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2010-07-07 Single-chip ANT solution equipped with USB 2.0
Nordic has released nRF24AP2-USB single-chip ANT solution with USB interface enabling compact, low-cost ANT USB dongles for wireless sport, fitness and health monitoring products
2011-08-10 Service interface aimed for USB, Ethernet
Harting's har-port service interfaces are recommended for switchboard cabinets, control terminals and high-grade workstations
2012-05-04 Selecting the right USB version for your app
Know the varieties of the ubiquitous USB interface so you can make the appropriate choice for your situation
2008-11-28 SDK simplifies USB device networking
Silex Technology America Inc. has launched a suite of software developer kits (SDKs) that enable device manufacturers to add functionality to their product for easily connecting and sharing virtually any USB device on a home or office network
2011-04-13 Scalable USB architecture for mobile devices
NXP's LPC11U00 series is ideal for protocol converters where fast data transfers are required.
2010-07-08 Protocol analyzer comes with USB, GbE interface ports
LeCroy Corp. introduces the STX M6-1, an ultraportable single-port platform available in either a protocol analyzer or error injector models
2001-03-21 Programming a 24LC00 EEPROM using the EZ-USB I?C Port
This application note demonstrates how to program Microchip Technology's 24LC00 EEPROM using Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-USB development board
2010-05-20 Power switches secure USB ports
Diodes Inc. has developed a family of six high-side power switches offering complete port protection for a wide range of self-powered and bus-powered USB and other hot swap applications.
2011-06-23 Power distribution switches support USB 3.0
Exar unveiled its XRP252x series of two single and two dual-channel power distribution switches supporting the latest USB 3.0
2007-10-30 PLX debuts PCI-to-USB 2.0 controller
PLX Technology's NET 2282 is claimed to be the industry's first PCI-to-USB peripheral controller optimized for converting PCI-based designs to Hi-Speed USB 2.0 products
2005-10-28 Plug Beagle analyzer into a USB 2.0 port and its ready for action
Total Phase rolled out a low-cost analyzer that can non-intrusively monitor high-speed I�C and SPI.
2009-05-05 PCIe-to-USB 2.0 host controller bridge debuts
PLX Technology Inc. has launched the PCIe-to-USB 2.0 host controller bridge tailored for a broad range of market applications including industrial control, PC peripherals, ExpressCard modules, point-of-sale terminals, servers, communications systems and embedded designs
2015-04-13 Pasternack intros USB-controlled microwave, mm-wave devices
The company is releasing two models each of the RF amplifiers, PIN diode switches and attenuators that cover extremely wide frequency bands up to 40GHz.
2002-05-29 Oxford bridge IC supports 1394B, USB 2.0
The OXUF922 programmable bridge IC from Oxford Semiconductor Ltd combines an 800Mbps 1394B Link layer and PHY controller with a 480Mbps USB 2.0 PHY
2013-05-02 MOST150 INIC adds USB 2.0 support
Microchip Technology's OS81118 allows designers to create in-car mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity applications on the MOST150 network by connecting a standard Wi-Fi/3G/LTE module via USB
2008-04-01 Mini-card unites wireless USB, Bluetooth
A reference design kit that integrates wireless USB and Bluetooth radio technologies into a single combo module on a mini-card has been introduced by WiQuest Communications
2004-12-02 Migrating from RS-232 to USB bridge specification (USB microcontrollers
This app note describes how to migrate from a RS-232 to the USB into the firmware using the Atmel USB RS232 virtual com port library.
2008-05-23 Migrating from EZ-USB HX2 to EX-USB HX2LP
This application note highlights the difference between Cypress Semiconductor's HX2LP and HX2 families of USB hubs, and aids the designer in migrating existing designs to the HX2LP family
2008-04-01 Micro Digital intros USB MVSP for embedded systems
Micro Digital offers a USB multiple virtual serial port (MVSP) solution for embedded systems.
2004-11-22 Mentor adds more emulation products supporting USB, PCI Express
Mentor announced the release of two new iSolve speed adapters from its family of emulation products supporting the USB and PCI Express industry standard protocols
2007-02-21 Memory controllers enable secure, rapid USB data transfers
IntellaSys expanded its OnSpec memory controller line with two devices that are designed to enable secure and rapid USB data transfer from storage devices such as flash and HDD media
2010-07-02 MCUs pack USB, 96KB RAM for improved throughput
Microchip Technology has integrated USB for Embedded Host/Peripheral/On-the-Go and 96KB RAM into its latest microcontrollers to improve throughput and data buffering
2002-06-18 LSI Logic offers USB 2.0 chip
The L1501 peripheral I/O solution from LSI Logic Corp. integrates USB 2.0 functionality and USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) with a comprehensive set of I/Os to deliver data rates of up to 480Mbps
2005-04-13 Less-than-$1,500 DA board packs USB, 300MHz DSP
Data acquisition board maker Data Translation (DT) is now shipping a less-than-$1500 data acquisition and control board.
2003-07-02 Kycon USB connectors provide 64 percent space savings
Kycon has released the KUSBL-SMT and KUSBL series of low-profile USB connectors that provide space-saving benefits to designers of laptops and desktop systems
2008-03-05 Improving USB 2.0 switched-system response
This application note describes how to implement an ultra-low-power, low-cost, two-port USB 2.0 switch with the MAX4906EF.
2005-02-03 I/O box expands PC systems with plug-and-play USB
Measurement Computing Corp.'s new multi-I/O USB-1096HFS is a smashing example of the power of USB 2.0 on the bench and in the lab
2014-06-26 How to implement RAID 0/1 using USB 3.0
Without any modifications or changes, USB 3.0 provides an alternative RAID implementation for applications such as server virtualisation
2008-06-06 High-speed USB ports receive double-diode ESD protection
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a compact double-diode ESD-protection array designed to protect dual high-speed USB ports or up to two other high-frequency signal lines against transient voltage signals
2009-11-09 Hi-peed USB-to-SD card ups read/write speed
The chip allows simple control through one GPIO, or an I?C interface for the 2-port option
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