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2013-07-01 Toshiba MCU offers 1MB flash ROM, 258KB SRAM
The TMPM36BF10FG touts 2KB of backup memory and targets applications such as energy management systems, motor control equipment, communication devices, monitors, printers and POS terminals
2005-08-12 Toko rolls out new inverter transformer
The CLT4123 CCFL driving inverter transformer from Toko are designed for use in LCD TV and monitors larger than 14 inches and in LCD monitors for automotive use
2005-08-30 TFT-LCD regulator offers a cool way out
The EL7585A quad-output regulator from Intersil provides a highly integrated power source for large (19 inches and greater) TFT-LCDs of the kind used in TVs and desktop monitors
2005-04-15 TFT-LCD driver brings power to the big screen
Texas Instruments Inc. touts its TPS65150 as a complete, high-accuracy power supply chip that provides all four operating voltages for the TFT-LCD panels serving in today's large-screen monitors and TVs
2008-09-29 System monitor responds to multiple computing needs
Targeting industrial and computing markets, Integrated Device Technology has created a single-chip system that monitors multiple computing processes simultaneously
2009-04-03 Step-up converter delivers low-noise output
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX15031, a constant-frequency, PWM step-up converter designed for low-voltage systems that require a locally-generated high voltage
2004-12-07 ST switch IC tailored for AC/DC converters
ST rolled out a primary-side switch IC for AC/DC converters, designed for DVD players, LCD monitors and STBs
2002-07-19 Sorensen 600W test supply fits in 1U, half rack
The DLM 600W supply, now available from the Sorensen division of Elgar, comes in three high-voltage models
2011-07-13 SoCs combine DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 receiver
STMicroelectronics has released an integrated SoC family that is designed for multifunction premium monitors, public displays, all-in-one PCs and high-performance notebooks
2013-09-03 Select precision resistor for 4C20 mA current loop
The low output voltage level of the analog sensor and the long distance to the control room together contribute to considerable system design challenges. Here are clues on how to solve them
2008-07-04 Secure supervisor adds memory, tamper-detection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS3655, a secure battery-backup controller and supervisor with temperature and voltage monitoring
2016-04-14 Renesas claims industry first in supporting USB PD v.2, v.3
Renesas Electronics is claiming an industry first with its power supply IC, the RAA230161, in supporting the USB PD 2.0 and 3.0 spec and achieving multi-voltage outputs from 5V to 20V with a 95% efficiency
2009-04-27 Protect current-sense amplifiers against overvoltage transients
This application note describes methods of protecting lower-voltage current sense amplifiers from high-voltage spikes and transients. Such conditions are frequently encountered in automotive car battery operation, and are referred to as load-dump conditions
2006-06-29 Programmable Vcom calibrator includes I2C interface
Intersil introduced a 7-bit non-volatile programmable Vcom calibrator with I2C interface for setting backplane common voltage in TFT-LCDs of TVs, notebook computers and monitors.
2008-01-10 Power-supply controller saves space, cost in LCD TVs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX17014 highly integrated, multiple-output power-supply controller that saves space and costs in TFT-LCD TVs and monitors
2008-02-27 Power monitor delivers accurate dynamic measurement
IR offers the IR3721 output power monitor IC for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in notebook computers, desktop computers and energy-efficient server applications
2007-03-26 Power manager allows system operation while charging
AnalogicTech claims its power-management IC and intelligent battery charger continuously monitors system power needs during operation and automatically adjusts charge current accordingly, enabling it to deliver the highest possible charge current to the battery
2006-03-30 Op amp reduces power consumption by 30%
Analog Devices introduced an operational amplifier (op amp) that aims to meet the power, voltage, accuracy and price requirements of portable battery-powered applications
2006-10-26 One-chip solutions monitor car battery state-of-charge
Analog Devices' new line of battery monitors facilitates accurate determination of battery state-of-charge and overall condition, and better control of charging and discharging profiles in order to extend battery life
2005-03-11 ON Semi's latest PFC controllers
The two new PFC controllers from ON Semi are suitable for PFC in power supplies in televisions, flat-screen monitors, and PC desktop and notebook adapter SMPS
2004-04-16 ON Semi MOSFETs employ TMOS7HV technology
ON Semiconductor has extended its range of simplified power supply design solutions with the release of its new line of high-voltage MOSFETs
2003-07-08 Offline switcher lowers design component count
STMicro has introduced an offline primary power switch that is designed for use in switch-mode power supplies for DVDs, LCD monitors, and STBs
2004-11-19 MOSFETs combine fast switching speeds, low RDS(on) values
Philips' new family of MOSFETs is targeted for use in backlight inverters for LCD TVs and monitors, and UHP discharge lamp inverters for beamers and projection TVs
2002-04-15 Microsemi controller drives multiple CCFLs
Designed to control power for multiple CCFLs found in desktop LCD monitors, multiple lamp panels, and low-ambient light displays, the LX1688 RangeMAX IC allows designers to use multiple controllers to drive multiple lamps with synchronized outputs
2002-03-07 Microchip serial EEPROMs support VESA E-EDID 1.3
Claimed to be the first serial EEPROMs to support the VESA E-EDID 1.3 standard for PC monitors, projectors, and flat panel displays, the 24LC22A and 24LCS22A implement the DDC1 and DDC2 operating modes, including DDC1 recovery
2002-11-04 Maxim current-sense amplifiers handle 76V
The MAX4080/MAX4081 high-side, current-sense amplifiers handle voltages up to 76V and accurately monitor currents in high-voltage apps
2005-01-25 Maxim announces new power supply tracker/sequencer
Maxim's new power supply device monitors four voltages and ensures proper power-up and power-down conditions for systems requiring voltage tracking and/or sequencing.
2003-04-15 Luxon releases aluminum electrolytic caps for A/V devices
The LU series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Luxon Electronics Corp. are designed for use in A/V devices and PC monitors
2005-03-21 Linear Tech unveils new controller
Linear Tech released an ultra low voltage Hot Swap controller that protects load voltages ranging from 0 to 6V, and allows for the safe insertion and removal of boards from a live backplane
2004-04-05 Linear monitor IC features pin-selectable thresholds
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2904/LTC2905 and the LTC2906/LTC2907, space-saving dual supply monitors
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