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2010-11-19 MCU family integrates peripheral functions
The first 32- and 16-bit RISC MCUs from Fujitsu's FM3 family operate at up to 80MHz with up to 512KB high-speed flash memory and up to a 64KB SRAM, with wide support for communications protocols.
2006-12-13 MAZeT unveils true-color sensor modules
Industrial electronic systems vendor MAZeT GmbH has added two true-color sensor modules to its Jencolour product group.
2007-06-04 Maximize your PC's energy efficiency
When a PC can deliver maximum energy savings, along with enhanced system reliability and a longer equipment lifecycle, this can lower the total cost of technology ownership.
2013-08-01 Maximising sub-1GHz spectrum for IoT
Learn how to take advantage of the expanded number of sub-1GHz channels available in the new IEEE 802.15.4 standard to build for ZigBee / 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, and high-speed ISM networks.
2008-04-17 Maxim touts polyphase IC for electricity metering
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAXQ3180, a highly accurate and low-power polyphase IC for measuring electricity activity.
2002-07-16 Maxim TFT-LCD power supply has 1mm profile
The MAX1889 TFT-LCD power supply from Maxim Integrated Products combines a step-up regulator with two linear-regulator controllers and multiple levels of protection circuitry.
2002-09-12 Maxim TEC have 7-by-7mm footprint
The MAX1978/MAX1979 single-chip thermal electric controllers are claimed to be the world's smallest, occupying a 7-by-7mm footprint and encased in QFN packages.
2004-06-03 Maxim rolls out dual temperature sensor, fan controller
Maxim's MAX6678 is a dual temperature sensor and fan controller that offers remote temperature sensing up to 145C.
2005-03-22 Maxim PMICs eye portable apps
Two power management ICs that are optimized for portable apps that require multiple supply voltages, demand high efficiency and are small were announced by Maxim.
2004-03-10 Maxim backlight controller powers CCFLs
Maxim Integrated Products' integrated backlight controller is designed for powering cold-cathode fluorescent lamps.
2004-05-28 Maxim 2-in-1 sensor, controller available in MSOP package
Maxim Integrated Products has rolled out its MAX6641 single temperature sensor and fan controller in an MSOP package, saving board space.
2013-11-20 Match LED driver architecture with the application
Read about LED driver architectures and their impact on the performance of a lighting application.
2008-04-16 Manage circuit board power with PLDs
This article proposes a design solution to the complex power management problem in circuit board design: the use of a programmable, mixed-signal power management device.
2008-06-04 MagnaChip vows a comeback
MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd is putting the finishing touches on its turnaround strategy intended to boost its bottom line and regain lost share.
2008-01-31 Low-power 8bit MCUs offer below 300nA stop currents
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced ultralow-power 8bit MCUs designed to enhance portable performance, extend battery life and improve energy efficiency for a wide range of embedded applications.
2009-05-20 Long-range wireless module operates at 434MHz
Circuit Design Inc. has released the MU-2-R is an embedded low power radio modem for transmission of serial data and operates at 434MHz.
2006-07-14 Liquid lens optical system delivers accurate focus from short distance
Rogers and Varioptic have announced production availability of a liquid lens optical system designed for miniature high-resolution auto-focus cameras for handsets.
2015-09-25 Linear Tech outs 50mA synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter
With only 680nA of quiescent current and programmable peak input currents from 5mA up to 250mA, the LTC3335 is intended for various low power battery applications.
2004-06-21 Linear Tech IC has 1.5 percent threshold accuracy
Linear Tech introduced a new six supply monitor for densely packed systems with large numbers of supplies.
2003-10-09 Linear Tech Coulomb counter suits portable systems
The LTC4150 bi-directional Coulomb counter from Linear Technology is designed for handheld PCs and other portable product apps.
2005-04-29 Linear Tech circuit breaker eliminates need for sense resistor
Linear Tech an electronic circuit breaker that senses load currents with the RDS(ON) of an external MOSFET, eliminating the need for a sense resistor.
2002-06-19 Linear Tech capacitor charger has higher efficiency
Designed to charge photoflash capacitors in digital and film cameras, the LT3420 capacitor charger from Linear Technology Corp. uses a flyback topology to achieve efficiencies up to four times better than competing flash modules.
2014-02-18 Linear supercapacitor minimises charging time
Programmed using a single resistor, the charger's input current is controlled over a range of 0.5A to 3A.
2008-09-25 Linear debuts monitor ICs to drive hybrids, cars
Linear Technology introduces its first monitoring chips that can help in producing long-awaited electric cars, hybrids and other systems based on Li-ion batteries.
2010-03-16 Light sensors operate behind darkened glass
TAOS has launched a digital ambient light sensor and proximity detection family designed to eliminate the need to use clear glass/plastic in front of the sensor or drill holes/slots into the display.
2009-02-03 Level-shifter delivers GIP tech for LCD TVs
Form Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX17108 high-performance level-shifter solution that enables the implementation of gate-in-panel (GIP) technology in LCD panels.
2007-12-11 LEDs support local-dimming LCD backlights
austriamicrosystems has launched high-precision LED drivers with optimal support for local-dimming LCD backlight technology.
2011-06-29 LED drivers offer intelligent lighting control
Atmel's LED driver family, which provides intelligent control for backlighting and solid state lighting markets, offers power efficiency, flexible dimming features, user programmability and lower BOM.
2007-12-11 LED drivers have optimized synchronization, timing
austriamicrosystems has extended its high-brightness LED driver portfolio with the introduction of the AS3693 and AS3694 devices, aimed at LED-based LCD backlighting applications.
2006-11-14 LED drivers address mercury-free requirement
Maxim said its new MAX16807-MAX16810 LED drivers are the first fully integrated, high-brightness devices that address industry needs for mercury-free, high-contrast lighting in displays.
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