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2002-07-26 ZyXEL selects Infineon QAM-VDSL chipset for its broadband platform
ZyXEL Communications Corp. has selected Infineon Technologies' PoVDSL chipset for its VES broadband access platform.
2004-02-02 What does a VDSL modem consist of?
With the tremendous market potential of VDSL, a close examination of VDSL technical solutions would seem in order.
2009-09-22 VDSL/ADSL chips deliver high-def IPTV
Infineon Technologies has unveiled its latest single-chip VDSL/ADSL solutions for next generation telecom networks.
2005-01-17 VDSL-2 chipsets bow for central office, CPE
Ikanos Communications rolled out VDSL-2 chipsets for central-office and customer-premises modems.
2013-05-16 VDSL chipset aids gateways reach 200Mbits datarate
Lantiq's new VDSL chipset provides broadband equipment vendors with the flexibility to produce routers and gateways that support advanced carrier services with fewer components.
2011-03-22 TI VDSL line driver uses 47% less power
Texas Instruments' gated, dual-port THS6226 Class H VDSL line driver offers digitally adjustable quiescent current, enabling power savings for high-speed broadband networks.
2003-03-13 STMicro VDSL chipset delivers >100Mbps data rate
The company has introduced the ZipperWire VDSL chipset that delivers an aggregate data rate in excess of 100Mbps in short loops.
2004-09-01 Satisfying the analog interface demands of VDSL
Here's a look at some of the key issues designers must consider when building VDSL analog front-ends.
2003-10-21 Metalink chipsets double 4-band VDSL bandwidth
Metalink Ltd has introduced its next-gen VDSLPlus chipsets for Access Switch & DSLAM and CPE apps.
2003-06-10 Major DSL suppliers back DMT line code for VDSL
Eleven DSL semiconductor and system vendors have supported a discrete multi-tone modulation as the line code for standard-compliant VDSL.
2003-10-17 Magcom transformer suits VDSL, cable modem apps
Magnetic Communication Corp.'s TA5021 ADSL transformer is suitable for use in ADSL, HDSL, VDSL, and cable modem applications.
2007-07-02 Low-profile subscriber interface suits vDSL systems
FCI has developed a low-profile subscriber interface for very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber loop (vDSL) applications.
2002-06-11 Infineon, Metalink launch QAM-VDSL solutions
Infineon Technologies AG and Metalink Ltd have conducted interoperability demonstrations of their respective standard-based, 4-band QAM VDSL solutions at Supercomm 2002.
2003-11-26 Infineon VDSL chips power ViaSat, ZyXEL systems
Infineon Technologies, ViaSat, and ZyXEL Communications have joined their technologies to introduce a new broadband terminal package for the MTU market.
2002-03-05 Infineon unveils ATM, packet over VDSL solution
The company has announced the release of the 4bVDSL standard-compliant ATM over VDSL solution and the PoVDSL packet over VDSL solution, enabling telecommunications equipment that offer the highest possible broadband transmission rates.
2003-07-08 Infineon QAM-VDSL solution supports ETSI standard
Infineon Technologies AG has announced that its Quadrature Amplitude Modulation VDSL chipset fully supports the newly revised ETSI VDSL standard.
2003-03-07 Infineon QAM-VDSL chipset transmits at >100Mbps
Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled the VDSL5100 QAM-VDSL chipset for various VDSL apps including Ethernet over VDSL and ATM over VDSL.
2002-09-05 Huawei next-gen VDSL system based on Infineon chipset
Huawei Technologies will develop its next-generation VDSL access system based on Infineon Technologies' Packet over VDSL chipset.
2008-03-14 FCI tips custom solutions for E1/T1, VDSL apps
FCI has developed several customized I/O connector solutions for E1/T1 and xDSL applications, including a cable connector and a board connector solution.
2003-10-08 DSL IC market shifting to VDSL: In-Stat
According to In-Stat/MDR, the market for DSL ICs rebounded, in terms of port shipments, in 2002, after a difficult 2001.
2004-11-16 DMT solves UTP challenges in VDSL designs
By tapping the DMT technology employed in current ADSL systems, designers can effectively build a VDSL or EFM solution that can combat the problems created by UTP cables.
2004-05-14 DMT gets the nod as next-gen VDSL spec
Discrete multitone technology has scored a major standards victory over an alternate line code scheme in the race to become the very high-speed DSL link.
2003-07-16 Choosing wisely between QAM and DMT for VDSL
Telecom operators are responding to the competitive threat of cable and satellite services by offering high-speed applications and converged services to residential and business customers.
2013-10-25 VDSL2 transformers ready for vectoring, non-vectoring
The BX4285LNL and BX4285LNLT VDSL vectoring transformers can be used with Broadcom's BCM65x00 chipset family that integrates vectoring technology.
2006-10-16 TI unveils UR8 derivatives for residential gateways
Texas Instruments unveiled five derivatives of its UR8 processor architecture, fulfilling its 'Uni-DSL' strategy of using a single chip for both ADSL and VDSL networks.
2013-11-18 Stationary battery market for telcos to hit to $3B in 2017
The world market for stationary batteries used in telecommunication applications is forecast to grow by $550 million from 2013 to 2017, according to IHS.
2002-06-07 SEI adopts Infineon's Octal-10BaseS chipsets
Sumitomo Electric Ind. has selected Infineon Technology's Octal-10BaseS Ethernet over QAM VDSL chipset for its G.993.1 Plan-A compliant MTU/MDU access system.
2007-12-04 Report: DSL downstream speeds increase in APAC
Average residential DSL downstream speeds have increased from Q2 to Q3 in the regions of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, South East Asia, Western Europe and Eastern Europe, reported Point Topic Ltd.
2006-12-12 PMC-Sierra brings carrier-grade services to the home
PMC-Sierra's MSP7100-based reference platforms are available in a range of WAN interface configurations including ADLS2+, VDSL2, Ethernet and EPON to enable robust delivery of carrier-grade services into the digital home.
2003-04-04 Oki, Fujikura put up optical comms company
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd and Fujikura Ltd have agreed to jointly establish a new company in Japan, which will provide next-generation broadband access systems to telecom carriers.
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