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2009-09-01 Touch switches promise enhanced visibility
Optrex is offering a new capacitive touch switch based on technology experience gained in the smart phone market.
2007-06-06 Tool allows full visibility into FPGA-based ASIC prototyping
Synplicity Inc. has released Identify Pro ASIC and ASSP verification software, which features the TotalRecall technology to provide designers with full visibility into FPGA-based ASIC and ASSP prototypes.
2006-04-17 The case for real-time visibility in SoC designs
Visibility into an SoC requires a mix of hardware and software mechanisms to collect data within the chip itself.
2007-05-23 Organic material promises to improve OLED visibility
OLED-T has patented a contrast-enhancing layer that has the potential to remove the expensive polarizing layer in OLED displays with significant improvements in efficiency and cost
2008-04-11 Manufacturing software offers improved visibility, traceability
Aegis Software has released of their completely redesigned Version 7.0 Manufacturing Operations System software, addressing the growing need in high-reliability markets for comprehensive data visibility and product/process traceability.
2006-08-16 LCD tech widens visibility angle
Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices Corp. has developed Photo Fine Vistarich, a new technology for widening the viewing angle of LCD panels.
2011-01-27 InPA Systems reveals Active Debug and Full Visibility prototyping tech
Esteemed IC, EDA executive Bernie Aronson will be available at the InPa booth to discuss Active Debug and Full Visibility prototyping technology at DesignCon.
2007-11-16 Increase signal visibility in FPGA-based prototypes
Visibility-enhanced debug flow approaches automate the process of extracting and analyzing data to provide full observability.
2005-03-09 Express Logic offers developers 'unprecedented visibility' in TCP/IP stack
Express Logic announced the addition of TCP/IP stack and File System awareness to the ARM RealView debugger's robust RTOS kernel awareness for ThreadX.
2014-03-20 ERPs require update to achieve extended visibility
Supply chain visibility is critical to successful partnerships, but most organisations have little faith that their ERP systems can deliver the necessary visibility across the extended supply chain.
2006-08-16 Debugger allows visibility, control of every pin on chips
Macraigor Systems LLC has upgraded its J-Scan debug and programming tool, giving IC designers visibility and control of every pin on chips that contain 32- and 64bit embedded microprocessors.
2007-01-10 Tool claims breakthrough in ASIC debugging
Claiming a breakthrough in ASIC debugging, Synplicity will release details about TotalRecall, which it says will bring full debug visibility to FPGA prototypes used for ASIC verification.
2013-05-17 Increase vertical resolution of scopes (Part 1)
In this series, we will give some tips for increasing oscilloscope vertical resolution.
2015-03-25 Electronics customisation can be profitable
Given the market demand for individualisation, the question shouldn't be why a company would want to provide customisation and personalisationthe real question should be how.
2014-08-11 Achieving effective design collaboration
The electronic design world needs more collaboration, and collaboration toolsets need a few key features to help designers climb the proverbial mountain.
2005-10-11 WSTS rolls PLD data into standard-cell category
The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization has rolled its numbers for programmable logic into the larger category of standard cells, prompting a debate over whether the move provides less visibility into the PLD industry.
2007-01-08 Taiwan PCB makers anticipate stable order
Makers of handset PCBs in Taiwan expect slight dip in sales, seeing good order visibility this month, as customers advance their bookings before the Chinese New Year.
2002-09-30 Symbian OS debugger allows full kernel display
Accelerated Technology has announced the availability of an add-on component to the XRAY debugger allowing for full awareness or visibility into the kernel's activities, for the Symbian OS v6.1 used in mobile phones.
2005-08-16 Supply chain RFID: How it works and why it pays
Arm yourself with a good understanding of RFID technology to increase inventory visibility while streamlining operations
2008-07-28 ST sees 'weak' growth in automotive, wireless
STMicroelectronics NV anticipates a double-digit sales growth in 2008. Vigilance, however, remains in place, as there is little visibility on the marketplace.
2011-03-08 SpringSoft software offers reusable behavior analysis database
SpringSoft's Siloti Visibility Automation System claims a streamlined, easy-to-use flow for SoC verification and debug that speeds up design preparation time by at least 10X over previous releases.
2010-12-13 Software manages costs from design to manufacture
The PLEMIA M3/DMx software suite from Fujitsu consolidates all the information involved in manufacturing, from design data to parts manifests, bringing visibility to manufacturing costs.
2006-08-28 Pushbutton switch includes LED lighting
The new single-station lighted pushbutton switch from Electro-Mech Components features a bright bi-color LED light source with a Fresnel lens button for high visibility and installation into small spaces.
2012-04-04 Online simulation tool targets DC/DC circuits
Vishay's free PowerCAD Simulation tool allows the designer to perform DC, transient and startup simulations with visibility of all the circuit node waveforms.
2006-05-01 Novas tool lets designer see data from debugging
This new type of tool set should help IC designers gain visibility into the signal values they really want to see.
2009-03-06 Multicamera system boosts safe driving
Valeo has equipped the new BMW 7 Series with multicamera systems offering thorough visibility of the vehicle's surroundings.
2005-07-21 Mixed signals seen in IC-equipment market
There are still plenty of mixed signals - and little visibility - in the chip-equipment market despite a sudden jump in Japan's fab-tool book-to-bill ratio.
2006-07-04 Laser device improves night-time security cameras
Optek said its new VCSEL device offers better long distance visibility and clarity, making them ideal for night-time security cameras in unlit spaces.
2009-07-13 iSuppli cuts 09 chip forecast
Amid lingering economic woes and continuing poor visibility into future demand trends, iSuppli Corp. is reducing its forecasts for global semiconductor and electronic equipment revenue in 2009.
2007-06-18 Improve silicon debugging with DFD
The DFD system bridges the gap between the system validation engineer and designer. It provides excellent visibility into silicon signal data, improves silicon debug productivity and minimizes system validation time. Here are a few do's and don'ts for DFD.
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