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2014-09-24 VESA extends DisplayPort support to USB Type-C interface
The specification leverages the Alt Mode functional extension of USB Type?C, repurposing some or all of the four existing SuperSpeed USB lanes to deliver full DisplayPort performance.
2014-06-04 VESA aggregates data, power interfaces into one connector
The DockPort specification reduces the number of external connectors by enabling USB data and DC power over the existing DisplayPort connector, allowing connection to a range of external resources.
2002-03-07 Microchip serial EEPROMs support VESA E-EDID 1.3
Claimed to be the first serial EEPROMs to support the VESA E-EDID 1.3 standard for PC monitors, projectors, and flat panel displays, the 24LC22A and 24LCS22A implement the DDC1 and DDC2 operating modes, including DDC1 recovery.
2006-11-27 MDDI transceiver IP meets VESA open standards spec
Mixel The said its new MDDI client transceiver is the first silicon-proven IP available to SoC designers that meets VESA open standard specifications.
2002-03-06 Kycon combines VESA and DIN connectors
The PC99-colored connector places a VESA connector on top of two PS/2 mini-DIN connectors, enabling the design to occupy less PCB area, as well as provide greater flexibility and versatility.
2008-04-04 DisplayPort PHY tester gets flying colors from VESA
The industry's first fully automated DisplayPort receiver PHY compliance test solution has been demonstrated by Agilent Technologies Inc. as meeting the requirements of the DisplayPort compliance test specification.
2000-05-03 The opportunities for 1394-enabled PCs
This paper describes the IEEE 1394 bus. It discusses the new applications for the IEEE 1394-enabled PCs. Additionally, the use of the 1394 standard in audio/video production studio environments is introduced.
2015-02-11 Latest eDP standard touts novel segmented panel architecture
The Embedded DisplayPort 1.4a enables a higher video data transfer rate for increased panel resolution, greater colour depth and higher refresh rates, as well as reduced system power and form factor.
2007-01-16 IP cores gear for competing standards
Playing both sides of the serial-interface fence for multimedia handsets, Mixel Inc. is taking the wraps off what it is calling a "silicon-proven" intellectual property (IP) core for the Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI) standard.
2012-09-12 Embedded DisplayPort v1.4 to up mobile device battery life, display
VESA's embedded display interface includes features that will further cut system power use, support multitouch data, and support a wider range of platform topologies such as tablets, handhelds and notebooks.
2008-01-11 Drive monitor controllers feature DisplayPort input
Genesis Microchip has announced the availability of a new family of direct drive monitor controllers featuring the VESA standard DisplayPort input.
2006-05-05 Dell, HP, Lenovo support DisplayPort 1.0
Dell, HP and Lenovo jointly announced their support for the newly released DisplayPort 1.0 digital display interface standard developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association.
2006-10-10 CMD display controller features MDDI-based serial client
California Micro Devices has introduced a dual display and audio controller that features a fully compliant, MDDI-based serial client.
2001-02-01 AD/DA conversion for HDTV applications
This article delves into different representations of video and graphics signals used in PC and digital TV (DTV), including high-definition TV (HDTV) environments.
2008-01-14 Tyco adds DisplayPort connectors, cable assemblies to portfolio
Tyco Electronics has come up with a family of cable assemblies and receptacles that are designed to meet the VESA DisplayPort digital A/V interconnect specification for both high- and low-bit rate cables.
2006-08-07 Transmitter-receiver solution based on DisplayPort 1.0
Genesis Microchip announced it has developed the industry's first transmitter-receiver pair based on the recently adopted DisplayPort 1.0 standard proposed by VESA.
2010-08-10 Timing controller eliminates external regulator
Parade Technologies introduced their DP616 video display timing controller (TCON) device, which the maker claims is the first eDP TCON to meet VESA eDP v1.2 and to integrate an on-board switching regulator.
2010-11-10 ST affirms iDP-LVDS 'bridge chips' support for cinema mode format
ST launched its iDP-LVDS 'bridge chips,' parts STiDP888 and STi880, which fully support the Cinema Mode display standard. These bridge chips are said to be the industry's first internal DisplayPort to high-speed Dual LVDS/Quad LVDS converter chipset compliant with the VESA iDP standard.
2002-11-20 PCB2421 1k dual mode CMOS serial EEPROM for monitor application
This application note shows the differences between the Philips PCB2421 Vesa EEPROM and the microchip 24LC21.
2009-06-18 DisplayPort controller drives multiple monitors
Integrated Device Technology Inc. announced has launched the PanelPort VMM1300 ViewXpand chip, claimed to be the first VESA DisplayPort-based controller providing complete HD multi-monitor capability without the need for an additional graphics card.
2013-05-07 Why DDR4 is not just a speed bump
The move to DDR4 incorporated changes to improve both speed and width, but there are other more significant changes.
2007-03-01 UDI demise sparks HDMI-DisplayPort battle
With the Unified Display Interface's demise, a new battle to crown a convergence digital display interconnect will play out over the next few years.
2002-03-13 Trident encoder chip enables TV display of PC apps
The TVXPRESS TM II NTSC/PAL TV encoder chip is claimed to provide sharp text and graphics while substantially reducing dot crawl and color bleeding, and enables PC applications to be displayed on television.
2003-02-17 STMicro ships LCD drivers for XGA, SXGA displays
STMicro has introduced the ADE3700 family of analog input LCD display engines for XGA and SXGA resolutions.
2008-12-10 Solution extends DisplayPort cable to 30m
Gennum Corp. has launched a new connectivity solution that when used in a standard copper cable assembly, allows displays to be driven at distances up to 30mmore than 15 times the reach of passive DisplayPort cables
2009-11-05 SoC simplifies full-HD multimedia display design
STMicroelectronics' new SoC claims the highest functionality and comprehensive video-quality features.
2010-12-20 Self-powered DisplayPort-to-HDMI/DVI translators for dongle, embedded apps
IDT's VLX2000 and VMM1402 are DisplayPort to multi-output HDMI/DVI translators that enable convenient dongle and embedded solutions with multi-monitor support.
2007-08-01 Roads diverge on the way to thinner PCs
Engineers are forging ahead on two fronts to define lower-power, lower-cost devices that deliver the full capabilities of a desktop PC.
2007-11-02 Products vie for role in HDMI arena
Last year's adoption of HDMI 1.3 has advanced the adoption rate of sources that provide 1,080p resolution such as Blu-ray and HD DVDand as HDMI's popularity grows, so does its list of supporters.
2008-05-05 Passive switches support both DisplayPort, PCIe 2.0
Maxim's MAX4928A/MAX4928B passive switches route differential signals between a GMCH and either a PCIe 2.0 socket or DisplayPort connector.
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