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2004-12-10 Video encoders with DVI transmitter, TV-out and VGA outputs
Conexant's new video encoders are fully compliant with Intel's serial digital video output front-end interface.
2006-09-25 VGA SoC image sensor integrates advanced ISP algorithms
Fabless semiconductor company Pixelplus Co. Ltd unveiled its new customized VGA SoC image sensor designed for various mobile and non-mobile applications.
2014-08-26 VGA sensor touts excellent video quality for consumer apps
The OV7676 from OmniVision promises to deliver best-in-class low-light sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, full-well capacity, quantum efficiency and low-power consumption.
2008-01-18 VGA sensor eyes embedded notebook cameras
OmniVision Technologies introduces the high sensitivity OV7725 VGA CameraChip sensor for embedded notebook cameras.
2010-06-24 VGA sensor delivers smoother motion video
OmniVision has released a high-performance VGA sensor that can capture video at 60fps, enabling smoother motion video, as well as improved accuracy for motion detection applications.
2009-04-23 VGA mux handles up to 1GHz bandwidth
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX4885E, a complete 1:2 VGA mux that switches between two VGA ports while maintaining an ultralow on-capacitance and low on-resistance for higher-bandwidth applications (up to 1GHz).
2006-05-10 VGA mux cuts chip count
Maxim's 1:2 or 2:1 VGA multiplexer performs RGB, H/V sync, and display data channel video switching.
2011-09-30 VGA modules simplify design time, save PCB space
Avago has announced a new set of VGA modules that can simplify design time and save PCB space.
2006-08-16 VGA LCD panel meets DSC interface standards
Samsung Electronics announced what it touts as the first three-inch LCD panel with VGA resolution that meets industry interface standards for digital still cameras.
2012-12-07 VGA CMOS image sensor boasts 100dB at 60fps
Toshiba's TCM5114PL enables optimal images in low-light conditions geared for the automotive and security/surveillance markets.
2010-08-18 VGA camera is 1.95mm for ultra-thin portables
OmniVision's 1.95mm VGA sensor is built with the company's backside illumination technology for integration into sub-2mm LCDs for next generation notebooks, netbooks and tablet computers.
2007-02-20 VGA camera chip suits ultrathin applications
The new CMOS image sensor from OmniVision brings to the market a cost-efficient, ultrathin camera module solution designed for entry-level camera phones, secondary cameras for 3G handsets and integrated notebook cameras.
2001-09-28 Using the CMM/CMW686GX233 with a PC/104 BUS VGA
This application note addresses the use of PC/104 bus VGA controllers with the CMM686GX233 and CMW686GX233 cpuModules.
2003-03-07 TI video processor provides VGA resolution
Texas Instruments has rolled a DSP-based digital media processor targeting high-resolution digital still cameras and video camcorders.
2008-09-24 Tessera extends biz to VGA camera lenses
Tessera Technologies Inc.'s new Product Launch Services will provide early access to its OptiML wafer-level camera technology.
2008-06-11 SoC with eDRAM fit for mobile VGA graphics apps
NEC Electronics Corp. has commenced shipment of the ?PD809400 for mobile phones, music players, and other portable devices.
2006-04-06 SMK announces VGA camera module socket
SMK announced the development of a low-profile VGA camera module socket for 6mm2 camera modules.
2006-06-12 Samsung unveils 'first' 1.98" LCD with VGA res
Samsung announced a 1.98-inch LCD panel with VGA resolution, touted to be the industry's first such product.
2004-08-13 Samsung display uses amorphous Si for VGA quality
A 2.6-inch TFT-LCD unveiled by Samsung Electronics uses amorphous silicon technology to provide VGA image quality.
2009-06-10 Reference design for switching VGA signals in a laptop
This application shows how the MAX4885E low-capacitance VGA switch can be used to perform the switching function in a laptop computer.
2003-03-10 Pictos rolls next-gen VGA camera module
Pictos Technologies has begun marketing its second-generation VGA camera module based on the company's 1/5-inch-format CMOS image sensor.
2006-06-08 Multiplexer packs VGA switching in a single chip
Maxim has introduced a single-chip solution that promises to perform the entire VGA video switching task.
2002-10-09 MicroOptical integrates VGA display into conventional eyeglass
MicroOptical Corp.'s portable VGA display system is incorporated into a conventional eyeglass frame and lens.
2002-01-09 Micronas video processor supports VGA to WXGA resolutions
Specifically designed for use in TV receivers with flat-panel displays (FPDs), the DPS 9450 video processor supports display resolutions from VGA (640x480 pixels) to WXGA (1,365x768 pixels).
2003-02-19 Micron samples VGA CMOS image sensors
Micron Technology is sampling two new VGA-size CMOS image sensors designed to capture high-quality color images for mobile devices.
2008-06-23 Maxim presents programmable analog/digital VGA
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2065, the industry's only fully programmable, multistate, analog and digital IF/RF variable-gain amplifier.
2014-11-13 Internally matched broadband RF VGA eases design process
The IDT F0480 simplifies design of radio frequency variable gain amplifier while making implementation more reliable.
2008-12-04 Driver IC handles virtual VGA resolution
Leadis Technology Inc. has made available samples of the LDS291 supporting VP Dynamics' advanced VPW RGBW display technology.
2003-03-24 Display Werks LCD breaks free from VGA cables
The company has announced the availability of its XC series of LCD flat panel displays designed specifically for the digital signage market.
2008-04-30 Display controller supports VGA in mobile LCDs
A display controller designed to support LCD panels up to VGA resolution has been introduced by Solomon Systech for mobile and handheld applications requiring high-resolution displays.
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