for distributing secure content through flash memory cards
2007-07-05 Pretec unveils 35MBps flash memory card
Pretec has launched its 233X flash memory card that delivers an access speed of more than 35MBps at Computex Taipei 2007
2003-12-16 Picturing two kinds of Flash cell
MLC NAND Flash is appropriate for applications that can tolerate slow transfer rates and lower reliability but need to pinch every penny
2003-08-05 Peripheral releases 2GB compact Flash card
Peripheral Enhancements has announced that it has added a 2GB compact Flash card to its existing EDGE digital media line
2008-01-11 NAND flash demand to shoot up in '08
DRAMeXchange forecasts demand for NAND flash will increase by 130 percent y-on-y, with greater demand coming from major end user segments
2012-06-26 NAND flash contract price falls in 1HJun
A recent market study by DRAMeXchange reveals a decrease in market demand for UFDs and NAND flash products
2004-09-10 M-Systems, SanDisk to promote next-gen USB flash drives
M-Systems and SanDisk Corp. have signed a strategic collaboration and patent cross-license agreement to jointly develop and promote the next-generation USB flash drive platform.
2005-01-11 M-Systems, SanDisk announce platform to expand USB flash drive use
M-Systems and SanDisk Corp. have created a new hardware and software platform, designated U3 that the companies expect to expand the USB flash drive market beyond storage.
2009-01-09 Lexar, FlashRite to deliver content for flash media
Lexar Media and Flashrite Inc. have announced that they intend to collaborate to produce content-enriched flash media. The collaboration will focus on enabling technology to secure content on flash media so that it cannot be inappropriately duplicated or altered
2002-09-23 Lexar USB Flash drive writes at 4.5MBps
Lexar Media Inc.'s Hi-Speed USB Flash Drive is capable of sustained write speed of up to 4.5MBps and a sustained read speed of 6MBps.
2002-12-19 Kingston Flash drive measures 73.66-by-23.88mm
Kingston Tech's Data Traveler USB Flash drive measures 73.66-by-23.88mm and is available in 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB capacities.
2007-05-29 iSuppli: NAND flash controller prices falling fast
Reflecting weak conditions in the overall flash business, prices for NAND flash-memory controller chips are falling fast, resulting in an expected decline in overall market revenue in 2007, according to iSuppli Corp
2008-07-25 High-speed USB flash drive carries FIPS validation
Lexar Media recently introduced Lexar JumpDrive Solo Vault, a FIPS validated USB personal storage device, which is a complete out-of-the-box solution offering tamper-proof data security
2008-11-07 FAQs: getting started with USB
What are the resource requirements for the USB stack? How does a USB hub slow down devices
2013-06-04 Etron's to debut USB 3.0 controller at Computex Taipei 2013
The EV26699 USB 3.0 drive controller IC employs a dual-channel design and advanced 72bit Error Check and Correction functionality and delivers fast read and write speeds of 320 and 280Mb/s
2007-01-10 Devt platform eases MCU USB interface design
FTDI's DLP-VLOG provides a complete reference design on which to base new Vinculum development as well as being a starting point for similar logging applications.
2004-09-01 Crucial USB flash drive supports 480Mbps speed
Crucial Technology introduced its Gizmo Hi-Speed USB flash drive, touted to be a faster, slimmer version of the original Gizmo! USB flash drive.
2006-09-05 Toshiba readies U3 smart USB flash devices
TAEC and Toshiba Corp. have announced the forthcoming introduction of TransMemory USB Flash Drives that will bring U3 smart technology into the company's USB lineup
2014-01-09 Three easy steps to add USB to your design
Know how to use the CP2130 USB-to-SPI bridge controller to simplify and speed up implementation of a USB bus
2013-09-20 Slow market uptake for USB 3.0 expected this year
According to DRAMeXchange, a research arm of TrendForce, the market penetration rate for USB 3.0 flash drives may only be 10 per cent in 2013, which is weaker than expected
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