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2006-07-13 Verizon selects Tellabs for its optical transport network
Verizon has selected the Tellabs 7100 optical transport system to provide next-generation solutions in the backbone of its metro networks.
2008-04-09 Verizon sees mobile consolidation on LTE
Verizon Wireless announced that the 4G mobile phone universe is consolidating around the Long Term Evolution standard (LTE) and that it plans to launch its LTE service beginning in 2010.
2002-08-05 Verizon licenses ST's VPN support software
Verizon Wireless has licensed Spontaneous Technology's software which provides VPN support.
2008-05-08 Verizon joins Europe-India undersea optical cable project
Verizon Business has joined a consortium of 16 companies constructing a next-generation undersea optical cable system connecting Europe, the Middle East and India.
2015-11-02 Verizon flaunts affordable, easy-to-use IoT platform
The web-based ThingSpace platform aims to be an easy on-ramp to IoT with dedicated application programming interfaces, partner development kits, and as test and deployment services.
2007-09-27 Verizon commences part two of IPv6 transition
The second phase of Verizon Business' global rollout of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) that uses an existing Multiprotocol Label Switching network as the platform for "dual-stack" IPv4/v6 is now underway.
2006-12-21 Verizon cable system to link US, China undersea
Verizon will build the Trans-Pacific Expressthe first next-generation undersea optical cable system that will directly link the United States and Chinathat will offer capacity up to 5.12Tbps.
2004-07-06 Verizon buys Qwest's spectrum and network assets
In the latest example of cellular market consolidation, Verizon Wireless agreed Thursday (July 1, 2004) to buy the spectrum and network assets of Qwest Communications International for $418 million.
2007-09-18 Verizon appeals FCC's 700MHz open auction rules
After previously agreeing to the terms of the 700MHz spectrum auction, Verizon Wireless turned the tables around and filed a formal lawsuit challenging the Federal Communication Commission's rules.
2004-03-29 SK Telecom, Verizon Wireless form EV-DO service deal
SK Telecom has formed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CDMA firm Verizon Wireless to promote EV-DO service.
2007-07-23 Qualcomm: Broadcom-Verizon deal a 'positive development'
Qualcomm stated that a license agreement announced between Verizon Wireless and Broadcom is a positive development on its campaign to lift the U.S. ban on its chips.
2002-02-26 NEC America, Verizon expand distribution agreement
NEC America Inc. will expand its distribution arrangement with telecommunications service provider Verizon.
2004-10-29 Motorola wins Verizon FTTP deal
Motorola said Tuesday (Oct. 26) that it has inked an agreement with Verizon, under which Motorola will provide video network infrastructure for Verizon's fiber-to-the-premises network.
2005-04-25 Motorola inks deal to provide fiber-to-premises gear for Verizon network
Motorola Inc. has signed a five-year contract with Verizon Communications Inc. to supply equipment for the telco's next-generation fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks.
2003-10-29 Lucent to provide Verizon with optical technology
Lucent Technologies announced that Verizon has chosen Lucent as one of their providers of advanced optical technology.
2003-07-23 Kyocera module gets Verizon certification
Kyocera Wireless Corp. declared that its Kyocera 200 Module has completed the Verizon Wireless certification process.
2005-09-21 Dell, Verizon connect on wireless broadband
In a bid to lead the evolving convergence of computing and communications devices, Dell and Verizon Wireless have teamed up to allow Dell customers to purchase and activate the Verizon Wireless V620 PC card directly from Dell.
2008-03-25 700MHz plum goes to Verizon, AT&T
Verizon Wireless and AT&T won most of the spectrum in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's 700MHz auction, according to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.
2014-09-30 M2M device aimed at low cost asset monitoring
The NWL-15 from NetComm Wireless aims to speed up M2M deployment and expand multiple connection options and interface formats to the Light Industrial series to boost multi-sector M2M growth.
2002-11-01 3G may be here, but . . .
3G phones are here, although Craig Mathias says that manufacturers and service providers still need to work on offering compelling applications to subscribers without sacrificing cost before the public accepts it completely.
2007-04-16 Wiser use of copper beyond DSL pushed
With the expansion of large IP-networking carrier projects like Verizon's FiOS and BT Group's 21CN, it would seem all carriers want to show they are on a fiber-rich diet. But equipment that took center stage at the Comptel show in March indicated a focus on Ethernet services over copper.
2011-01-11 Qualcomm pushes forward in chips, displays, power
The fabless chip vendor has announced several developments for 2011, including deals with Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Verizon Wireless, Duracell and Powermat.
2007-10-30 Qualcomm fields Gobi chip for mobile Internet
Qualcomm has introduced its Gobi global media mobile Internet technology for laptops. The company also picked up some important endorsements from HP, Vodafone, and Verizon Wireless.
2011-05-18 IHS pegs NFC growth in cellphones at 62% CAGR
The move by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to work with Visa and MasterCard on the Isis mobile commerce initiative has prompted iSuppli to raise its forecast for global shipments of NFC-equipped cellphones.
2008-09-29 Duo achieves new 100Gbit/s optical transmission record
Verizon and Nokia Siemens Networks claim to have taken a step closer to being able to transmit commercial traffic at 100Gbit/s.
2011-05-03 Cloud-based collaboration for next-gen M2M apps
Verizon and Sierra are collaborating to co-market Sierra's AirVantage, a cloud-based platform for next generation M2M applications.
2010-09-03 Analyst says Infineon offload is timely
Infineon may be aware that Verizon will be fielding a CDMA version of the iPhone that will require a Qualcomm 3G modem, substantially shrinking Infineon's market.
2014-01-17 Altair Semiconductor chipset picked for LTE-only Chromebook
Altair Semiconductor's FourGee-3100/6202 chipset will connect the HP Chromebook 11.6" LTE to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.
2013-03-22 Z-Wave platform tweaked for home control designs
Sigma Designs' latest platform will aid OEMs develop home control products substantially faster and at a lower cost with customisable reference designs and with new hardware.
2011-03-02 Xoom powered by Nvidia, Atmel, STMicro chips, devices
Inside Xoom are Atmel's four-chip touch-screen controller solution, AKM's electronic compass, Kionix's 3-axis accelerometer, STMicro's 3-axis gyroscope and Bosch Sensortec's pressure monitor.
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